Tuesday 2 April 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the new school year in Japan and it always makes me feel like some kind of second new year celebration. Ash has new teachers and went up a kindy grade and Ryota's job changed bosses for the new year. It also means that Ryota has 2 (UNPAID!!!) weeks off work while things change over. This is the worst part of his job by far, not only do we almost kill each other at home every April, but we lose money while we're doing it because he doesn't get paid and we end up spending more money because he's at home and we go places for lunch etc. On the bright side, it means I don't have to pay SIL to watch Bailey, although I think paying her might be better than hearing Ryota bitch and moan about how tough it is to watch him for 3 hours at a time. Welcome to my world bitch!

I feel kinda guilty but I honestly can't wait to get Bailey into kindy, it will be from June whether it's Ash's kindy or not. I love him to bits but I find myself rushing and not being able to plan lessons properly or get any time to myself and it's driving me kind of insane. I'm such an 'all or nothing' type so I'd rather quit working and be a full-time SAHM or get him into kindy and concentrate on working, so sick of the balancing act!

Ryota and I are still trying the 70% theory but he said to me yesterday, "You're pissing me off below the 70% mark!!!" So the cracks are appearing! But all in all we're fighting much less than before, fingers crossed it stays that way.

We were talking yesterday about getting Bailey into kindy and Ryota asked SIL what she was going to do after he went and she said: "I want mum to open up a bar or something so I can work in it..." To which I snorted, which was probably the start of World war 3 because she gave me a filthy look and ignored it but definitely will remember it. I was just like, 'Jesus, you need to go out and meet some other people!!!' in my head but I don't want the headache of a SIL battle at the moment, it just isn't worth it. I want to give her meaningful advice but I don't think I can without totally pissing her off.

What else what else... We had the Easter party at the school, it was fun... Life is pretty boring...

My bitterness is still there, like a nagging toothache, dull and unrelenting I can't quite shake the feeling of dissatisfaction.


  1. I vote yes for MIL opening a bar and SIL working in it. Will it be a Kimutaku theme bar? Or maybe a dog theme?

    OMG I've just realised I saw both of those in a really sleazy part of Chiba!

  2. Open up a bar just to give her daughter a job? Did I read that correctly??

    WTF is up with the 2 weeks no paid? Cuz a boss switch?...kan-ken-naiiii!! Pay me bitchessssss!!!

    I got a new class of (6) 6th grade girls who doll themselves up and whisper and squeale at how "mecha kakoiii" I am...that....never gets old.

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Why doesn't she just go into hosting? LOL, her naive ways will disappear a week after working a job like that.

    As for men...they are 70% stupid a 100% of the time, so don't worry about it <3. Sucks that he doesn't get paid leave though...maybe that made him cranky...?

  4. Has MIL ever expressed an interest in opening a bar? They have cat cafes (which sort of creep me out for some reason), so she could have a dog cafe. Mind you, the work might kill her, she's not used to it, poor love. ;P
    2 weeks unpaid is crazy. It's good job you have the school to keep covering the bills.

  5. I wanted to congratulate you on your school, but I found myself daydreaming about your sister-in-law working in a maid cafe that only serves pet owners who are with their puntable pooches. Now I am feeling sick.