Thursday 1 April 2010

I B positive...

OK, the reason for two posts in two days is that I'm distracting myself. I just dropped Ash off at kindy for the first time (only two hours today) and all morning the in-laws and I were musing over whether he would cry or scream or go mental when I left him, and you know what, he was fine. He was running a train up another kid's head when I ducked out the door.

And then the tears started flowing (mine not his!)

I'm a pretty hard nut when it comes to the kindy issue, I think it's great for kids to interact with other kids from a young age, they learn routine and responsibility and the teacher's at the kindy are just lovely. But despite all this, I whimpered like a little baby myself as I went out the door, the head teacher slapped me on the back and told me to suck it up! MIL came with me and was also blubbering like a little girl so I was glad I wasn't the only one!

Anyway, over to the title of the post, I'm usually not a Jim Carrey face contorting fan but I love the movie Bruce almighty and watched it yesterday for old time's sake, "and my tiny little nipples went to France..." hehe
There is a part in it about blood types, which reminded me of our little excursion to the docs the other day, the real reason for the trip was for Ash's tummy bug but we also remembered that the kindy needs to know what blood type he is. As he was born in Australia he didn't get checked, cos, you know, nobody gives a fuck in Australia!

For those of you who don't know, blood type is kind of a big deal in Japan, I guess it can be compared to star signs...(?) Everybody knows what they are and roughly what they mean, Japanese people also say that you should know in case there's an accident and you need an emergency transfusion but that's bullshit, they always test first. Anyway, here are the blood type personalities broken down according to Ryota:

A types- are perfect in most ways. Friendly but a little pedantic and very smart and good looking.

O types- are kinda boring but usually get on with people and are usually smart.

AB types- are two-faced and difficult to deal with on every level. They possess some good A qualities and some bad B qualities.

B types- are lying, selfish spawns of the devil.

haha, Again with Ryota's skewed view of the world!

As you might have guessed, Ryota and everyone in his direct blood line is A type, I am AB, so Ash had a chance of being A or B but until now Ryota was convinced he was A type. But to his disappointment, turns out our little Ash is a B boy! Ryota was crushed (not really) but I told him that in Aussie blood types mean jack shit so he's all good.

OK, it's almost time to go get Ashy, I'm going to go early and peek in to see how he's getting on. *sniff!*


  1. I've only left Sara at kindy once and I totally broke down the moment I got in the car. Called my husband at work and he started crying too! I don't know what it is, the thought that perhaps your baby can actually survive without you? I don't know but moms who cry the first time they leave their children are definitely the majority I'd say. And my husband's bloodtype is A, and absolutely everyone who hears that refuses to believe it.

  2. ok, ryota's blood type thing is too funny!

    i don't remember crying when i left hiro at day care for the *first* time, but after a while when he understood that i was leaving and he would wail--that about broke my heart. *sigh*

  3. I love how Ryota cut right through the bullshit with "B types- are lying, selfish spawns of the devil"!!! This totally made my day. Hi, my name is GEG and I am a B type. :)

  4. aimlesswanderer1 April 2010 at 18:09

    The whole blood type obsession is amazingly irrational, but very Japan.

  5. I am A- and Shun is AB+ and so is Noah.

    People used to tell me before I knew my blood type "Oh you are definitely A"

    My friend Sumi taught me about blood types except her explanations were (in English)

    A: Organized and nice people
    B: Bitches
    AB: Weird
    O: Normal (Actually she said "futsu people"

    She was A. It was before I knew my bloodtype though.

    I remember thinking at the time it all seemed a little odd to me although the "weird" for AB made sense when I thought about Shun. Oh and I asked her what she thought our boss was and she said "Definitely B. B for Bitch"

    I think it is all just a load of hobwash.

  6. Oh and when I started kindy I was like "BYE MUM" and ran away! Kids are always usually better than the parents. hehe!

  7. So I guess that makes me the devil and Shou and Marina my spawns - which I have been admitting to of course. Hub is O (I just had to confirm this and he said - tanomu yo, danna no ketsuekigata gurai obechotte yo) and Ryu, to hub's absolute joy is also an O.

    I get away with random shit though - he just puts it down to my blood type. All the other bitchy selfish stuff I put down to my selfish two faced Gemini star sign.

  8. reading your posts esp the ones on u'r husband...the posts u do on u'r hubby never fails to crack me up. love u'r sense of humor too!!!!!!!

  9. Now I heard that "B"s were easy going and laidback, but this comes from my colleagues who are all virtually all B's along with me....
    perhaps proving the lying, spawns of the devil part? ;)

  10. Oh my, you really had me laughing with this post!! I am B (didn't know that until my physical that was necessary before I came to Japan...and I still don't know my parents' blood types) and this totally gives me an excuse now whenever I do something people don't like. "I can't help it - I'm a lying spawn of the devil." Too funny!