Tuesday 30 June 2009


Announcing the arrival of yet another exercise machine that I probably won't use in about a month....

Here is my Rodeo Boy III! It's fun and hurts my stomach so I'm hoping I can get rid of my baby tummy by November when I do the 10km run!

I have a morbid fascination with buying two things: Exercise equipment and stationary...
Bizarre I know.
I've bought most fad type exercise things: Punching bag, DVDs, Sit-up contraption, weights, treadmill, ski thingy, exercise ball... Most are still in my parents garage being cursed daily when my dad stubs his toes on them and my exercise ball lies slightly deflated in our closet but to be fair I couldn't look at it due to post traumatic stress induced by using one of them when giving birth...

Not much else happening, it's raining and soooooo fucking sticky, I hate it!
SIL isn't talking to us but I don't know why, it could be something I did but when I find out I'll post it here!

Anyway, Ryota will kill me if I don't use my Rodeo Boy so I better get Rodeo-ing!

Here is a good likeness of Ashton's face when he sees me bucking up and down on the Rodeo Boy, it cracks him up!


  1. Now you be careful with that Rodeo Boy III, it's looks like a dangerous contraption! Let me know if it helps with shifting your baby tummy at all, I'd try anything to get rid of mine though I guess if I actually did some exercise instead of blogging it might help.

    Love the pic of Ash! Such a sweetie!

  2. That's awesome that you went for the Rodeo machine. I always thought the people in the infomercials looked so funny riding them so I finally tried one at Yodobashi Camera and it just felt weird bucking around in a vaguely sexual way (maybe that's just me) in front of a bunch of old people! Too bad you're not in Tokyo, I need a running buddy.

  3. You definitely have to keep us updated on the Rodeo machine!! I have seen them around but have yet to try it out...

    I really want to get into an exercise routine but the rainy weather really isn't helping my enthusiasm very much :(

  4. ChomChom~ It is dangerous, lucky I'm tall, my MIL got on and couldn't stop when we turned it on full because of her short little legs!
    Friends have told me it takes 9 months for a baby tummy to get back to normal but I'm mpatient and skeptical on that theory...I'll let you know!

    GEG~ I felt like a bit of a dick trying them all the time too so decided to take it to the privacy of my own home. I need a running buddy too, I dragged BIL along with me a few times but now he slinks into his room whenever he hears me coming.

    Nay~ I'll definitely keep yu posted on the progress, I'd tumy phtos but I don't think I could bare to look at the pictures! I know, the rainiy weather is very bad for the motivation, I've skipped running the last few days because I can't be bothered getting wet!