Tuesday 27 September 2011

And I'm in!

Will have to blog pictures from my phone but I'm in!

Mil came with me (I thank the lord dog fucker didn't want to tag along and still had her lazy arse in bed when we left!) to get settled in and now I'm just, well, bored... Hence the blogging. Expect a lot of this I think.

I've already met an interesting character, I'm going to call her earwig lady, my roommate is fucking scary. Old enough to not give a fuck about a foreigner being her roommate but not old enough to be a nice old lady. She whips her curtain back and forth with an edge of distain and when I introduced myself and did the yoroshiku onegaishimas's (I'll be cashing those in later when the noisy child gets here!) she just nodded and whipped her curtain. May as well have just pissed on it to show her territory! Still, I shouldn't be too harsh, she may have been here for that long that a new roommate isn't a big deal. And if she was a chatter I'd be even more pissed off.
But even more scary was the way that she was obviously listening to EVERY word mil and I said from behind her curtain. We were using our hushed hospital voices and talking about visiting hours when from behind the curtain, earwig lady said "until 8!!" in a very matter-of-fact-way, the words hurtling out of her mouth like a weapon. After lunch the same thing happened, we were looking at menu choices ( which is pretty much just rice porridge for me) when she said "YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM A DAY IN ADVANCE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SOMETHING!" this was random and really bad because it made mil and I go in to silent laughing fits trying not to make any noise. I'm sure old earwig will give me lots to blog about too...

I've had all the usual "you're Japanese is so good, I was really worried when I saw a foreign was coming in!" from all the nurses, met with the anesthesiologist who assured me I'd be out of it from the time the happy gas went on, and I have to share a bath with 2 old ladies at 2 in the afternoon, but all in all, things are going smoothly. I also get lovely sleeping pills tonight to send me off to dream/drug land!

Photos to come...


  1. I love earwig lady already! Fingers crossed that she's entertaining enough to help the time pass. Hope all goes well (including the 2pm, 2 old ladies bath, eek!). Sarahf

  2. I got my nuts and cock washed by 2 cute nurses (2nd hospital was...no..just old rough nurses so I washed em myself)

    Where's the hunks ready to scrub your muff??

  3. The fun hospital time can begin!
    Your roommate sounds like she just means well and has to rub this fact in everybody's face. hehe

  4. It sounds like your enjoying hospital :)

    Roommates can be really interesting people ^^

  5. ganbarre Corinne sama!!! I think you will be FINE! :D

    Let me know if your feeling concerned and you need me to go and clean your house properly before your return. I will, you know. xxx

  6. Bloody hell Chris, I really wasn't ready to read that at 6am over breakfast. Needs to be at least 8am for that kind of shit.

    Glad you'll have some entertainment for us via the earwig lady. Good luck for today. Thinking of you and hoping the drugs are fabulous but that you still have half an eye open able to tell us all later that it all went OK.

  7. Just curious and not trying to sound snotty, but are they taking your tonsils out through your ass? I had my tonsils out when I was 18. Pretty much the same story as you... as soon as I would finish antibiotics, my tonsils would flare up. I went in the morning and was sent home by evening.

  8. All the best for the op. I look forward to more stories about earwig lady - I am picking she is going to get nuttier by the day.

  9. FFS, u have to share a bath with two old ladies?! Can't u say no thanks, I'll just take a shower.... ?!

  10. Hmm, maybe tell them that you only shower once a week... it's a gaijin thing. Are there any male nurses/nursing assistants? In Oz there are. Ask for a hot one if there are any, to "assist" you to bathe.

    Hope you don't get bored. Probably want to walk when you feel up to it! Staying in bed too much, you won't use up any physical energy, and might not sleep well.

    So presumably the house will be cleaned (and its inhabitants fed, washed, etc) by the MIL and grandma, and not by the hubby?

    Part of me wonders if this break might make the hubby appreciate you more, or if he'll just prefer to waited on by mother and grandma...