Monday 15 November 2010

The small face is back!!!

"Your face is even smaller now, if it gets any smaller you're not going to have a face at all!"

I've mentioned the small face phenomenon of Japan before, for those who don't live in Japan it may be a little difficult to comprehend but apparently, Japanese people have big, flat faces where as foreigners (white, cute foreigners that is!) have small, dainty faces. These small faces are the envy of all who come across them, it is not unusual for a complete stranger to say something to me and then end the conversation with "やっぱり顔ちちゃいな!!(I knew it, she does have a tiny face!!)" I'm not offended by this, although if I associate a small face with anything it would be a rat face, but you know, on the whole it's not an offensive thing.

I've had my fair share of small face compliments, but not nearly as many as I've had with my recent Doctor diet efforts. I'll admit, when I lose weight I always lose it in my face and neck first, which is a bit of a bastard really, couldn't the weight loss gods cut me a bit of slack and take some of my squidgy thigh bits or my flabby tummy!? But no, it's always the face, and then the boobs. The weight loss gods really do like to punish me.
So in the last 4 weeks or so I've lost about 7kgs which is a pretty big amount to lose, especially when you're a giant like me, so all my flab tends to be stretched out over my limbs. And to my delight, people have been noticing but they have also been marvelling over the smallness of my face. I shouldn't complain really, although by telling me my small face is 'back' is really implying that I looked like a big faced roly poly fatty up until now!
MIL used all of her tact and grace by saying "You've always had a small face, but it's even smaller now, amazing!!!!"

I'm contemplating a tattoo on my forehead with a warning not to comment on the size of my face...

10km run is next week, getting nervous and excited but every morning when I run my socks end up with blood stains from the blisters I have. Will be hobbling around for a moth after the run I think but hopefully I can beat lat year's time. Anyone got any magic 'blister disappear' remedies?? I got the special blister band aids but they're just not doin it for me...

Right my small face, bloodied feet and I best be off to fill the minds of Japanese children with the knowledge of how to tell the time...

At least it's not Toy story...


  1. Congradulations on your weightloss!
    And best of luck on the run.
    Sadly don't know any blister remedies. Maybe some type of oils or ointments might help the healing process. I used to have this homemade thing made out of olive oil-worked like a charm with skin burns and scratches.Apparently anything containing a big amount of vitamin E might help.

  2. is definitely looking smaller. Great job. Running is the only thing that I have done long term that has kept weight off. Looking forward to next April when all three small people out of house by 8am. Good luck for the run. I bet you do smash last years time. The only thing I can thing of for blisters wold be too skull few shots before you left but then you might throw up half way round the park :p

  3. oh my god that happens to me too ALL the time.. "kau wa chichai kedo..."

    It always makes me feel that Im so incredibly fat and uncomplimentable that my small face is the only thing they can say is nice about me. Its a compliment but yet a backhander at the same time. Like when your bitching about your weight in western countries and the person your bitching says " well you have a pretty face."

    anyways .. good luck on the run! Ill be rooting for you, with a can of (diet!) beer :D:D:D

  4. I want to comment, not exactly sure what though. ;) We don't see very many Japanese folks around here, but now I'm imagining these huge giant faces for some reason. (Although they can't be that huge, can they?)

    Google images, here I come. ;)

  5. Wow, congratulations on your weight loss! Here in the US they sell a blister stick that you can rub on the backs of your feet and it's supposed to prevent blisters. There has got to be a similar Japanese product. I've seen the heels over there!

  6. I am the blister queen, whatever shoes I get, guarantee blisters..
    The only thing that worked (which prob won`t help that much as you will still be running and hitting the same spots each time) is a thing called `second skin`...It`s basically a gel thing that you cut to the shape of your have to pop your blister, put the second skin over it and bandaid/tape it up..I`m sure they sell it here but haven`T gone looking for it.
    Hope you manage to find something! and good luck for the race!

  7. Great going on the weight loss. You've got me seriously considering the doctor dietto now. I get told I have a small face and big eyes, which makes me sound like a freakish alien. For the blisters, the only thing I found that helped was buying proper running socks that cushion the heels. Good luck!

  8. congrats at the weight loss! sounds like the doctor knows what he's doing! i love the idea of running, but i never really could get into it myself. good luck with your run!

  9. sounds weird, but for blisters, tape duct tape on your heels. your socks end up rubbing against the slippery tape and not your skin. works like a charm for hiking, i imagine it would be good for running...? i've never seen duct tape here, but maybe "gum tape" would work?

  10. I can understand the small face thing. Japanese girls seem to put weight on their faces really easily, so you see quite thin girls with chubby faces.

    For blisters, I find the best thing to do is to use elastoplaster (do they sell that here -- it's got to be the thick stuff, not thin like bandaids) to make like a wall around the blister so that shoe and blister can't meet. If you put the bandaid on the blister, it's just make it rub more.

    Also make sure yr shoes are laced tight enough esp around the heel. I used to think that made it worse and would do my laces up loosely but it actually stops yr shoes from moving around too much.

  11. I get that small face thing....BUT....a couple of students have commented that when a Western man kisses an Asian woman in a movie they feel nervous because "he has such a BIG face!"...

    by the you have a "high nose" too??

    If you have that - then you are gorgeous!