Friday 20 November 2009

Veal's off...

And so are the photos. Why? Well, because my camera hasn't left it's safe little case all week due to my sheer laziness.
I've actually had a lot of photo opportunities too, shopping trip with Sassymoo and her Princess P, Ashton being his normal weird self and a few trips to the pond with some lovely Autumn leaves, although kinda over the Autumn leaves pictures, as pretty as they are, I feel waayyyy too Japanese if I spend all my seasons taking piccies of trees while marvelling at the fact that Japan actually has 4 seasons as opposed to far inferior countries like Australia where it is summer all year...

So instead I will give you a cop out linky, any one who has ever worked eikawa in Japan will relate to this. I laughed my arse off because I'd heard a lot of them before...

What else, what else.... Got my hair done this morning, was most disappointed to discover my hot hairdresser has quit!!! Bastard, he was the only reason I went to that damn salon, will now be searching for new salon with hot hairdresser and if I can't find a hot one I'll be going for a cheap one.

Had a mild panic attack last night when I got lost on Japan's jungle roads, it wasn't really that hard but when you don't know where the fuck you are, it's enough to make you panic. Luckily, I called Ryota and he was working really close so his boss was kind enough to drive him to where I was and he rescued me. I then had to make the apology/thank you/ so sorry/ I'm forever in your debt phone call to boss man for said kindness.

Ashton can now: point at random people, point the remote at the TV, bye bye with great finesse, banzai!!!, clap hands, and blow raspberries.... but only on my leg, and only on the fat bit where it makes a whopping great noise.... cheeky boy.

I'm doing the 10km run on Monday, fuck, on Monday! I did a trial 10km run yesterday and it took me a bit under 80 minutes which isn't going to get me any medals but at least I won't be last, I hope...
There is a cut-off though, if you haven't done 5.1km in under 45 minutes you're out and they open the course to cars. Sorry mate, just not good enough kind of thing. And I can just see it now, I'll be like 10 metres from the cut-off point and they'll slam the gate in my face and point and laugh and say "Stupid chubby gaijin, you thought you could run! Mwah hahahaha!!" Well maybe not to my face, but I'm very very scared of looking like a big tit in front of loads of fit Japanese people who will feel sorry for me. I like running but I like doing it at my pace, which just happens to be very slow. If I'm too slow for the cut-off point I'll definitely be faking a leg injury, just telling you all now.

So wish me luck, I'll post photos of when I'm done! (Or of when the ambulance is carting me away with my fake injury...)

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  1. Oh I want to see a picture of Ashton doing "Banzai" next week!!!

    Good luck with the marathon tomorrow- you have worked hard for it and I am sure you will do great. I admire you because there is no way in hell I would ever run that far...(even if something was chasing me)

    I can drive in Japan but I never do and we don`t have a car so when we need one we borrow one from Shun`s 84 year old grandma- she keeps renewing her license but doesn`t drive anymore because she kept hitting people on bikes (seriously!) but she still rides her bike places. So I would get CONSTANTLY lost if I had to drive- we have driven between Shun`s parents place and our place so many times, along the same roads and everytime I am sure MIL takes a wrong turn but nope, just me thinking that it appears. Do you have a navi?? I sometimes think they would confuse me more!