Thursday 4 November 2010

The best birthday present...

was my visit to the doctor diet today- Despite eating; loads of candy, pumpkin pie and crap on Halloween, Pizza the night before the Halloween party because I was so stressed out from making four hundred thousand lolly bags with EXACTLY the same kind of candy in it, my birthday cake, and Yakiniku all-you-can-eat for birthday dinner last night.... I lost another kilo and another cm from the old belly this week! Sweeeet. That oil pill is an amazing thing, the oil just seriously starts seeping out of your arsehole as soon as you look at some deep-fried morsel. Was very happy and surprised I must say! (Although have been running at least 5km every morning getting ready for the run this month so have to take a bit of the glory away from oily bumhole.)

My birthday was actually a good day. I had to work but because it was a public holiday, Ryota was off work and Ash off school so we got to spend just the right amount of time relaxing together. The day started off with cuddles in bed with all 3 of us. Ryota even remembered to wish me Happy birthday as soon as we woke up! (I told him off last year for waiting!!) I think Ryota was so shit scared of fucking up in the same fashion that he has the last few years that he went a bit overboard, but he FINALLY understood that I don't care about material things (although things are nice, obviously) but the things I really like are the letters and sentimental little gestures. Which is why I was delighted when he told me he hadn't gotten me a present and would take me for a lunch and shopping date on Sunday so I could get what I really wanted. Which is perfect because all I really want is a new cardigan from uniqlo and some baking goods! Easy done.
He offered to make me breakfast in bed in the morning as well, although his nose was crinkled up in disgust at the thought of eating in bed as he said it, and I must say, now I think about it, the thought of toast crumbs and egg yolk in my futon actually grosses me out too... Maybe I've been in Japan too long, the thought never crossed my mind at home...

When I got home from work last night I was also delighted to find Ash come running out of the lounge room with a big bunch of pink roses and a letter for me from him and Daddy. This is the shit I've wanted since I married a damn unromantic J-guy! I cried of course which made Ash laugh and Ryota call me a dickhead but it really was so lovely to see Ash run out covered in toffee apple syrup and thrust the flowers at me and give me a big sticky hug. Ryota had written me a very sweet letter and even had gotten Ash to scribble and signed it "from Ash." Awwwwwww!
We then went out and ate about 3 cows each at yakiniku, I really wanted to have a few beers with my cow but restrained myself as drinking calories seems such a waste, especially when I'm the only one!

I also got lots of messages and calls from family back home and the wonderful world of facebook, so I felt very loved and special. We'd had cake and sushi the night before at the in-laws place which was cool but I had to 'share my excitement' with a joint congrats celebration for SIL because she actually managed to pull together the 3 brain cells it takes to get a drivers licence. Twat.
Ash got great enjoyment out of blowing out my candles about 500 times though so it wasn't too bad of a night.

It was nice having such low expectations for my birthday, it meant the day wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. So Japanese style it is from now on!


  1. Happy Birthday! My husband is very literal and if I want something I have to spell it out. So, I told him ( my birthday was last week)to make me breakfast and then he surprised me with a liter of divine maple syrup.

  2. Sounds like a great birthday! My hubby also has a bit of trouble with how unmaterialistic I am. He always complains about how hard it is to buy me a present! I have to be careful when we go shopping because if I say something is nice or a good idea, you can guarantee that I'll have it by the next birthday, Christmas or anniversary! So now I always make sure I say "that's nice, but I don't want one!"

  3. Wow, sounds like a fab birthday!

    It's okay to have low expectations now that you've conditioned everyone into knowing what you want :)

  4. I completely forgot my crush on Ryota! *swoon*

  5. Happy Birthday! You have to tell guys what you want because we are not mindreaders.. :-)

    Gaijin in Kobe

  6. Happy belated birthday! That's awesome it worked out so nicely with Ryota remembering,roses,and Ash's sticky hugs. And congrats to SIL's long-awaited success to finally getting her drivers licence. Hee hee

  7. Aw, sounds great! Still not sure about the oily bumhole though.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

  9. Happy Birthday Corinne!