Wednesday 24 June 2009


You know, if I hadn't been through 27 hours of excrucuiating pain of childbirth, ripped within millimetres of my bumhole, (hehe, sorry!) and have photographic evidence of Ashton actually being mine, I would swear he wasn't.

What do you think??

Me when I was a bub...

Mini Ryota-san...
And of course we all know what little Ashton boy looks like...
Doesn't he look exactly like Ryota?? Ok, I'll take the lack of hair and little piggy nose as mine but those chubby legs and cute lil sticking out ears are all Ryota!
We took these photos of Ash yesterday for his passport, I was worried they wouldn't let the smiley one be his passport picture, but they were all like "Ohhhh it's so cuuuutttteee, let's use this one!!!" Totally different to the Australian passport office where they wouldn't take any pictures of him with his mouth open!
Ash and I are going home in September for 3 weeks and then my mum will come back to Japan for 2 weeks, hence the Japanese passport making events of yesterday. I'm excited to go home and everyone wants to see Ash but there are bound to be some family arguments, we'll see anyway!


  1. Yes, he does, he looks just like him!!!!! I am lurving your baby photo op with all the stuffed animals.

  2. He definitely does look like Ryota but as you said, he does have a little bit of you inside him too :)

    I hope you are able to get Ash's passport without any problems!! I'm sure it will go ahead easy enough though. It seems the Japanese government isn't as strict as the Australian one!

    Not long now before you go home! I'm sure it will be nice to see everyone again. 3 weeks is long enough to feel like you have been home but not too long...

  3. Hahahaha!! He really does look like Daddy although I can see bits of you as well!!

    Have a great trip back in Sept!!! I guess that means maybe your mum will be around when I come back to visit in Oct?

  4. Girl Japan~ Doesn't he! Sometimes when they're together they look so much alike it's weird. Yup, my parents were big fans of 'find the baby' shots among millions of soft toys!

    Nay~ The Japanese passport process was soooo much easier than the Australian one, I was pleasantly surprised!
    You're right, 3 weeks is perfect for me, any longer and I get restless!

    Sara~ Hmmm they may very well coincide, Mum is here from October 20th till November 6th. When are you coming?? I hope I'm not still in Australia when you come!! :(

  5. Well we have the opposite problem in our house, KK looks more like me and really doesn't resemble Toru at all. If it weren't for the little ear dots they both share I might be asking myself some questions.

  6. ChomChom~ haha, KK does look a lot like you! I think if Ash didn't look like Ryota there would be some big questions!