Wednesday 3 March 2010

Weather is too good to blog...

It really is, well OK, it isn't that great, but the break from the horrid winter is very much appreciated and has been putting me in a very cheery mood these days, hence the lack of bitching on this blog and in general. I even spied the first ume blossoms while running last night and did a skip and a little gleeful noise escaped from me at the thought of spring and all the alcohol swilling flower watching parties that it brings.

The weather has even been making me get (less) infuriated with the blatant racism that is constantly swirling around me, another classic example yesterday. Random Obachan rings the bell to the door just as Ash was going to snoozy land so I was pissed that someone would be coming to the door anyway, open the door and conversation went like this:

Obachan: (Very politely) Ohhh excuse me, can I have a minute of your ti..... Oh..

Me: Yes. (Slightly amused at her 'gaijin shock' look)

Obachan: Are you the Okusan (wife/head of the family...??)

Me: Yes indeedy.

Obachan: (Thrusting pamphlet at me) Oh, you wouldn't understand this anyway, so just give it to someone who speaks Japanese. Is your husband home?

Me: (Pissed now and starting to close the door) No.

Obachan: American right?

Me: (Non-committal noise, bow and door closing)

I thought, fuck it, I obviously don't understand anyway so why would she bother starting a conversation with me anyway!? And to start it with the conversation-starter I hate most was just not a good combination. If I had any balls I'd tell her where to go but it's one of those 'ingrained racism' incidents that happen so often in this country, more ignorance than hate-filled intent.

Last night's racism incident was however, very intentional. SIL is quite possibly one of the most racist people I know and despite being 24, never ceases to amaze me with her old school hating. We were watching an interview with Mao Asada, who I admit is a sweet girl (although I can't look at her the same after I saw a porno mag with snaps of her hoo-haa when she did a particularly acrobatic skating mood and had wardrobe malfunction issues. *shudder* at gross J-guys getting off on that.) . Anyway, of course, all of Japan was devastated when she got the silver medal at the Olympics. Am I the only one who thinks a silver medal is a pretty fucking good effort??? I felt worse for the bronze winner, the Canadian bird who's mother had died the day before, but no sympathy for her, no no, it was alllll about Mao chan.

Now I kinda knew I was going to start something when I pointed out that silver was still good, but I was still on a high from the ume sighting so I was prepared somewhat...

Me: Silver is so good though, at least she got a medal!

SIL: It's shit, she lost to that Korean whore!!! It would have been better for her to get nothing at all than to lose to that kimchi eating bitch!!! (Ok, a bit exaggerated but I swear to god she got a kimchi jibe in there).

Me:........ So the fact that she lost to a Korean is the only thing that is bothering you...

SIL: Helllllll yea!!!

Me: But she was so much better than her, she broke all kinds of records and got an amazing score.

SIL: (Scowls...)

She actually really hates Koreans, it's ridiculous! Ash has been playing with our neighbour who are of Korean descent and he calls his mum and grandma by their Korean title, SIL was making fun of him and saying how funny it sounded until I gently reminded her that Ash calls me Mummy, Ryota Daddy and my mum, Nanna... She couldn't see how it was the same thing. Apparently English is cool so it's totally different.

God she's a twat.


  1. Agree on the blamant racist thing that goes down too often here. I have no patience for it. Your SIL does sound like she needs a good slap!

    I dont think Mao deserved the silver even cos she looks like she was going to cry the whole routine. It really bothered me cos I kept thinking of the Canadian girl who was smiling and top points for performance despite the fact that she had every reason to cry as she lost her mum two days before. At least she had an excuse, yet she put it her everything. Too sad!

  2. well, to be fair *snort*, the feeling is mutual on behalf of the koreans. i feel really sorry for both girls. whichever one who lost was really going to suffer for it back home. guess it's poor mao. (who did so awesome, btw, with those triple lutzes (or whatever) but she did bobble a bit in the middle of the long program.) so silly to put the hatred of so much on these athletes who put their heart and soul into their sport.

    just kick your SIL in the taint, even if it's only in your head!

  3. Wow! I am very impressed you have managed to suppress any violent feelings toward your SIL so far. I don't know if I would be able to.

    I usually use that unintended racism to my advantage when it's someone at the door. I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the time I am not interested in anything they have to say or sell, so as soon as I see that "uh oh whitey" look on their face. I smile and close the door.

  4. Ooooh yeah- I think a trip to Korea is off the cards with your SIL then...
    I scared someone in my aparment block with my whitey-ness, she must have been pretty blind to not recognise me at first- or maybe my saying hello in Japanese threw her, but when we got in the lift she nearly passed out from shock that she was sharing a lift with one..she actually uttered the phrase "Oh! gaijin!" at least she then apologised, the guy in the apartment next to me won't even acknowledge my existence

  5. aimlesswanderer4 March 2010 at 15:48

    I'd be concerned that the kid will eventually pick up some of these prejudices from the relos...

  6. Well, it's hard to feel anything other than sorry for your SIL. But yeah, let's get back to the story of that picture of Mao-chan?

  7. Racism always shits me. I would want to slap your SIL.

    I didn`t realize that Ash was already talking! WOW! That is great. Can we have videos? hehe