Thursday 6 September 2012


Ok typing this one handed with sleeping baby on me, blogging time is just so hard to find these days, although I am incredibly lucky, I have an angel baby who doesn't stop smiling, is totally chilled out and sleeps at least 6, sometimes 9(!) hours a night! The baby gods have finally blessed me with one of those easy babies that most mothers hate hearing about.

Anyway, enough baby talk, I thought I should give Japan some credit today, because I do love to bitch about the things that annoy me and easily forget the things that make it a great place to live.

So a few months ago I was forced out of an elevator especially for people with special needs while I was heavily pregnant and it possibly made me more angry than I've ever been in my entire life. Even though I know there are cunts in every country, it highlighted one of the things about Japan that I hate, people can be downright fucking rude when it comes to people with special needs.

But I'm happy to report that slowly but surely my faith in Japanese people has been restored somewhat. I think it has something to do with the fact I live in semi-inaka but in the last week on three separate occasions people have been incredibly nice to me!
1st one was the other day when I got stuck in the supermarket because it started pissing down rain outside, I was waiting at the entrance for it to stop with the baby strapped on my chest when a lady started hovering near me looking like she was going to say something but had a bit of gaijin panic hovering syndrome so it took her good minute or so of hovering before she offered to walk me to wherever I was going under her umbrella. It was such a kind offer and I felt guilty for turning her down but I'd ridden on my bicycle so there wasn't much point in walking anywhere with her.

I must have been pretty obvious and pathetic looking standing in that entrance looking up at the gray, unrelenting skies because 5 minutes later a man came up and offered me his umbrella, it was a flimsy plastic one, but a lovely offer which again made me feel guilty for refusing his kindness too! I then decided to leave the entrance before anyone else guilted me with their kindness and got roped into buying a water dispenser for our house, I later cancelled but I just didn't have the heart to tell the lady making her sales pitch to fuck off, it must have been all the kindness that had been going on in entrance way that turned me soft...

And the last act of kindness that I really wasn't expecting was on the roof of a supermarket, I was trudging upstairs to get to the door to the outside parking area with two bags of shopping and chubby baby strapped to me when I realized the door wasn't automatic. Was just about to put the bags down to open the bastard door when a young guy appeared out of nowhere and opened the door for me and offered to carry my shit to my car!! This has never happened to me, and I was so shocked I just kept bowing and apologizing.

I must say though, I needed something to make me feel like it was worth living in Japan again, these last few acts of kindness should at least get me through until the next time I encounter some cuntness from a city-folk cunt!

Things have been... Better... At home. Not better as in we're a reborn happy couple living in a cottage with a picket fence, but better as in I can at least hold out on doing anything too drastic until I've researched my options and got my 5 year visa to make sure I don't get my arse deported If I get divorced!


  1. So happy to finally hear from you Corinne!
    Glad things are a little better!!
    Sending only good wishes from the USA--

  2. It's good to hear things are looking up :)

  3. It's great to hear from you again Corinne, even though you must be so busy now! Glad to hear your faith has been restored in Japanese society, those 3 people sounded super kind! Let's hope some more people like that turn up in society as time goes on.

    Glad things seem to be better in the household. The easy-going baby sounds like an awesome gift from the baby gods indeed!

    Hope things keep looking up from here! :)

    ~ Mel

    1. "Glad to hear your faith has been restored in Japanese society"
      Whoa...slow down mad dog!That kinda stuff is for blind extremeophiles. Seems like hard core believers in religion,politics and certain societies (Japanophiles for example)love sweeping statements like that.

      Faith restored in an entire Society? On a rainy day? Really?


      "City life is exciting and dynamic, but small-town folk are nicer"

      "Uwasa" is a sport/national pastime in the semi-inaka. It takes time...years to realize how bad it is. Shoganai...but the "small town folks are nicer" thing isn't even true back home in America.


      Glad the world is looking better. While you were in a funk the country got better!! All the assholes were rounded up , put on and Island aaaaand wooops!! We accidentally bombed them...again and again, just a terrible series of "accidents" :)

      God now definitely loves you as do Buddah and Allah.

      Check the toilet next time...your shitting ichiman bills bay !!! woooo hooo!!!!


      The weather is getting better and so are peoples patience. Sitting infront of a P.C that emits heat on a hot day is no fun and the same folks talking about the same shit again aaaaand again...well we need time away. Glad you had a good day. Hopefully you can string enough of them together to feel really good and POST MORE OFTEN!!! ;)

    2. Mad dog? Ha ha ha, oh my goodness!

      I never thought my comment would end up in me appearing to be an extremeophile, wow! Corinne said “my faith in Japanese people has been restored somewhat”, so I was just responding to that in a “that's great, I'm glad things are looking up!” sort of way. I realize I forgot to type in the keyword “somewhat”, and I apologize for that. I would assume it takes more than a few incidents on a rainy day to restore someone's faith in something so large.

      I didn't mean my response to be a dead-serious “and damn straight your faith should be restored from here on in and out!” sort of comment. Perhaps I chose the wrong wording to express my happiness towards Corinne for having some good moments with some helpful locals when there were some not so good moments with others in the recent past (like the elevator incident). I honestly didn't think anyone would read my comment in the way you have read it.

      I'm sorry, I may have not chosen the best words to express myself in my previous comment, but please, please, please don't take it the wrong way! :)


    3. Mel - why are you apologizing? There was nothing wrong with your comment. Chris likes to cock his leg and leave his scent on Corrine's blog for reasons best known to himself. Take it all with a pinch of salt!

  4. Yep. City life is exciting and dynamic, but small-town folk are nicer. I'm guessing this is true everywhere; it certainly is in the US, too. It makes choosing where to live quite the task.

    Glad to hear your baby is such a sweetie! And that he sleeps!!! All the best.

  5. When my second was born the kids and I stayed with my parents - led to lots of fights with them, but better that than with hub I'm thinking.
    How come you got one of those bubs, and I never did?! I'm jealous ;)

  6. Hey Corinne! Chubby babies are the best. It's so nice to know you're okay for now. Your husband better hold some really nice doors open for you ;)

  7. oh, good for you! i'm glad to hear that! ^_^

  8. We had an old guy offer us his umbrella when we were coming out of the subway in Shinjuku into the pouring rain. There are good and bad everywhere.

  9. Hola Corinne - just discovered your blog and spent several days of desk time wandering through it. Admire your honesty on here and something very sexy about a woman that really knows how to use the word "fuck" in all its glory.
    Visa wise - this blog and your marriage go back to May 2009 which means you've been married to a J for over 3 years. This means you can apply (and easily get) a Permanent Resident visa. Highly recommended - I can get fired & divorced in the same week and still they can't throw me out of the country plus the only renewal you ever need do again is the new ID card every 7 years!

  10. Glad it's improving.