Monday 29 August 2011

Ripped off

As the Bad Boy has been shaking his fist at all along, and as Kathryn has shown us recently, yes, Japan is pretty safe compared to a back alley of Cabramatta. No, it is not the safest place on earth.
The sad fact is, there will always be cunts, in every corner of the earth. You know the types, the low-life fucks who don’t have the balls to pull themselves together and make their own money so they decide to just leech and steal and take advantage of the rest of society, draining the system, little old ladies out of the savings under their mattress, and poor innocent bastards like myself. Well, almost, but not quite.

It may not happen in the conventional ‘pull a gun and give me your money bitch!’ way, but in this lovely passive aggressive little Japanese bubble we live in, there are plenty of ways to get ripped off, one quite close to my heart- credit card theft!
Imagine my surprise the day after we got back from Australia and my card was declined as I was buying lego for my son (OK, for me, but don’t tell anyone else)! I flushed a shade of pink at the sheer embarrassment until I realized that I had no reason to be, I hadn’t used the credit card once during our holiday, I was itching to get swiping again! As per the impeccable service in Japan, rather than a blank look and shrug of the shoulders as it would happen in Australia, the lady serving me apologized profusely and said in a loud enough voice that it was probably a problem with the system, not our card and would call the credit card company straight away to see what was wrong. Fuck I love the service in Japan.

It was at this point that Ryota just casually mentioned that our credit card company had tried to call him while we were away, but we still didn’t click that anything was really wrong until the lego lady gave the phone to Ryota and he went a shade of white and said “How much!?” and mouthed the word ‘fuck!!!’ to me.
Turns out that someone had gone on a bit of a spending spree on our card to the tune of, oh, not that much, only over a million fucking yen!!! In dollars it was $4000 a pop and they did that 3 times so about 12 grand later and they seemed satisfied. Now it just goes to show that being a poor bastard works in your favour though, the card company said that this kind of purchase was not within our ‘normal spending patter’ which is a nice was of saying that we don’t have enough cash to usually buy anything over about $100, but fuck I’ll take it, it means that they cancelled our card straight away, even though they couldn’t contact us.

Now I’m not sure if our thief was really thick, or really smart but they bought airline tickets, and I would assume that a $4000 ticket would be overseas… meaning they have to show their passport and could easily be caught, no??
But it was with ANA so maybe they just went on a round-Japan trip on a fake name and are lying on a beach in Okinawa right now not having spent a cent on the ticket to get there? Who knows, but that matter was out of our hands as the loser was ANA and they have to follow it up with the police, but still I’m not sure if Grandma handling my knickers, or some slimy cunt ripping off my credit card made me feel more violated. About even perhaps.

We think they might have hacked our whole computer as well because they charged the card the day after we left which is way too much of a coincidence for my liking, so email, password and virus security upgrades are all being seen to, pain in the arse but when fuckers like this are still wasting the good air that us normal folk breathe it really is a necessary evil.

Whoever did this was probably Japanese (the words of the credit card company, not me), but Ryota still assured me that it was probably a Chinese person living in Japan to rip off Japanese people…

And again, away from the nasty and ridiculous, for your viewing pleasure, some more photos!


  1. I would say Chinese in Japan also. hope you get it sorted and it doesn't cost you a penny.

  2. Holy Crap. Is comforting hear your credit company cancelled it though - does this mean you don't have to pay it back? And does ANA call you and tell you who it was? Chinese or otherwise?

    Is dog fucker still in the country?

    Love that pic of the three of you.

  3. Yup, Japan is full of arseholes out to rip everyone off. I can't believe that. Glad the credit card company were on the ball, and Ash (or you) got the Lego.

  4. Welcome back to Japan! At least you don't have to cough up for it I suppose.

    I reckon there are plenty of dodgy Japanese and probably one did it. I'm pretty sure the lack of violent crime is made up through fraud and so forth. The blame a Chinese thing is a copout.

    Also, most people here are going to have NFI about Cabra mate, haha.

  5. OMG this country is full of swindlers! At least you don't have to foot the bill. I can imagine it's piss easy to commit credit card fraud here because they always seem so clueless about credit cards.

    My sister copped it in Sydney. Apparently some of the cabbies have a machine that takes an imprint of your card. Because the regular card swiping machine is on the driver's side where you can't see it properly, they swipe the card through both and then can get a copy made.

  6. Sorry to hear about it but happy it's squared away.

    How in the fuck did the Chinese get sucked into this? The Rakkuten travel hack a couple years ago was a big Yak scam. Blame whitey...or in this case...fellow yellow....sounds a bit racistish to me .

  7. I love how Japanese are always so quick to blame Chinese or Koreans for something like this... but good on the credit card company for saying it was probably Japanese.

  8. Wow, that's quite the welcome back present you got! That's good it's getting all sorted out though.

    Love the pic of Ash chomping on the head of a rather happy-looking gingerbread man.

  9. Really scary thought.. I'm surprised a credit card company handles it that well and does the best thing in this situation.. just cancel the credit card without charging you for it. Hope everything sorts out fine!

  10. Wow - that's a shocker! I haven't been dropping by for a while....and when I rejoin you...this!!!
    But the real shocker asw you say is the timing of when you were away....that is really creepy....

  11. That blows, seriously. It definitely just goes to show that you can get 'attacked' anywhere, when it comes to identity theft. We had this sort of thing happen to us as well, many months ago.

    The bank contacted me because someone had been using my debit card to withdraw and then take out small amounts of money. To y'know, test the waters and see if they could then fuck us big time with gigantic spending sprees. Thankfully the bank notified me quickly! Yikes.

  12. Something like that happened to me. Another teacher and I ate a Olive Garden and the waitress was a lot of fun and personable. What I didn't know at the time was she had a "skimmer" and scanned my card after i gave it to her to pay for our meal. Several days later hundreds of dollars from a Home Depot in Florida showed up on my statement. I disputed the charges and credit card company issued me a new card. Three months later, we ate at Olive Garden and Trish was our waitress again. Same thing happened. More Home Depot charges in Florida. Credit card company called me and said I must have loaned out the card and threatened to cancel me. Fast forward about 4 months later when I received a letter from the American Justice Dept. stating I may have been a victim of identity theft and the defendant is Patricia Kaehler. I looked up the case number and found out this bitch was a waitress at Olive Garden and she admitted to skimming cards. She's now a fugitive living in Reynosa. I hope they catch the skanky bitch.

  13. P.S. This incident happened on the US side and she is an American but lives with her Mexican husband in Reynosa. After admitting to what she did, the investigator let her leave and she fled to Mexico. Now this low-life piece of shit for a human being can no longer cross over to the US side or she will be arrested. Not sure which is worse... being arrested and jailed on federal charges or banished to live in Reynos-hell for an eternity.

  14. I haven´t been ripped off this way before so I am curious...who pays? The credit card company? you? I do hope they don´t charge your ass for that when they claryfied that they knew it was a theft...

  15. Once we were in Malaysia, and my wife went to a local hairdresser. When finished, the lady took my wife's credit card in the backroom, because 'that's where the cardreader is located'. One month later I got a call from the bankcompany, to check if we were in Indonesia: someone was using our card there, first to buy a pizza, than some electronics, and finally a car (which was refused).
    Nowadays, our credit card works with additional PIN code, but still not in every place...

  16. Pretty safe compared to a back alley...that's anywhere for you. What's good about your blog is that you go 'there' to that place right in front of everyone. The honest assessment of a place that holds people accountable for their actions and misdeeds is still somewhat of a rarity (is it still?!). Broadcasting this kind of stuff when it happens is important and hopefully people learn that they need to be careful. Reading your last entry has me remembering one case in particular where some things may have been happening that no one was really discussing what was going on because I guess it seemed like Someone Else's are straight up about who you are and what you are about, you and a few other admirable people in the blogosphere. I'm working on it...thanks. From 'Gillette, Wyoming' for now.

  17. Is that your gorgeous boy enjoying a shortbread man from Michel's??? My 3 year old has been practically living on them since we've been back in Oz this year. Not sure what to bribe him with when we get back to Japan...

  18. It sounds like you've been having a really rough month :(((
    A woman was stealing money from my parents credit card in Darwin. But, my parents picked it up straight away and she was caught!
    I hope you can catch the scammer!!!

    Hacking into a computer or email is really easy to do. I've become paranoid about it since I had this one paranoid host family in Japan who recorded me on phone, hacked into my email accounts ect ect. If your phone call is being recorded then you can hear your voice echo back slightly sometimes.

    I think the most secure email address you can get is an inbox one (, which I think can only be used on the single computer it's downloaded to. I hope that helps :)