Saturday 20 August 2011

Greeting and salutations!

Yes! It's the obligatory post from Australia!

We arrived here on Wednesday and since then I've managed to eat:

Hungry Jacks (twice)
Chinese (Aussie style- no gyoza- boo!)
Hogs breath
Fish and chips
And a whole lot of other bad crap

It really is no wonder most people here are walking heart attacks, I love it!

Things have been quite good, although Ryota has managed to piss me off quite frequently because he feels 'left out of conversations' or 'has to spend awkward silences with my family'. Whinge, whinge fucking whinge, welcome to my life 51 weeks of the cunting year you big pussy!

Ash is having a blast with things like real grass and space to move and shit.

I miss Japanese customer service, warmed toilet seats and store opening hours.

It is FUCKING freezing, give me humid Japanese summers over this any day, hating it!

Right, wedding is tomorrow so I best go get my beauty sleep if I am to be a good bridesmaid with no bags under her eyes, let's just hope the dress still fits...


  1. Glad to hear you're having such a great time :D It's been a long time comin I'm sure~
    Ryota better man up and put on them big boy boots. Lol

  2. You will be beautiful! Have an amazing time and drink a bottle of champers for me! Miss you!

  3. Uh winter wedding sounds like fun. Will we get to see some picture??
    Have a great time!

  4. I'm in England now, and I miss Japanese customer service too, but not heated toilet seats, I stil find them weird. I'm loving working through the biscuit aisle in the supermarket. Yay for being at home.

  5. Ohhhh to be back where it's called Hungry Jacks! Nooostaaaliggaaaaaa!!!

    Have fun at the wedding! ^^)/

    Will there be a trip to Sizzler too? <3

  6. Slow ungrateful sales and service staff in NZ really fuck me off. I feel like the whole country is on island time and don't give a shit compared to what we get in Japan.
    Have a great time at the wedding. Bet you'll look fabulous. Definitely want some pics!!

  7. Nice... I really miss Dim Sims, potato cakes, chiko rolls, sausage rolls... enjoy!

  8. What's Hog's Breath? That sounds gross! And oh poor Ryota, learn some English! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  9. I envy the fish and chips, the rest I can take or leave. I am so going to eat the fuck out of a packet of Mint Slices when I get home through.

    Enjoy the wedding.

  10. Wow! Total envy about the food and wedding (not the dress, sure it's it would be much too long and tight for me). As for customer service, that doesn't seem to translate to those of us leading the bucolic life in the sticks (basically anywhere outside the four big cities). Enjoy!

  11. I'm pumped about eating un-authentic chinese food when I go home (to be the best man in a wedding... coincidence)

  12. Watch out for bogan butt! Might have to get two tickets for the way back.

    You're up north right? Surely it can't be that cold?

  13. Enjoy the trip home! Eat and drink yourself silly!

  14. Eat as desired...when you go back to stress-o-town you will loose that extra pounds in a sec. May you have a great wedding!

  15. oh-ho-ho... does Ryota not speak english? ha! serves him right... :p

    oooh, holiday food doesn't count.... everyone knows that! :p

    have fun!