Sunday 21 June 2009

Fights and father's day

Wow, rainy season is definitely here! I'm planning on going back to bed to listen to the rain soon. We've had an interesting few days full of exciting arguments, prezzies, losing things and make-overs.

So Friday night Ryota and I had a huge fight. I'm talkin door slammin', name callin' good old fashioned fighting. I believe this is only the second time we've had a fight like it. Very soul cleansing, even if stressful at the time. It was partially my fault at the beginning, but after that I'm putting it all on drama queen boy. hehe.
It started out with the haircut. Ryota has been whinging that he needs a haircut for a while now but with his work schedule it's been impossible for him to go get one. So the other night his mum volunteered to cut his hair and he agreed after lots of umming and ahhing. Of course I needed some entertainment on a dull Thursday night so I encouraged it. Any of you that know Ryota, will understand that he is very fashion conscious, (much more than me) and generally takes pride in his appearance. So he started freaking out as soon as his mum hacked into his hair as I knew he would. So after she had butchered the back and given me a turn at butchering, we all decided for the sake of family peace we should just quit and Ryota should go to the salon the next day.
Friday after work Ryota called the salon and asked if he could go right then. (about 5pm) They said they had no openings until 7:30pm and me going into housewife mode did a batsu sign with my arms and just said "dinner, bath, dame!" So Ryota said no and hung up the phone. As soon as he had hung up I changed my mind thinking we could just have dinner either later or earlier and I would get Ash bathed while Ryota was at the salon but Ryota was already in a huff going on about how he has no time rah rah rah. I'd explain his side of the story but it's my blog and I'll discriminate if I wanna.
I felt bad and begged him to just call back and go get a freaking haircut but he was on a stubborn rant by that time. I wasn't pissed off until after about 10 minutes of back and forth when I finally said "I've apologised and said you should go, now it's up to you." After that he was all mocking me with comments like "Oh my god dinner is so important, we can't miss a dinner like we have every night!" That's when I lost it and almost threw a plate at his head while screaming in a shrill voice "You fucking make dinner every night and try and stick to a cunting schedule and see how you like it, cock!!!!" haha sorry for the foul language.
This went on for quite a while, I don't like fighting, it makes me feel sick so after a nasty comment about how bread would have been better than rice while I was serving dinner I proceeded to cry and not touch my dinner. hehe what a sook I am! Now I think about it, I should start a fight every meal time, I'll definitely lose weight!
We didn't keep it up for too long though, I went for a run slamming the door behind me and cooled off, we apologised, love love, done.

Oh I almost forgot, another reason we had a fight that day was Ryota had lost his phone. I say lost, he actually left it on the top of his car and drove off, the dope. So he was already in a bad mood becasue of that. We I decided it would be a good idea if Ryota took my phone and I got an iphone, you know, becasue Ryota's job is outside and a new phone would be a waste because it would get all dirty or airborne again... Only one problem with this, my phone is bright pink... That's what stickers are for right!? Ryota finally agreed to this scheme of mine and then we discovered someone had handed the phone to the police. Damn honest people ruining my new phone scam!!!! So that's all good, I'm sure Ryota will be just as clumsy in the future.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing father's day. I got Ryota's prezzies and cards and arranged them in Ash's bed so when he woke up I made Ryota go get him and he was surprised by the gifts. He loved the shorts I got him and was also pretty impressed with the mug. I was happy, he seemed genuinely chuffed, although a little guilty and promised me mother's day would be special next year. After prezzies and brekky we went window shopping at the Kobe outlet shopping place. It was way too hot, crowded and I don't really like many of the shops there, but it was a nice drive and good to get out of the house on such a muggy day.

Now for some photos!

Dinner at a Nepalese restaurant, yummy!!!

Stealth tooth fairy shot!!!

Ashton wriggled his way round sideways in his bed all by himself!



With Daddy on father's day, new shorts.

New cup.

Happy Fahter's day Daddy!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Now let's get through this miserable weather!


  1. Oh the tooth fairy! You do have some interesting characters in your life!

    Toru is totally anal about his appearance too. He spends more time getting ready in the morning than I do. Can't really figure it out as he always looks the same.

    Love the pics. You've got a lovely family.

  2. Seiyan always loves when we fight. Says it means we are a real couple. Though I am so emotional I could do without it.
    Ashton looks so happy and he has such cute thighs! I love baby thighs. I call R's his mochi mochi thighs.

  3. Hahahahaha... once again our lives mirror eachother - Ryohei and I had a big fight yesterday too... (might go into details on my blog later) but we were in the car so no fun door slamming or walking "away"

    I like Ryota's new do even if he thinks its uncool - short hair seems to really suit him! And wow Ash is getting so big and looking more like Daddy in all those pics...

    You look good too!!! I love the cute one of you in the sunglasses :) Awww... what a photogenic family

  4. ChomChom~ haha, I'm glad it's not just Ryota then! He called me yesterday from the carpark where our car is and was all like "I forgot my necklace, bring it with you!" hehe.

    Beamies~ Oh my god, Ryota says the exact same thing! He thinks that not fighting is weird and says we should fight more! Maybe it's a culture thing!?

    Sara~ Oh no, fighting when so preggers is not good!! And I hate car fights!
    Ash is getting very big, I'm sure he's hit 10kgs now.
    I can't wait to see all the pictures of BG I'm sure you'll be snapping!

  5. I had a fight with my husband as well!!!! I will laugh my arse off if we get our periods at the same time..except for Sara = ) "giggles", you can join us after you give birth.. hehe

    I had a fight about the damn house... he said they were finished, and come to find out he did not mean to say FINISHED as in the whole house (which I thought was a bit fast) but that they finished the laundry area and graphs...

    I went into a hiss and then he said he needed to go through some documents and I wanted to organize yet they have been sitting in the bag for two months and I said I am SICK of your procrastinating ASS. Okay, my period is due, what can I say..

    You crack me up Corrine, married couples fight, it is passionate, and it is how we get to know each other.

    We were in sweet bliss when we first got married... but then..habits show, etc, etc.

    You man looks swank in those shorts, where did he get them I must buy a pair for my husband so he can look good in them JUST for me!

    Oh, the designer is still working on my new site, so I have not sent announcements out yet, but this is GJ, I am hoping you recognize me from my photo.

  6. I remember the first fight Shun and I ever had and it was like 4 weeks after we started dating and it was at Akihabara station and I was screaming at him. I get very emotional! Strangely enough I can not really remember any of our other fights and I don`t think we have ever had other screaming matches. Although of course he didn`t scream, just me!

    Shun is anal about the way he looks too I think- he takes longer to do his hair than it does for me to do make-up and hair. LOL

    Love the pics! Especially the one of Ashotn sideways in his cot. Where did you get the cot by the way (I need to start looking out for one! haha) and also what sort of baby carrier is the one in the picture of Ashton and his dad? Is it good? LOL, sorry for all the questions.

    PS; Your husbands new haircut is hot!

  7. Ok, wanting to fight because it shows that the relationship is 'real' must really be a cultural thing because Naoki says the same thing!! I would so prefer not to fight...

    The story about Ryota and his new hair style reminded me of the time I gave into my SIL and agreed to let her cut my hair... Let's just say NEVER EVER again :P

    It looks like Ryota had a fabulous father's day in the end :) I can't wait to hear what he has planned for mother's day next year!

  8. Girl Japan~ haha, It must be fighting season along with the rain! Fighting is good for the make-up, and I wish I got passionate, but I seem to just get teary!
    I got the shorts from GAP and they were actually on special for about 5000 yen so not too bad, we also got ones in brown and blue check. (Ryota's into check) They're really good for summer.

    Lulu~ Screaming fight at Akihabara station sounds interesting! Ryota actually screams more than me, I'm always crying too much to scream properly!
    haha, I do my hair and make-up in less time than Ryota too, I don't know what he does for so long?!
    We got the cot from Babies 'r' us for I think, 30,000 yen, they had lots of nice ones there and not all of them were that expensive, but Ryota's dad was paying so we got that one, haha, that's so horrible. :) We also looked at Akachan honpo and they had some nice ones too.
    The baby holder is a BabyBjorn and it's pretty good in that it's like a backpack so the weight is distributed equally, it was also good when he was little and I took him on the plane because there's no danger of him falling out like the ones that you carry on the bubba on the side. We should use it more but usually we just use the stroller. We also got that from babies 'r' us. i'd say the side ones are better for carrying the little one around the house but I was never into having him permanently attached to me like some Japanese mums like to do so I never bothered. Hope that helps, if you want any more info on baby stuff let me know!

    Nay~ Naoki says that too?? Wow it really must be a cultural thing! haha! Yup, I think letting family members cut hair is definitely a big mistake! MIL volunteered to do mine too but I said I was fine.
    i think Ryota did have a good day, he said it was like study for him for next year :) So hopefully he'll do something thoughtful!