Tuesday 23 March 2010

All for a shitty bear..

The fascinating and surreal phenomenon of Japan's mix of ancient and modern culture is usually something I enjoy, often something that makes me giggle and sometimes something that pisses me off in a big way. Today was a day I did not giggle or enjoy, I was well and truly pissed.

An example of the good mix would be, say, Kyoto. Kyoto station is an amazingly modern architectural masterpiece, with train lines intertwined with modern structures, countless beams and glass ceilings, shops and restaurants. Yet minutes away are ancient shrines and temples with magnificent gardens reflecting the old Japan that is so popular on postcards.
The funny mix would be, for example, an old school Japanese grandpa on the way home from the public bath in his kimono like robe and little wooden slippers texting his grand kids on his mobile phone.
And today, I got hit with a dose of 'FUCKING JAPAN!!!' that I sometimes get, which then forces me to look into careers and choices in a country that doesn't piss me off as much, however I usually get bored and do a facebook quiz...

I have to say though, I was in a bad mood to begin with already today, it may be the cold rainy weather, or the fact that I still have a freaking cold, or that I have to work until 7pm to accommodate my rich, annoying student. It also doesn't help that Ryota is at home for the 3rd day in a row, which is nice but means more coffee cups and crumbs for me to get anal retentive about, not to mention that he doesn't get paid for rainy days, hence my working until 7...

Anyway, can I waffle on any more!? Nope think that's the end of the waffling...

So what happened today. I usually go by bicycle with little Ash to our local suupaa. The Obachans are friendly, I know exactly where everything is and I feel safe there. It's my safe suupaaa..
But Ashton has taken a liking to fucking Pooh-san cereal, which alas isn't available at my local safe suupaa. So seeing as though it was raining and I was going in the car anyway, thought I'd make the trek to the next suupaa over, with it's big fancy car park and array of different carts, this isn't a tiny family supermarket, it's a big chain that even sells fresh coriander! (A gem in Japan) Not sure if it's Japan wide or just Kansai, but the name is Mandai. Shame Mandai. Shame.

I toddled in, got everything I needed plus the bloody pooh-san cereal, got to the check-out with my basket full to the top, did the necessary bowing that comes with the irrashaimase barking and waited patiently while cooked food was put in mini plastic bags, dry ice was put with frozen stuff and tampons were shunned to the black bag of shame. After all this frigging around I realised I only had about 2000 yen in my wallet (about $20). But no worries, supermarkets are the only place you can always rely on to take credit cards. Right! You'd think so, but no. The obachan gave me a big apology and said that they didn't take credit cards. I'm sorry, but What the fuck!?!? It's 2000 and fucking 10 and we're in the land of modern technology! No fucking credit cards!!!?? Not even VISA, which is usually accepted if others aren't. Now my hairdresser is a tiny place but they still take VISA, Lawson and Family mart take credit cards, fucking taxis take credit cards and I don't even know how that shit works!

So long pissed off story short, I had to go home and get cash and come back. They kept my basket behind the counter, so that was one thing I guess. Anyway, am back home after work now and feeling a little more relaxed.

I was getting around to writing the piss story but can't be arsed now... Stay tuned!


  1. I hate it when I get stuck without cash in Japan because it is such a cash and carry society! I also wish that we could just use our atm cards like we do in AUstralia for eftpos. Seriously, in a country that is so technologically advanced you would think they would have eftpos.

    Or at least atms that are open 24 hours a day ( i know some are but still)...

    At least they kept your basket for you, but what a pain!

  2. yeah, that happened to me at a local sunlive. sunlive! with a proper mall feel to it. grrrr.

    glad they held your basket for you! and i didn't know lawson and famimaato took credit cards. lol