Saturday 20 October 2012

A fuck festival!

Sorry for the crude title, MIL has gone away with her boyfriend for the weekend and Ryota said 'it will be a big fuck festival for them!' I just thought of it and chuckled... For all the times Ryota is a fucking arse, he can be pretty amusing at times.

We've had good and bad patches lately, I can't blame the bad all on him though, I've been a bit of a moody cow lately, working 6 days a week and dashing home in between lessons to look after the bub is proving to be quite stressful, which was expected, but if I think about it it could be much worse. I don't have to put him in day care seeing as though neither MIL or SIL have worked a day since the dog passed away due to stress... I'll leave that topic alone... Anyway, I'm paying SIL (I've decided to drop 'dog-fucker' out of respect for the dead) 1000 yen an hour to watch bub and I come home when I can to breast feed. It's not working out too badly but I am pretty busy and I'm finding that if I'm very straight forward and actually give Ryota specific instructions he will do them. I rarely have time to cook dinner so we scam from Grandma's house or order in, it's just the way it is at the moment. On the plus side, the school is better and busier than ever, the Halloween party we're having next week looks like it's going to be about 90 people!! Lucky I rented a hall, we'd never fit in my little school.

Ryota's family have actually been really supportive since I've gone back to work, although Grandma was SO fucking Japanese the other day it made me sick. She never really says much about me working so much, I'm sure she thinks I should stay home more, but she always gives me an "Itterasshai!" whenever I leave and acts like she doesn't mind that I abandon my kids quite frequently. That said, the other week was Ash's sports festival, and seeing as though I'd gone to his final rehearsal a few days before, I went to work instead of the real one on the Saturday. The neighbour was out the front talking to Grandma and as I got on my bike to leave for work the neighbour said "Oh are you off to the sports festival??" and I was all, "Errrr fuck no, I'd much rather go to work!!" Well, actually I said, "Ohh no, I have to work..." And Grandma totally fucking stabbed me in the back and said how a mother should go to the sports day because it's so important!!! Bitch never uttered a word to me about it, but in front of the neighbour she had to act all proper Grandma-like!! Still, it's something I've learnt to ignore, old Japanese women are possibly the most two-faced of anyone I know!

In other news, I've adopted another stray kitten, he was hungry and cold and it was love at first sight but he really sealed the deal when he snuck in and stole one of Ash's onigiri out of his hand and scared the fuck out of him. He's still scared of everyone but we've got him coming and going inside the house and eating at least. His name is Moo because he's black and white like a little cow.

OK, must get back to work! Sorry for the lack of blogging/commenting, I'm working on it!!


  1. Moo is gonna bring you many smiles!!!!
    Good luck with the party!!

    The neighbor shit is crazy. My neighbors had me convinced they hated my Halloween display but my hidden camera picks show everyone smiling...I'd like some of that when I'm out's nice to see the goodside of the inaka 2 face

  2. Glad to hear you're still out there! :-)
    It's great that you pulled SIL back into real life with the babysitter job. But why doesn't she bring bub to you to school?

  3. Good to hear things are getting back on a more even keel. And you're an employer now as well! A pillar of the local economy and all, grandma should factor that into her halfbaked notions of what you 'should' be doing.

    Maybe just abbreviate dead-dog-fucker. You could claim DDF stands for 'Dearest Darling Friend' or something, but we'd know the truth. Oh yes, we'd know...

  4. Wow! You're paying SIL what most Japanese women would consider their "family duty" if they're home and not working - not that I agree with that but man, more than min wage. You're very nice.

    And indeed. Work sounds much nicer than the little military shows that pass as sport's day here. Granny sounds like a passive/aggressive cow. But she IS a Japanese woman so no shockers there...

  5. I hope that your SIL can get the healing and help that she needs. It's like a circus at your house/in-laws house though. I thought my in-laws were insane.

  6. 1000 yen an hour seems like a pretty good deal considering the going rate on top of the fact that she's family.

    Sports days... I've never been criticized when I've had to work weekends. Although I did make an effort to attend the kids' last ones before they went on to grade school. Noticeably, there were plenty of grand-folk there in place of parents who couldn't make it.

    Hearing about how widespread the deceit is here, I'm seriously beginning to think that trusting even the most normally well-intentioned individuals is naive. The social group dynamic can implode on itself for all I care.

    Good to hear that you are managing to keep busy.

  7. I also don`t understand why u as mother don`t go to yr kids sport festival. u live with a j family, have a j husband and u live in j. so, u could at least adopt to the basic j family behavior.

    2-faced is a western thinking. here, it`s nothing bad - it`s normal. just my 2 cents: if u wanna live here longer, u should generally adopt to j lifestyle a little bit more. as for the first step: don`t be surprised bout normal behavior (like 2-faced) anymore. especially, as a woman u should be familiar with this anyway.