Wednesday 31 March 2010

Jobs and vomit and surprises, oh my!

It's been a busy week here in the 'vinegar arrow' household! Well, not that busy, but I guess because I've spent most of my waking hours cleaning up vomit, washing vomitty clothes, and having heart palpitations every time Ashton coughs for fear of projectile vomit, I haven't had time for much else.

I won't go too far into the gory details, because, you know, nobody wants to hear that shit. But Ash has had some horrific tummy bug for about a week and he's been shitting through the eye of a needle and vomiting all over the shop, poor little bugger. Another example of incompetent J-doctors has shone through. I don't always diss the J-docs, with adults I don't actually have any complaints, they are usually very thorough. But with kids they are such pussy wankers, they won't give the kids anything that works, just lolly water to put the mother's minds at ease. I need to find me an old school pro-drug doctor I think. After almost a week of J-meds, mushy rice and fish that was being thrown up after about 5 minutes, I took matters into my own gaijin hands and told Grandma to bugger off, he was having dry toast and flat lemonade for dinner. She muttered how scary that remedy was but it was the only thing he's kept down so I'm sticking to dry stuff and sweet liquids to keep his energy up, and she can bite my big, fat arse if she doesn't like it!

In between all this vomit action, there have been some other exciting developments! Last week was Ryo-chan's birthday, not only did I get him a present he actually genuinely likes, but I also organised (and kept a secret, miracle!!!) a surprise birthday party for him. He almost cried, he was so surprised! He told me later that nobody had ever bothered to do anything special for his birthday so I was well chuffed! We managed to get about 20 people together for dinner in Osaka and then some of us went for drinks and bowling afterwards, was lovely.
I told him we had to go meet some senpai friends of mine I met in China, he spent the whole week before bitching about how he didn't want to go and that he didn't want to meet any Chinese friends of mine, so it was an even better surprise because he wasn't looking forward to it at all!

The other good thing that has happened this week, is that Ryota has scored a new job. I'm incredibly relieved, his old job was just so unreliable, rainy days or when work was slow were always days off and that just scared the shit out of me. But from the middle of April, he will be working for our local city office doing similar work to that he does now but will be set hours and any overtime will be paid, plus we get insurance and all the jazz that comes with a city office job. Yay! He'll also have Saturdays off, two whole days in a row off, god what will we do with ourselves?! I'm very proud of him, there were 4 positions available but only 1 of them was a full-time with renewable contract position, and he got it!

Just reading this post back, it is incredibly optimistic and lacking sarcasm for me! Must be in a good mood... OK, back to scrubbing vomit out of my shoes...There may very well be a sarcasm laden, dark post to be written after that job...


  1. Poor Ash. I hope he is on the mend with your "evil" gaijin remedies. Haven't had too much experience with kiddie drs. here besides Sakura's shots but... hmm. Guess it depends on the dr.

    YAY for Ryota's new job!!! That is awesome. Good for him. Enjoy your weekends together.... come see us in Tokyo!!!! Onegai~~ I want to see you guys.

  2. Good news! Sorry about the puke though. Puke happens, I guess. Poor little thing.

  3. Yey for Ryota! Super duper!!! And well done on the birthday party! It was super fun! Hope ashton gets well soon, sick kids are no fun :(

  4. Congrats to Ryota on the new job! Poor Ashton, but good you are on top of things..we found a good kiddie doctor down here..even does all the shots(immunizations) that are not on the Japanese schedule (have to pay of course) but glad I can at least have peace of mind that A will have just as much protection as your usual kid in OZ..sorry went off on a tangent there..hope all is well soon in the vinegar arrow household.

  5. aimlesswanderer31 March 2010 at 23:22

    Sounds like it could be a tummy bug. My mum recently had one, and so I promptly rang up a cousin who's a doctor. She said to get lots of sleep, drink lots of fluid (water or soft drink - the bubbles help settle the stomach apparently), and eat bland, non oily or fatty foods. Eg plain bread or rice, and no dairy products. Mum was fine the next day, but with a toddler it may take longer. Poor kid and poor you, not fun at all.

    Am I ever glad that I didn't get sick while on holidays over there, who knows what the hell the docs would try and do. One wonders at the training that Japanese doctors get in relation to sick kids.

    And you're lucky that he actually agreed to see your "Chinese friends", it would have been a problem if he decided not to attend...

  6. Congratulations Ryota and you rocked that birthday thing^^

    Odaijini Ashton !

  7. What... Japanese kids don't get flat lemonade and dry toast when they are sick? That's crazy. Flat lemonade cures just about anything.