Friday 13 November 2009

Immigration foto Friday

We went to the immigration office today with all my paperwork to get my spouse visa. What a fuck around, had to write a novel of how and when we met. Didn't think, 'met at pure pissed, dated for, hmmm 2 months...?, got knocked up, quickie city office wedding' would go down too well so fibbed a bit and said we were overjoyed when our planned pregnancy was discovered cos you know, don't want to look like too much of a skank.

Had to include photos, love letters (I only had a birthday card) and all sorts of things but hopefully it will go through and I won't be deported...
Ryota was being horribly racist at the immigration office going "Look at the Philippine woman and her ugly salary man husband, what a loser!!!" Although, I had to agree, he was a typical ugly-salary-man-marry-an-asian foreigner/slave type.

Had a mini, ok major melt down yesterday about being a massive failure but I'll save that for another post...
Going for drinks with Sassy C should relieve the tension and stress a bit tomorrow! Woohoo!!

Oh and for those enquiring minds on the country music, Ryota LOVES American country music, I don't know why... it's quite rare for a youngish Japanese guy I'm guessing. I'd like to say I hate it but to be quite honest some of it is quite catchy... But yeh, not really a country music fan...

OK bring on the foties

Nothing cuter than a baby's arse...

Getting ready to blow out the candles on my two birthday cakes!

Showing off my birthday prezzies with traditional ridiculous wrapping head gear...


My brass balls son attempting to climb on the 2 year old Birthday boy, poor Toshi-kun is such a placid little thing he let him!


  1. wow you had to go through all that to get your spouse visa??? Nothing like that happened with us, just handed in the paperwork no questions asked and got a postcard in the mail a few weeks later saying it was ready..weird..

  2. Love the arse photo! What is it about baby arses that make me want to pinch them?
    OTSUKARE on doing the immigration thing. It is NEVER easy and always rather tedious.
    Had a couple of mummy melt-downs today. P seems to want to pull things out these days. First to go was all the boks off the bookshelf, and she even pulled off all the book jackets. That was followed by a box of tissues and a whole pack of shippu things I got from the doctor. Would it be too early for me to start drinking now in preparation for tomorrow night? If only I didn`t have work in the morning....

  3. wow... again, I didn't have to go through that here. But I went through the same thing in Aus! It's just crazy... did you have to supply photos and things too? mine were shockers, bet you anything they were all laughing at them! I think because of your dear little boy, you won't have any issue with your spouse visa. I just got my 3 year extension.. took less than 14 days!

    I hear you with the "racism" Riki is very much like that. I think that's due to the fact that the filipinas are the cleaners and the strippers here... that's how they get in.. and unfortunately the only way for most of them to stay is to marry some silly old boof head who thinks it's love. Gotta give the girls some credit though... I mean look what they marry... yuuuck!

  4. Oh..that seems pretty easy compared to what we had to do for yasu's visa in aus. We had to keep a file with evidence, collecting it for 2 years!

    Though I agree, the whole spouse visa stuff is a pain in the bum, and talking of bum, that photo is cute :)