Thursday 29 December 2011


I have no other words for it.

This past week, on this blog, and on a few other Japan blogs, a guy, if we can call him that, has been leaving nasty comments with no real clear argument or rhyme, or reason. Just pure nastiness.
I love a good fight, an argument over opinions is great, as heated as you like, but pure racist bile and filth spewing from someone's mouth and all over their keyboard just because they are hiding behind the safety and security of the Internet, not my thing at all.

I've never had to moderate comments on this blog until now, because even though I've had weird/mean/bizarre comments before, they've always been somewhat in context to the post or the situation, call me a dirty whore on the Mickey mouse wanking post, no problem! Tell me I'm an idiot for staying with my husband and whinging all the time, go ahead, feel free! I even left one of the comments which said I wasn't aging well, because, well, if that's your opinion then I'm cool with it. Straight out abuse, I'm not cool with.

I wasn't even going to dignify his childish behavior with a response because it's not even worth it, but there's a point where nasty comments go over the line, and become stalking. That happened this morning when I received a phone call and lengthy abusive voicemail from this person, that my friends is what we call stalking and all phone records have now been turned over to the police.

Am I scared? No, I'd love for this "man" to come say hi one day and show me how tough he is in real life. Fat white bitches can be pretty tough you know, especially us barbaric Australians!
Am I disgusted? Appalled? Bewildered? Yes. That a person who I don't know at all hates me with such a passion that he'd leave a comment like this:

Unknown has left a new comment on your post "Holidays!!!":

"Man up and respond, fatfuck bitch.

Because, you know, you already look like a man.

Fucking white Australians - animals, the lot of you.

Oh snap - wasn't your little fat fag with saggy arms teaching-in-an-eikaiwa-like-a-little-fuck fuckbuddy Chris supposed to hunt me down for you?

Nah, he just blocked or edited my replies. Like the little white bitch he is - you know like your daddy. All the same, white men - all little aggressive, coward bitches.

Hope you look forward to more prank calls at your little school, then! That, and spamming 2chan with the delicious morsel that will set those peeps alight - a nasty bitch whore white woman teaching their poor, innocent Japanese kids in Tsuruoka! The scandal!"

An unprovoked attack on a woman who received this comment notification and abusive phone call while lying next to a sleeping toddler and who is 4 months pregnant. Going for the tough target. Wow.

So unknown, here is my response, I wish I could give you some better ones, but quite honestly, I'm not sure what you're looking for. Am I white, fat, Australian? Yes. Am I proud of being white...? Hell no. Ummm, not sure, but I think this pretty much covers it.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who read my blog and don't stalk me, gosh I love you guys! ♥


  1. How horrible. I got one comment, not sure if it's the same guy, telling me I look like a man too. Shall we start a club?

  2. These dark days, and some people seemingly get a bit lonely and lost.

    I once got a vile spam comment on a very personal post. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the same person that was first spamming Chris and now you. Not funny, at all.

  3. What a horrible person who would do this. But great response by you. Let's hope the police will do some of their ip/phone backtracking magic and shake him up a bit.

  4. Thanks guys, I should mention he's called about 6 times today, all heavy breathers because ryochan answered. He mustn't have a job/life!?
    Your support means a lot!!

  5. How did he get your number??? All absolutely horrendous and someone obviously has issues! :-( I hate trolls but always found that the best thing to do is ignore them...

  6. Bloody disgusting. I bet he's sitting in his little dark room wanking off over the uproar he's creating. He's out to stir shit up and see the reaction. I've read lots of his comments over the past week and was amused to see he deleted a lot of them a day or two later himself.

    So glad you've taken things to the police - although Japanese police aren't the greatest go getters on the planet. I think an angry husband with a surfboard would be more effective. Getting on record is good.

    Heavy breathing is a piss poor effort at anything. What a fuckin fruitloop.

    Big hugs Corrine. Not what you need to be dealing with EVER ever ever.


  7. Midori- wasn't that hard, school is pretty public, still the school number goes straight to my mobile which was good, easier to track for the police.

    Katy- Ryota would love to have a go at this guy, he's also downloaded every tracking software possible, he knows when you guys fart. Ryota would without a doubt kill this turd. :)

  8. Also the j-police are surprising me, the detectives are taking Internet crime very seriously of late with all the media attention on cyber bullying.

  9. Good to here. Both the Ryota bit and the J-police bit.

  10. Just a question though, how did he get your number? And do you think he is in JP? Scary stuff. :/

  11. That is disgusting. Is he some foreigner in Japan or is he Japanese? Hope he gets caught. I'm surprised that the police are taking it quite seriously. Good for them!

  12. You've got to find out Chris pulled off what he did to a similar tosser: second half of the post.

    My guess, besides the perversions he's displayed: someone's off his meds.

  13. dammit! i thought i wrote a response but i guess i'm too stupid to actually publish it. i was just wondering, if you got his voice recorded, did he sound japanese? mere curiosity on my part.

  14. Illahee- nope, didn't sound Japanese at all! Couldn't pronounce my name properly (so just called me a whore after that) but pretty certain not Japanese. Creeeeeeeepppppyyyyy. Who knew I was that interesting!? :)

  15. it's because you rant so much and are usually pretty funny about it. ;) i hope he's caught, he's been a real asshole the past few days, and enough is enough!!

  16. What a freak!!!

    You're def not fat or ugly. He prob wants you to feel that way.

    I think you should know about something.
    Earlier this year I was helping my Ex Roommate with a Psychology Assignment as she had problems with the English in it. I came across as site called Psychopathic Writings, written by a Psychopath called Zhawq or M.E. I think the user is also maybe Psycho-Cunt on Tumblr. I think despite the photo it is possible that Zhawq could be a guy.

    Zhawq / M.E. / Psycho-Cunt? / the Blog Author is a Psychopath who was supposedly jailed for rape, murder and torture. When I saw the Blog for the first time the layout reminded me for some reason of the Bad Boy in Japan Blog. The font, the colours used, just something about it - and in one of the posts the Psychopath wrote something about Psychopath's copying people in their environment. I read through some of the posts and there was references to the poster having been in Japan and either America or Canada. I posted the link to Chris's Blog.

  17. Months passed and I started to feel uneasy. Some of the posts Zhawq had published on Psychopathic Writings started to say that things like Near Death Experiences, fainting, and a whole bunch of stuff written on my Blog was related to being a Psychopath. They're also related to a range of other mental illnesses, as well as Brain Allergies caused by Glucose Intolerance - which can cause mental illnessees. But, I didn't know that. I started to wonder if I was being paranoid about my posts being read by a Psychopath and started to become more Paranoid about myself. Despite not having a history of violence, animal creulty, addiction to drugs or anything like that, I felt more and more upset about myself. Not that hard to manipulate a depressed person into feeling bad about themselves, really. I went to a Doctor as well as Psychologist, convinced that I was a bad person. Which was really great, as I was assessed and because now I know that I had major depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and I'm getting treatment rather than struggling to get through the day.

  18. I found a site months through a commentor on Psychopathic Writings called Sociopath World, where Zhawq / M.E. is a frequent poster.

    It's really weird that I searched the movie 'Let The Right One In spoilers' after my parents were watching the movie and there's a post after that about the same movie. I searched 'Do Psychopath's Feel Pain?' on my Phone and that same day there's a post up there about Psychopath's feeling pain. I searched 'support groups for people who have been cheated on' and there's a post about a Sociopath cheating on someone in relationships. I'd also searched Dexter and things about Borderline Personality Disorder and they were written about shortly after I'd searched them on my phone. Can you track IP addressed???
    I'm curious to know it it's the same person.

  19. Hi Corrinne, I've been lurking here for a while (but NOT spamming you) and I just wanted to say that for the last 4 days I've been getting a lot of really rude comments too, from "Unknown". I live in Tsuruoka, which really makes me wonder if he's getting the two of us confused or something? I don't even teach kids anymore, so don't know what he's on about.

    It seems like he's reading my blog but not really understanding what is happening on it, because his comments don't really make a lot of sense!

    I'm just trying to delete his comments now without even bothering to read them. Don't let this twit get to you!

  20. Helen- yeah that was so confusing, I think this guy has a hard on for so many foreign women he's mixing us up!

  21. I just sent all the info to:

    and included his ip

    If you really wanna put a halt to this kind of behavior I recommend "You" friends of Corrine do the same. You can rightly say that the person at that i.p. is being abusive and threatening to a pregnant woman and calling her as well. Even a comment that is short and sweet would be helpful. If you ever wanted to fight back then send a mail to
    and mention this # below.

    Lotsa people say a lot but do little. This maniac abusing a pregnant woman is doing so during the holidays so you might be able to spare the 5 minutes and rightfully feel like your making a positive difference.

    Make a difference. Now's your chance.
    I just did. It feels great. There are "Rights of Use" type laws in Canada and he is violating them. His provider can discontinue his contract if they choose to do so. They will at least put him under scrutiny. If they can get just 10 people pointing at the same # then they gotta wonder what's going on. My site and personality almost precludes me from being taken seriously by authorities but Corrine is a woman and a mother and a teacher and she's being abused.

    Help stop the abuse.

    send mail to >>>>

    refference #

    IP:, Host:
    NetName - SHAW-COMM
    Address - 630 - 3rd Ave. SW
    NetType - Direct Allocation
    City - Calgary
    Ref -
    OrgTechName - IP Admin
    OrgName - Shaw Communications Inc.
    Parent - NET-68-0-0-0-0
    OrgTechRef -
    OrgAbuseHandle - SHAWA-ARIN
    OrgTechPhone - +1-403-750-7428
    OriginAS -
    OrgTechHandle - ZS178-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName - SHAW ABUSE
    PostalCode - T2P-4L4
    OrgAbusePhone - +1-403-750-7420

    OrgAbuseRef -
    OrgAbuseEmail -
    Country - CA

  22. @ Chris

    Are you sure that's the right IP address, though?!
    You wrote a rant about me earlier this year because I disagreed with the China post and you said you knew my IP address and that I was teaching in Japan when I'm not and wasn't at that time either as well as a bunch of other stuff which really upset me. I don't want to don't someone in unless it's completely accurate...


  23. I get a message saying its a possible phishing site so am extremely reluctant to enter.
    and will send you virtual hugs and kampais instead Corinne.

  24. @Magenta.
    I have always known you weren't in Japan and your a woman. We are mixing signals. You were on my blogroll before. I know your not in Japan so that's a mixup.

    This post is about a person using THAT ip

    It is not being re-routed and not coming from behind a proxy. The only person that can connect that # to a person is the provider. Shaw Cable They know who he is. They should know how he's behaving.

  25. Magenta. I just went and rechecked. I said your friend was a "paint sniffing moron" and I directed the next post at Irie.

    No offense but you are not the person the next post was about. It was for Irie and she knew that.

    Your i.p. has nothing to do with anything. It never did. I just read that post and I ever addressed it to Irie so I have no clue what confused you?

    Let this post stay on track.

    Send a mail to >>
    Re #

    if you wanna really do something.

  26. Zomgosh, such a huge misunderstanding!!!
    I thought you were mad at me ~ I'm sorry.

  27. @gaijinwife

    the only part you need is

    you would put that as the address in your (send to) box of your e-mail. You don't need to visit any site. It's just a mail to:
    re: #

    Just as an F.Y.I :)

    I'm not recommending anyone visit anything. Just a mail from the safety of your e-mail.

    Good point for others to know :)

  28. Corinne, I'm a recent reader (and lurker to date), but wanted to say I love your blog. So sorry you're having to go through this crap.

  29. We've all got to spend the holidays somehow. Most of us spend time with friends and family, but if you don't have any of either you have to find some way to occupy the gaping chasm of your existence before your inevitable lonely death, I guess.

    It's just a shame this guy's filling his time instead of just shortening it, drastically.

    Glad to know the police are taking it seriously.

  30. So, after reading what I wrote, I winced. I couldn't finish reading it.

    I apologize. To anyone's blog I posted on in a similarly pathetic, debased, low way.

    No, I don't say this to grovel. I don't particularly expect your police thing to go anywhere as it was a laugh of a message I left - no, I did not call you a whore, by the way. Nor am I particularly bothered about people emailing the ISP of a neighbour's stolen, open internet connection.

    However, what a load of pathetic garbage it was that I wrote, and to someone with a child moreover, and a child right next to them. That really made me feel dirty.

    So, please know I apologize sincerely (as sincerely as some random shameless little shit on the internet can claim to be sincere). Chris, however, you - I wouldn't dream of apologizing to. You're a loud bonafide racist who pisses all over Japanese on your blog all the time, and deserve fully what comes his way in response. You have burning Japanese flags on your site - any response you get is tame.

    Anyways, sorry, Corrine, and by extension to everyone else.

  31. daaamn haha, you handled it perfect tho

  32. Christ, someone seems a bit bipolar.

    Better an apology than none but still I am very perplexed.

  33. The phone calls were prank calls, humorous, not threatening.

    Regardless, they were wrong, lame, sad, and uncalled for. It was also an effing weird thing to do and I feel dirty thinking about how it must have freaked you out of nowhere.

    To be clear, I was apologizing for them as well. To be very clear, I apologize unreservedly for those phone calls, what I said, and for everything and anything else I said to Corinne and to anyone else whose blogs I said such despicable things on. And to Ryota as well. I'd ant to kick the ass of anyone who was saying that to my wife as well. Yes, with a surfboard. That sounds about right.

    I'm sorry. It was all very pathetic.

  34. Well I am black fat and French and I love your blog. Some people are real mental case!

    I missed on the give a word to Japan I was going to say pedophiles but impersonal is good lol

  35. What a nice way to wish someone happy holidays. Reporting it to the police was a good decision, hope it doesn't get to you too much. You've obviously been away from Australia too long to remember all the real white fatties!

    Always one bloke who tries to show off and piss on the fire at a party.

  36. Hmmm, sounds like a weirdo with no life & the ability not to think before doing something stupid. As for the "apology" no exactly sincere and still having a dig at Chris.

    Can you block his cslls. Also delete his comments, don't give him a forum to spew his crap and hopefully he will crawl back into his hole. Probably some fat bald 45 year old virgin living with his overbearing Mummy.

  37. Someone's running very scared now the police are involved :-)

  38. Glad you figured out how to show off your off ;)

    You got a year head start...but I'll catch ya!!

    Actually, The "Women's Blogging Mafia" will help make sure that never happens :)

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  39. Seems that I'm late for the party here now that I finally have time to comment. But I wanted to offer my support as well and this guy went over the line from nasty Internet troll to real criminal stalking with the phone calls and threats to ruin your reputation and by extension, your livelihood.
    You did the right thing to go to the police as he crossed the line. Not sure if the apology is for real or not, but hopefully he will have learnt a lesson about "anonymously" absusing people over the Internet.

    Although Ryouta moght have his weaker points, he seems to be a rock when it comes to abuse to his family, so the stalker would probably be in much more physical danger than you if he would have showed up...

    Oh, and also, have a Happy New Year and looking forward to your posts in 2012!

  40. Unknown, if you are still reading this. You are extremely fucked up (presumably you must know this but it's worth saying). Get help. Get psychiatric assessment. You are spending the holiday season leaving abusive messages on the blogs of women who live half the world away and making heavy breathing international calls to the family home of a woman you've never met. Do you seriously not see how bizarre and wrong this is? The fact that you play your stalking down as "crank" calls suggests not. Well wake the fuck up to the fact it's actually criminal behaviour. And try to at least look your damaged psyche in the face.

    Get off the internet. Focus on your own life. Get to the doctor's. And next time you feel the urge do shit like this again, ask yourself why the fuck you feel so much hatred towards these bloggers and what your real issues are.

    Thank you Corinne for a great blog as always and please don't let this tarnish your enjoyment of writing, you would be very sorely missed.

  41. I just have to say, again, damn this is some f--ked up shit going on here. What the FOook!?
    I'm glad to see people are delurking and showing their support.

  42. I'm worried that mental illness could become stigmatized on here. I'd like to point out that 1/5th of people in Australia will be mentally ill at some point in their's quite common, especially with depression and anxiety. In some studies more than 50% of participants who'd been mobbed had developed PTSD.

    There are many people with mental illnesses who are not abusive, do not send harassing phone calls and are not bad people. I have made friends with people who have/had BPD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Anorexia, and they were good people at heart.

    If you have a mental illness it's important to get some help just like you would with a fever or broken leg. Some things don't fix properly on their own. Even if you don't have a mental illness but are feeling a bit stressed out then it's OK to see a Psychologist because too much stress over time can eventually cause a mental illness.

  43. I'd also like to point out that I haven't written anything on the Psychopathic Writings / Sociopath World sites. I think the new article up there is written by Zhawq trying to sound like me.

    PTSD has nothing to do with Psychopathy. Depression is emotionally numbing, PTSD is an anxiety disorder where some people with PTSD do experience disassosiation. PTSD may affect the Hippocampus area of the brain over time, Psychopathy affects the Amydala. PTSD is linked to Borderline Personality Disorder (which is about having volatile emotions rather than impaired ones) and people with PTSD also tend to have some BPD symptoms if not the BPD disorder. PTSD and ASPD don't have a lot in common.

    PTSD has a very high suicide rate and I don't want other people trying to heal from this illness to get even more stigmatized then they already are.

  44. After kind of catching up on what has been going on, I was a bit dismayed... at first. Virtual support that is available is truly amazing. Only recently was I told that the real way to be safe from the Internet/computers is to take your machine, turn it off, and lock it in the closet. Yeah, right.

    That said, I'm totally impressed by the way this is being dealt with. That fact that I got my first spam a few days ago shows where I am on the learning curve. I'm taking it all in and hopefully, some day, can put it to use (not that I want to).

    Looking forward to your continued posting and wishing you fewer hassles of the recent kind for 2012.

    Happy New Year.

  45. Everyone who writes a blog has had a troll. I can deal with a troll but your troll called you? I agree with the mental problem assessment. Be careful!

  46. Phew, what a nutcase. Best place for this is the police. Have a great 2012 anyway - hopefully without him

  47. Try to get their IP address, contact their ISP about the harrassment, and send any info you can get on to the police. If the person calls you again, try and document it if possible to build your case against them. Good luck lady... hopefully this person will stop doing this sort of thing asap. Hating someone's blog is one thing, but taking it to this level is very, very disturbing.

  48. Oh hey I just read ALL the comments and it seems this person has apologized already.. so the comment I just posted kind of doesn't make sense now, sorry lol. Anyway that's a great sign, hopefully they mean it and will let you be from now on. That sort of thing is so not the right way to ring in the new year. o__o

  49. Just catching up on blogs after taking a break over christmas and new year. How stressful for you Corrinne! Hope that the police sort it out because bullying, cyber or in RL is just not on.

    What a dick!

  50. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF how much money/time/whatever does this person have? Especially if they're not calling from Japan? It costs be practically an arm to send a text message to my mother (in the US) I don't want to think about what it costs to call someone and keep calling them wtf.

    People like this... there are no words!

  51. The anon sounds like a sick fck. Especially making the phone calls. No amount of his apologising on here will make up for that fact. I'm sorry your New Year started in this way. He's probably one of those who make nasty, evil comments under Yahoo news stories.

  52. I think the problem with your stalker is that he doesn't realized why what he did was wrong. It was good that he recognized that his behavior towards you was inappropriate, but had you been a single English teacher with no kids, I doubt you would have received what apology you did. You, Chris, all of us are allowed to have our opinions on Japan, negative or positive. It's how we feel. Yes, our opinions might make people like your stalker upset, but he crossed that line between protesting and threatening. I wish he would think through his actions more because somewhere, deep down, I hope he knows that what he did was wrong FOR ANYBODY.

  53. heeeey... big hugs :(

    i hope the police catches him... the apology above is kinda sketch... for all we know, it could be from a different person even... and even if it's the same guy, he needs to suffer the consequences of what he did so he can realize that trolling people is just not cool....

    hang in there!

  54. Trolls suck! They are normally social misfits who live in their parent's basements and leer at their large collections of minature nude anime toys.....creepy they be!

    Try to think nothing of it. Once upon a time on You Tube I had to deal with these freaks all the time! They are big while behind a keyboard, but that is all.

    You have a great blog and never let anyone tell you otherwise!