Friday 30 September 2011

One for all you Ryota haters...

It was bound to happen, Ryota has made me cry, even when we only spend 2 hours a day together!

I get that this week is hard on him too, but not fucking really. He hasn't dropped off or picked up ash from kindy any day this week, taken two and a half days off work, not cooked a single meal (including breakfast) and has no doubt left the house in a mess. How hard is it when you have a house full of women next door doing everything for you??

So, the crying incident. THE DAY of my operation too! I came out of surgery all groggy and not being able to talk, and Ryota had just got there because he'd gone running, so he sits there and after about 20 minutes said "Can I go home? I'm bored..." but fair play, there was nothing he could do and I just felt guilty with him sitting there doing nothing anyway. So he comes back in the evening with the rest of his family and I realized that my portable Internet thingy is missing part of the plug that charges it. I was still kind of drugged up but thought it was probably still in the power board at the school and that I just needed the extra bit. I'd asked mil earlier in the day to go have a look for it but she couldn't find it so I was getting worried it was lost somewhere else. I hadn't told Ryota yet, because I knew he would be angry with me, and sure enough, when he discovered that it was missing he went off on a rant of "I can't believe how stupid you are! The whole point of the Internet was so you could use your pad in hospital! No we'll have to buy a whole new one, they don't just sell them by themselves!" now I had many protests I wanted to voice at this point, but I literally, physically couldn't, so I started to cry, in pain and frustration and annoyance at his thoughtlessness. I should give dog-fucker credit here too, because mid-rant she actually told him to shut up and stop ding a wanker and that she would look for it the next day. It's seriously the most I've ever felt any good feelings toward do fucker.

He sent a lame apology mail later saying he was tired and this week was really hard. Uh huh.
The next incident came last night. Ash has been quite good at night apparently, but last night he must have had an upset stomach because he was crying until quite late, so I get this mail from Ryota...

At 11:30 last night, with no extra info apart from "I'm sleepy..." did he not know that would worry me?? And like I can fuckin do anything about it anyway???
Lucky for me (and him) I was drugged and sleeping by 11, but fuck, what is wrong with him?!?!

Divorce plans are moving steadily ahead.

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  1. The "Slutty Tinkerbell Zombie B.J." thing is sounding great!! And Tinkerbell getting some service would surely calm the zombie in her ;)

  2. very annoying Ryota. Get with the wifes in hospital program already. If he was doing everything on his own you could forgive him somewhat but not for making you upset on the day of the operation - did he really say 'baka' ? Perhaps he thought the anesthetic hadn't completely worn off and you wouldn't remember!! Hope dog fucker found the bit. And as for the 'nemutai' ?? Why not just bloody txt his mummy and get her to come over to help settle Ash, who understandably is out of sorts without his mum. Why bloody go to the trouble of texting you at all with dumb shit that will make you worry. ESPECIALLY when you can't yell at home to piss off. :)


  3. "Divorce plans are moving steadily ahead."

    *insert Citizen Kane applause GIF here*

    Good. You deserve soooo much better. What an insensitive POS.

  4. for a moment I thought it was Ryota who had an upset stomach and was crying all night ;)

  5. hey, chin up! there are good days and (sadly so many) bad days, but in the end.. at one point of your life you decided to marry this man and you have a lovely son!
    I can a bit understand your feeling since I was also in such situation, but I never loved my ex-hus and just married because I became pregnant!
    But I don´t wish anyone this... so I hope you married out of love and there is still that piece of feeling inside you that keeps holding you both together..
    Now I have a Japanese partner and even though we face very same problems that -as I realized- a lot of Gaijin wifes have, we know we belong together..
    Oh, and btw, Japanese man are incredible stupid and emotionless when it comes to feelings or understanding of woman ;) try writing a letter or some message he understands (maybe ask a japanese friend to help?) because their way is soooo different *sigh*
    cyber hugs and good luck for everything!

  6. Sounds like a Nipponmare.
    Girl, you gotta move on.
    I've been in Japan donkey's years, was a clubber(still do), never got really deeply involved with the guys, just casual stuff, but when you have a kid, ack, well, you got married, ack, to a Japanese dude, ack, and really, I LOVE this country as a single woman who has 13 weeks paid vacation a year, but I would NEVER enter into it full-time. Which, you see now. You were a Japan Baby when you had to deal with getting preggers, you were still so young regarding are still young, and really pretty, and have a great sense of humor, and well, there is another life for you to lead beyond Japan, if you like going elsewhere, back to Oz or whatever..I mean, I love Japan for work, and did 16 yrs as an Eng. Teacher in High school whatever....but the left, then came back, but will leave real me if you want a fun chick who has heaps of life experience (not necessarily marriage stuff) to take the train down to Hyogo. I like drinking and talking about life and lending a helping hand to people who have a good sense of humor but who are obviously going through a bit of a struggle.
    my email is
    As they say in Japan, 'Don't be a strange'.