Thursday 3 November 2011

Making my own

Happiness that is.

Go shorty, it's my birthday! Although another wrinkle to the collection isn't much to celebrate, I still love birthdays. In Japan, not so much. Ryota never fails to spectacularly disappoint me, and it's not even his fault, it's totally a culture thing. So this year, I made my own fun!

Here is what I have planned...

* For a start, I took the day off work, unheard of recently! And I didn't make excuses, I told the truth " sorry so-and-so san, you can't book a lesson on Thursday, because I'm being totally selfish and having a fun day for my birthday, if you don't like it, fuck off!" well, in so many words..

* Next, I'm blogging this from bed, and don't intent to get out until absolutely necessary.

* Which will be at about 11am when I have a hair appointment at a swanky salon in Osaka to have some drastic hair changes. I've been doing my hair at home for so long, it's in desperate need of a change, expect pics!

* After that, I will go to USJ (universal studios Japan) with Ash and Ryota for some fun, excessive amounts of over-priced sugary treats and cute souvenirs and the final day of the Halloween parade at night. More for ash than me, but his happiness is my happiness because you know, I'm such a fucking saint of a mother and all!

* Then, to top it off, a massive steak or some other similarly American artery blocker for dinner at the hard rock cafe. And if I'm not too full, which I totally will be, there shall be cake.

* Ooooooo I didn't even mention the pressies! My mum went halves in my new electrical bicycle, carries two kids and plump gaijin arse easily, is very cool lookin, and gets all our lardy arses up hills at about 40km/hr. I also got the new iPhone 4s, Ryota is claiming this as his present to me, but I'm not sure it counts, he got one too! Whatever, I have an awesome new phone, this is all that matters! I also got packages from my mum, sister and aunty that I haven't opened yet. I'm pretty sure dog fucker might have got me something too, let's all look forward to the hilarity that will bring!

But the best pressie, is in my belly.

I'm 28 today by the way, a good age? I honestly don't mind getting older, especially in Japan where senpai is everything!

So happy birthday to me! My advice for poor, romance-deprived foreign wives? Do it yourself, no other fucker will!

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  1. The best pressie is in your belly?? Have I missed something? Are congratulations in order? Congratulations on the birthday first of all! It sounds like you have a really great day planned, and then congratulations on whatever is in your belly!!

  2. Cor. Another baby?
    Might as well. If I was gonna have kids, I'd have two, so they can play together and so on.
    Made me forget the rest of the post though
    But I love those electric bikes, indeed, I go to the seaside here and rent one for free, and get really high. I might do that today. You know, have a One Cup Sake in your birthday honor, cos you are right, birthdays suck in Japan, totally suck, completely suck, unless you organise something for yourself, which is kind of an oxymoron when it comes to b'days.
    I dunno, the Japanese really take the eff out of fun, like this morning, some Tai Chi kant, in an empty part, motherfucker, told me to get off my bike because it was dangerous and I might hit one of the other 6 people in 5 acres. Git.
    Oops, getting off topic here.
    Happy Birthday, so happy you have things planned.

  3. It's good to know you still shag though. Many marriages in Japan quickly become two futon deals, that hang from balconies screaming, 'we don't sleep together anymore' so at least you still shag.

  4. Wow. You're really young. I'm nearly 20 years older than you and a loser posting too many comments on your blog. go to Gamagori.

  5. I was going to complain about your portrayal of Americans and their artery clogging food, but then I remembered that the Outback Steakhouse is an American restaurant and soooo good.

  6. Present in your belly and a bike that carries two kids?

    Happy birthday. Going to the real hairdressers is good sometimes. Lap up the special treatment.

  7. Happy birthday! So many scorpio ladies out there. Sounds like you're in for a great day!

  8. Happy birthday and I believe a big congratulations are in order?!?! How exciting! I am so happy for you all xxxx

  9. "But the best pressie, is in my belly."

    So you like to!! ;)

    Hard Rock had this massive chocolate cake thingy dripping with cream and fudge and it was so fucking awesome!!

    A few years back but I'm sure they got something that'll make your panties wet on the dessert list !

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy b-day!

    Totally right decision, from the sleep-in-late to the steak!

  11. Happy B-day! Sounds like the day is well planned out, hope everything goes according to plan and that the boys are well behaved!

    ...also, hope everything goes well with the thing in the belly!

  12. Happy B-Day to the 'Saint-of-a-mother from Down Under'. And congratulations on the belly.

  13. haha, wish you a great birthday!!
    hope the boys can behave^^

  14. Happy birthday!
    Sounds like a great plan for a great birthday! :-)
    I expect pics of the pressie in your belly soon.

  15. Unless the prezzie in your belly is a breakfast cake (totally allowed on any day, two if it's your birthday) then, congratulations! Have a great day and I hope Ryota does something unexpected (in a good way) to make it even better.

  16. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!

  17. Happy birthday to you!!! And congrats on the pressie in the belly :) sounds like an awesome day ... I'll definitely take your advice and plan my own bday next year after a spectacular disappointment this year ... Grrrrrrr j-husbands hehe!!

  18. I'm delurking to ask about the two kids/pressie in your belly comment too! Congratulations?!

  19. Oh no, so cryptic, so cryptic! We need more information on this present! Is it a little one? A donut? Nani????

    Anyways, congrats and happy birthday :). 28 will be an awesome year!

  20. Happy birthday & I am glad you had a good day. If what we all are guessing the hints are - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  21. Congratulations! And Happy Birthday, too!

  22. well done girl! a day of pampering and fun... this is how you do it!

    and omg, another baby?! congrats!!!

    happy birthday wishes from me too!!

    although... methinks the only reason you think getting old is cool is cuz you're already married... -_- not so fun when you are not and you keep getting viewed as a very stale christmas cake... eh....

  23. Hi Corinne,

    You don't know me but I enjoy reading about your adventures so much. I can tell that you are a sweet, sensitive girl. A psychologist here in the USA who used to have a radio show every day had this comment about men that may help you. She said that "Men are like dogs, you have to tell them exactly what you want them to do". So just remember "Training Mode".

  24. hola! Remember, two halfies don't make one!

  25. Hmm, Two Kids One Bike.
    Presents in belly.
    Are you just leading us on? I rather like Chris' comment though about swallowing. Could that really be what it's all about?
    *That's what it's all about!* ((too much singing the Hokey-Pokey to the kiddos..))

  26. Happy birthday! You're born a few days after me :) I played the guilt card with fake crying to get spoiled *shame*

    Is it a baby or some delicious things you received from abroad ?

  27. It's a little late, but happy belated birthday! And congratulations on the present in your tummy!I guess little Ash may be getting some company in the near future, eh? :)
    Hope the rest of your bday went swimmingly!


  28. Happy Birthday, and welcome to the club of 28 who will eventually turn 29 and be forced to make a list of things to do before turning 30...

    Pressie in belly, so excited about next post with new hairdo and information about the bike and belly... being a bit behind since I am on holiday and don't check blogs regularly at the moment.