Thursday 14 March 2013

You were all right!

As usual, all the people who comment on my blog were right and I should never have wished for life to get any more exciting. Boring is good, a lesson I should have learnt by now, I'm 30 this year!

So after getting restless in my own skin of course something happens to shake it up, and not in a good way.

So yesterday I got a text from my sister that said:

"Hey sis, don't know if you know or not bu Dad hasn't been well, skype??"

And as soon as I read it of course all the worst things went through my head, well, actually only one thing went through my head:


Because that's what you automatically think right.

So after skyping with my sis and calling my Dad, I discovered that he's been having numbness in his legs since December but it's gotten much worse in the last month. Fucking December!!! When I was there!! When I was getting annoyed with him because he wasn't taking Ashton anywhere and seemed to be bothered by having my kids there. Fuck, talk about guilt trip.

So it's not cancer (that we know of yet) but that kind of scares me even more because it may be brain related and brain stuff is so unknown and shrouded in mystery. I feel helpless but I'm glad my sister finally told me after my parents not telling me because I'll worry. I want to worry rather than not.

I hope he's OK. I really don't know what I'll do if he's not.



  1. Hope your dad is okay and it's something minor and fixable.

  2. Cardio vascular though more likely a spinal/disc problem. Could be a Cancerous tumor pressing on a disc but that would be very unlikely. Most numb sensations are nerve damage related. I have a C6/C7 disc problem that gives me a numbness down my left arm to my pinky and ring finger. His age might make it a vascular problem. I really would not worry about Cancer.

  3. Yeah, I hope he's ok. My hopes and prayers. It's so true, the. First thing that comes to mind is the c-word.

  4. That's my total nightmare: Something happening to my parents!
    My father never wants to worry people and didn't even tell his kids when he had (minor) heart surgery!! Only when something didn't go quite right and he had to stay in the hospital longer, his wife got his okay to tell us kids. It was a shock! I think, we have the right to worry. I'll rather worry than faff around while my parents die or suffer!
    I hope the best for your dad!

  5. Hello, i'm a long time reader but thought i'd delurk.

    Respectfully, i disagree with Michelle above. Try not to worry too much right now. Its so hard not to, and you will want to be there and wrap him up in hugs. I did that when my dad wasn't sure what was up with his health and all it did was piss him off because we didn't know what was up and he wanted to cross into panic only if he needed to. Now 12 months later we know it is pancreatic cancer, and we've won the worst fucking lottery in the world because it is terminal. He's just turned 50 and I'm 26. Its fucking awful but he still tells me off if he catches me upset!

    In all likelihood your dad has something which is probably something easily controlled and managable/curable. If it is cancer, most are treatable with good survival rates. It is very very unlikely you will be as unlucky as us. Australian healthcare is amongst the best in the world. Take one day at a time, look after yourself and try not to worry. You could wreck your own health worrying, and then you are no goodt o anyone. If your dad is anything like mine he will probably want you to try and keep your chin up and not worry until you have something definate to worry about. In fact he's probably worrying about you all being worried about him right now.

    I will keep everything crossed that it is nothing to worry about. You still have everything in your corner if it is something that needs treating. All you can do right now is show your dad you love him. Fear and worry are absolute bastards and they are trying to paralyse you right now. Don't fucking let them steal what you do have today.

    Jo xx

  6. Sounds like a typical kiwi bloke does your Dad. Ignor it & don't worry anyone, she'll be right. I hope it is nothing serious, it must be so hard being so far away.

  7. Oh hugs to you. Hope it's nothing serious. Has he been tested for diabetes? Could be related. Numbness, tingling etc....