Monday 20 December 2010

Dear December...

Just fuck right off would you!

Since when did the 'most joyful' month of the year become my living hell?? It seems that it gets worse every year! I have had no time to enjoy the Christmas spirit at all for a few reasons: 1) It doesn't exist in this Japanese world of superficial, commercial Christmas bullshit. 2) The school is busy and getting busier with 2 Christmas parties planned for this week, the main one I have to do totally by myself (more on this later). 3) The only thing I have to look forward to is New year which instead of me drinking champers on the beach with a hot bloke will be me hibernating under the kotatsu drooling over calorie-laden mochi that I can't eat.

OK not quite, I am shutting the school for a week, which will be a nice break, and my bestie and her fiancee from Oz are staying with us for a while over the break so I shouldn't be such a scrooge!

I've always looked forward to Christmas, but not this year, I'm doing a cookie party at the school on Christmas day and then doing normal lessons in the evening so working is always a good way to squeeze that Chrissy spirit right out of you. I'm contemplating cheering myself up by moving Christmas to the Sunday for us and heading to Universal studios and then a hard rock cafe meal, however that will be my calorie intake for, hmmm, the whole Christmas holiday! (15kgs down though, and fitting in to my 'skinny dress'!!!) Oh yeah, and the cookie party will be totally organised and run by me because Ryota feels 'awkward' doing things at the school, ummmm fucking suck it up and help me biatch, 15 kiddies and icing are not a good mix! I suspect he will be guilted in to helping me though, if not I may recruit BIL to help me, he's childish and will play with the kiddies and just dumb enough to follow my instructions without question.

We've spent the last 3 days buried in shit and vomit, Ash managed to pick up norovirus from kindy and seeing as though he vomited all over me at least 3 times I was bound to get it too. Although I should count my lucky stars as both of us were vomity for about 2 days and then not too bad. Still, any vomit is bad. Ryota was being a bit of an insensitive fucker when I was ill, I had to walk to the fucking conbini myself for lemonade and made it VERY clear how not happy I was with that display of prick-ness. He did a bow and a sumimasen and promised to be more gentleman-like in the future. I should think so too!

Anyway, fighting fit now and looking forward to getting all this Christmas bollocks out of the way so I can do pretty much nothing for a week. We've been Oosouji-ing (big-arse clean up at the end of the year, equivalent to Spring cleaning?) our bums off since yesterday so hopefully the house will be spotless and junk free (well, shoved on the verandah at least) for the break. Right, speaking of junk, must go put the rodeo boy away in storage, yet another exercise machine that will never be used. Yahoo auction, get ready for a rodeo boy... Anyone want it!? Bloggy mates rates, as in free to good home!!!


  1. It`s a a bit like that but kiddie classes seem to make me feel xmas a bit more here..I did the cookie thing too, took a page out of GW`s book (thankyou) and iced the cookies at home, kiddies used decoration pens and stuck on m&m`s, blingy lookin stuff and jubies, was a hit!..onto my last classes this week then 2 weeks off yippee!

    Glad you are over the norovirus, sounds nasty..

  2. I want it!!!!! Nobu won't buy one for me but if I get it free he so can't complain!Rodeo Boy me baby!
    Good luck with the cookie party. As a girl who did 5 in a week I can most certainly tell you it sux shit. Chin up, boobs out, and have packets of wipes everywhere!

  3. I made a half arsed attempt at osoojiing, but decided I might as start the year the way I'll probably continue, in a total mess.