Friday 10 December 2010

The dream

I have a dream! Wow, those words sound vaguely familiar...?

Anyway, doesn't everyone have some sort of dream that they know will 99.9% never come true, but it's nice to fantasise about it anyway?? Maybe most of us are too embarrassed to admit what it is though?? Go on, I dare you to tell me what yours is!

Ever since I was old enough to write I've loved it, despite being a lefty and 'in the old days' going to bed with pen smudges all up the side of my hand I've always loved writing stories. Of course, when I was younger, those stories were always fictional, because my life was as boring as bat shit. But living in Japan somehow makes life interesting, there's always some story of dog-fucking sister-in-laws, crazy Japanese customs or the stress (and quite often, hilarity) of being in an international marriage.

So I have my dream, and just to fit the cliche, yup, it's a 'I'm gunna write this here book' dream! I even have the title picked out, and the cover graphics! But I figure if I want that tiny, teeny little chance for my dream to come true, I gotta get jottin! So I think January will be a daily post challenge month. December can fuck right off because it's half-way done and, well, just a bastard of a busy month.

In other news, some of you asked how MIL is going with the diet. She's doing really well actually! 7 and a half kgs down, and that's with no exercise. Goes to show you that exercise really does make a difference though, I definitely eat more calories than her in a day but also jog 5kms too. I can totally see the difference in her face and neck but she's pissed that everyone is commenting on my weight loss and nobody has said anything to her. I explained that I was fatter than her to begin with, therefore the weight loss is more noticeable. Plus the poor pet is really, really short so the pudge just sort of gets re-arranged. Giants such as me however get all lanky when they lose weight, one of the many advantages of being tall! (Along with helping old ladies reach high shelves and everyone assuming you're a Russian hostess...)

I'm planning to get my mototrbike licence some time in the new year, of course if I get the licence I'm going to want the shiny new motorbike to go with it but we'll cross that debt-laden bridge when we come to it. I've had my eyes on one of these for quite a while now and when I casually mentioned it to Ryochan he almost got a hard on he got so excited at the prospect of going on motorbike rides on the weekend. He couldn't believe that we would both have a common hobby. The current arrangement of him surfing and me drinking is not good for family togetherness and shit. He's already planned our first trip to Shiga to take in some fresh country air. Always does get a bit ahead of himself that boy.

Right, going to spice up my Friday night by hearing the same boring shit from some Junior high school students. I'm seriously thinking of bribing them to tell me something other than: "I studied. I played volleyball. I was fun..."

I'll also leave you with a shot of my amazing, incredible, magic shrinking face. I had another comment from the teacher at kindy today that my face very well might disappear soon... Worrying thought. I really should get some bastard to take a photo of me to do before and after flab loss. Sassymoo, your job on Saturday before we get plastered!!!


  1. you look pretty :D Glad its going so well!!! And congrats to mil too!

    And good luck on writing the book too ... I cant wait until your the next JKRowling etc and I can tell everyone how I know you :D

  2. I'm jealous - first of the shrinking face and second of the getting plasted. If you write a book it will be fabulous. I want an autographed copy when it comes out please. I once dreamt about it enough to buy some kind of writers book. Even wrote an opening paragraph - sent it to my sister and she shat on it basically. And then well, I kind of had two more kids and it got thrown under all the asahi cans in the bin. And as fife said, I will tell everyone I have known you FOR EVER - and perhaps that we even went swimming naked in the paddling pool when we were three.

  3. Your face IS shrinking!You look gorgeous tho. The bike looks like a sweet ride, but those things can be so dangerous...
    Looking foward to january, since I love reading entries from you. I think you're a very talented and witty writer!

  4. yay get goin girly! Would love to read something (more) that you have written.
    Looking good too :)

  5. So you may soon be blogging about your encounters with dodgy motorcycle gangs on your country rides with hubby and kid in tow?

  6. Definitely do a book, your writing is always amusing to read and it would sell well! Good luck with the project!
    Congratulations with the weight loss! Very nice mug shot there. ;)

  7. you look aweeeeesome!!!

    and i would pre-order that on amazon so fast it would make your head spin ;)

  8. yes I do agree with the general Japanese public that your face has gone smaller. Hope you get more rest though, the picture is screaming "I want effin sleep-ins", and good luck with the motorbike licence test!

  9. Yes you do look fab~~~~~~~good luck on your motorbike test! Girls on bikes always look sooo sexy, I'm jealous!