Thursday 28 January 2010

The mouldy hat...

OK, so my first attempt at a birthday cake for Ash turned out like a big mouldy hat with two gay hearts on the side... But it's the thought that counts right? And plus I'm sure it'll taste really good, can't really go wrong with chocolate sponge, white chocolate filling and vanilla butter icing... even if it is blue...

You know those people who have no maternal instincts until they actually have the baby and then they're mother of the year, I think I'm the opposite. Seriously, before I had a baby, I loved kids, babies, and definitely wanted to be a mother, but now I have the kid I find myself going the other way!! Take Ash's birthday for instance, decided to not do a big party or presents or anything for the following reasons:

1) Couldn't be fucked
2) He still doesn't quite get that his foot is attached to his leg let alone understand the concept of birthdays.
3) He won't remember anyway
4) If I did do a big party I'd want to spend way too much money
5) Yup, pretty much just couldn't be fucked

Isn't that horrible! Anyway, after deciding to just have a low-key party, MIL took over all the arrangements which then made me feel guilty and useless so last minute I made her cancel the cake she ordered and said I'd make one, there was the usual in-law camp chorus of "Moooouuuu, taihen, yametoki!" Followed by me getting even more stubborn in my resolve to make the fucking cake. And I really have no excuses, Ash's birthday falls in the valentine's day range and there is sooo much cake making crap in the stores.

So I gave it a crack, it looks disgusting but I'm going to swap disgusting for "homemade..." I tried to do two tiers but misjudged my measurements so it just looks like a straw hat, then the blue icing I wanted to make just went to shit too, the hearts actually turned out well though! (Apart from being insanely gay).

Will report in on how the party goes tomorrow along with some photos, I'm sure someone will piss me off in some way!


  1. Oh Corinne your take on life sometimes just amuses me to no end!! Are you going to post pictures of the cakes that didn't make the final cut?

    I cheated and brought back a cake mix and frosting for Sakura's birthday haha.

    Can't believe Ash will be one tomorrow!!! Amazing

  2. I will be back tomorrow. I do not expect to be disappointed.


  3. :-) Your post made me smile because I am exactly the same way! We had a birthday party for Joey's first birthday but it was quite hard work and I swore I would never do it again because as you say, it isn't like he remembers his first birthday!! I remember not buying him presents until his 4th birthday because everyone else got him so much stuff and it wasn't like he knew what was/wasn't from Mummy! ;-)
    Hope the party goes well. That cake sounds yummy! Doesn't matter what it looks like, it is the taste that counts!!

  4. I definitely want to see the pictures, after all that build up! I love gay hearts! Can be bothered with the regular ones.

  5. happy birthday Ash!!!! I am also excited to see this fantastic cake :)

    And well done mummy!

  6. When my son was around 2 or 3, I forgot to make him a birthday cake...or didn't have time or something, ended up going to Coles at the last moment and they only had one cake left. A pink one.

    I made him an awesome Spongebob cake for his 21st though and he remembers that. Put the effort in where it counts :)

  7. Happy Birthday Ash! Looking forward to seeing cake pics :) It sounds delicious!