Saturday 1 October 2011

It's taken longer than I thought...

But this morning I got annoyed with the Japanese way of doing things. As I always mention, service in Japan is second to none. Fucking fantastic. But the flip side means that everything is done with such precision that often this leads to not only great service, but also a lot of fucking around, paperwork, rule following and a way of doing things that can make you want to scratch your eyes out. And depending on your situation it can get very very frustrating.

My throat is much better than it was, I can now talk, drink anything and eat soft foods. I'm off the drip (that was probably unnecessary in the first place) and I feel fine. No infection, I'm gargling 5 times a day and eating sloppy fucking rice in the hope that I will get better soon so I can get back to my normal life. I want to work, and see my son, and go running and get back to dance class. I want to get back to my fucking life. In Australia and a lot of other countries getting your tonsils out is a one day procedure, one night stay at the most. A week in hospital seems excessive, but I was glad, one night wouldn't have been enough, especially taking in to consideration that I live with 2 big babies.

I also haven't been able to have a shower, which isn't that big of a deal but my legs are starting to look like a hairy monster (perhaps I should just keep them for Halloween?) and my hair is getting greasy and sweaty and gross. A shower is not going to fucking kill me.

So this morning when I went to see the doctor, I asked when I could get a shower and she said today but only from the neck down. This solves the hairy legs but not the greasy hair, I think I might just rebel and wash my hair anyway though. I then asked her when she thought I might be able to go home. And she said fucking Wednesday! It just seems like such a long time, especially seeing as though I feel fine, everything has gone totally smoothly, they check my fever and blood pressure 50 times a day and it's always fine. I'm eating everything plus pudding and ice cream and loads of crap that people bring me, I'm walking up and down 4 flights of stairs about 10 times a day to fight off boredom and losing the muscles in my legs. I need to get outside!!!!

Has anyone in Japan ever put their foot down and just fucked off home?

I almost cried when she told me but I'm going to try really hard for Monday. I have to work on Tuesday anyway so there's no way I'm staying here longer than I have to.

I feel a fight brewing. One good thing about Ryota being an arsehole, his arsehole-ness transfers to situations when I need it and I'm sure he'll be able to convince someone better than I can that I AM going home on Monday.

Funny, I'm the exact opposite to earwig, she wanted to stay!

Right off to the stair master so I don't go cunning insane!

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  1. "Has anyone in Japan ever put their foot down and just fucked off home?"

    #1 Gallbladder completely removed est stay 14-21 days. I was out in 6.

    #2 Had my nose reset from old boxing wounds and amazingly they were saying 10-14 days. After the 4th day and the unnecessary iv came out I summoned the best English speaker and said. If I am not permitted to leave by noon with whatever meds you think I need...I'm just gonna walk. I don't have the unneeded iv anymore and I can take pills at home. the T.V. is ALL Japanese and I'm going crazy. It stops at noon today.

    **Dr assist comes up and says monday will be o.k. (it was a Friday) I said nope. I'm leaving in an hour...

    Dr. comes up and tries to laugh off me laughing him off and says I need to come back in a week anyway so I can just'll be easier....Easier? 7 more days of mind numb?? I said see you next week as I started getting dressed and that was that.

    Both times I left after the I.V. and heavy pain meds ceased.

  2. What's the story with the long stays? Here in Oz they are only too happy to boot you out the door as long as you are not expelling any bodily fluids. (might be something to do with the fact that in our semi-socialized system of access for all it is just cheaper for the government). Are they making money out of it? Are the Japanese litigious? Or just sooky? Put your foot down woman if you feel okay and go.

  3. wtf... you can't wash your hair?

    is that one of those weird japanese things like how everyone says you shouldn't bathe when you have a cold?

  4. that does seem strange about the hair, but maybe she's afraid you'll spray water down your throat and then you'll die (i exaggerate).

    let's see, i'm pretty sure a friend left the hospital early after giving birth, but had to sign papers and was basically made to felt she was the Worst Parent EVAH!! for leaving before her five days were up. i managed to get out early after my gall bladder attack (they wanted me to stay a few more days, but the kids were having a really shitty time with my MIL--yoshi was also sick of his mother after me being in hospital for 11 days.) same hospital, let me go home 2 days earlier than usual after the gallbladder removal, maybe because of me going home 'early' a few months before.

    get ryota involved and get the hell out of there!!

  5. Yes, they told my husband that he would have to stay for one week for a stomach bug. He told them he was leaving the same day. They were pissed, but it was a total waste for him to stay there. He was happy to get home.

    Same when I had a miscarriage, they wanted me to stay the night, but fought it and left the same day...ridiculous here!! They also told me not to take a shower...I did immediately though.

  6. They must make money out of you staying there.
    It was the same here a few years ago. The hospital received money for each day you were staying, so they kept you there for like forever. Since this was bad for the system, they changed it to a certain payment per operation, no matter how long you stay. Since then they throw you out on the street still bleeding. You just gotta leave. You can't walk? Well, get someone to pick you up. But you still can't walk? Suck it up, you got to leave!

  7. look, it is their only realistic chance to peek and poke a subdued blondie gaijin woman at length... no way they're gonna let you go that easy - they're having too much fun.

  8. Seems a bit excessive, I had surgery to get metal put in for a broken collarbone in Japan and was out 3 days after the operation. The hospital I was at was a busy one, maybe the more quiet ones do it to milk the funds?

    Just have a shower and wash your hair anyway, there is no way they can tell and who cares if they can.

  9. That sucks, esp the no shower part. I hate the icky feeling you get after being in the hospital for a while too. I had pneumonia and they made me stay overnight, even tho I was like a million times better after the drip. That's the problem with social health care...they wanna control everything! But alas, it works sometimes. Anyways good news is you don't have to worry about your tonsils anymore!!!! YIPPIE!! and may I add, you look mighty hot in your pics <3

  10. Thanks everyone. Good news yesterday was that I was a total bad ass and washed my hair! The bitchy doctor gave me 'a look' when I came out hair dripping and a look of pure satisfaction on my face. Shampoo and conditioner has never felt so good!
    Ryota talked to bitchy weekend doctor but she's a stubborn one, so I have to convince my doctor tomorrow that I can escape. I don't plan on staying after tomorrow, I've decided to just walk out tomorrow if they give me any shit.
    We'll see what happens anyway!

  11. Here in Aust, most states now pay hospitals based on what the procedure was - a fixed amount that they think it should cost for that condition. So, if the hospital gets an operation and 3 days recuperation of funding for your condition, and they get you out (safely) in 2 days, they 'make' money on you, to offset another case where the patient had to stay an extra day. It's called casemix finding, good stuff.

    Maybe they get paid by the day, or have you noticed that they keep bringing in groups of people (students especially) when they prod you?

  12. I had my appendix out at they wanted me to stay for a week, but since I was a student studying abroad at the time it was just wasteful to stay away from my classes for that long. I got out of the hospital after 4 days.