Monday 14 March 2011

Golly gee my husband is a fuck tard.

I'm still glad he's here and all though...

It's really hard to get back to any form of normalcy here. This includes blogging, lessons at the school, TV, life in general. I feel so guilty being here, not affected at all by any of the hell that is happening up north, I've been doing my best to save power, I'm not sure if it even has any effect on the kanto power crisis but just in case...
It's also quite weird to contemplate bitching about my husband, things seem so petty when you see people on the TV describing how they were holding on to their husband/wife/children but lost their grip and had to see them get washed away. Yet Ryota still manages to piss me off. Wow, that's some super pissed off power he's got going!

Actually he's been annoying me about various things lately: not taking responsibility/(lack of)disciplining our child blah blah, all the normal things for a family suffering from chonanitis. But the thing that really annoyed me yesterday actually had to do with the earthquake so I guess this won't be a totally normal post. I should give some background information and say that Ryota NEVER gives to charity. Like a lot of Japanese people, it's really not as popular here as in the west. I was thinking if Arashi, SMAP and AKB48 did a joint charity concert, looked in to the camera with their mascara clad eyes (boys included in that too) and asked all the crazy fans to give money for the earthquake victims then they'd probably make enough money to rebuild everything, get a brand spanking new nuclear reactor and still have a few yen left over to spare, but I don't know, there just doesn't seem to be as big of a charity culture here.

Not that I'm a saint who sponsors 28 kids in Africa or gives a whole lot either, mind you. However, if it's something I feel strongly about and I have the chance to, then I'm more than willing to donate. The earthquake being so close yet so far away has made me feel so helpless, I really wanted to at the very least donate some money, and hopefully raise some with some kind of event. I was planning an Easter party at the school anyway, so decided to make it into a big as possible party, put it on for free, and then ask everyone to make a donation to the earthquake appeal. I also decided to match the donations we made on the day, we live in semi-inaka after all, not exactly going to be a fortune made... I thought this was quite a good idea, good for the school, good for me feeling like I'm doing something to help, might even get a bit pissed on the day, fun for all...

When I told Ryota, and I didn't ask, I told him. He sighed and said "Whatever, if that's what you want..." After considering ignoring this, I got really fucking angry and asked him what his problem was. He came back with "Nobody helped us in the Kobe earthquake..." Which just set me off on a big rant that went something like this:
"Ummmm, OK, one, your house was still standing so you were not in enough trouble to be helped, two, I know for a fact that you were given donated rice and bottled water at the time because I may possibly be the only one who listens to your Grandma's stories and three, even if you didn't get help, that is even more reason to try and help! I'm trying to change people's attitudes about giving and helping people in trouble. Oh and P.S. YOU'RE A FUCKING HEARTLESS COCK JOCKEY!!!!"

It really got me angry! I don't particularly care what the fuck he thinks, maybe my money will be blown on a Russian whore by some charity big wig for all I know, but at least I'm making some effort, even if only to make me feel better about myself!
I should have known though, Ryota took the same view when a foreign lady in Japan was sick with breast cancer. The women in this community band together and I am so glad that they are here, I really wanted to donate money to help for her treatments but Ryota said the same thing "I bet they wouldn't help you if you had cancer..." I'd bet my fucking life they would you ignorant fucker, just because he has no sense of community doesn't mean anyone else can't. He was the only one working at that time, but now I make more than him (and I pointed this out yesterday, I'm sure I saw his cock shrink a few inches as the words came out of my mouth) he was informed it actually wasn't up to him and he could quite happily go and fuck himself, I was donating money.

Oooo I feel better after that, must get back to usual bitchy blogging soon...


  1. I was wondering if they'd do something like a Johnny's concert benefit but my sister said Johnnys isn't known for charity. But they do that 24 hour TV thing and all that.

    It's such a weird attitude to donating.

  2. I think the party is a great idea. You're right, there doesn't seem to be much of a donation culture here, but if AKB48 promised to flash their pants just one more time for a donation, all the otakus would be donating like mad.

  3. I think the party is a GREAT idea!!! Go for it!!!

    And I agree that Japanese just don't have that charity spirit. Something to do with karma maybe. I DO have a sponser kid in Africa! But when I told DH about it, he commented that we should be keeping our money to help ourselves, as we are 'poor'. I just never brought it up with him again.

  4. Hey hey hey! What's the problem? If a Russian whore can relieve some important big wigs of some stress, that's a good cause isn't it?! You'd do the same for me, right?

  5. Have felt similar feelings about the charity thing. My husband just listens when I say how much and where we are donating money but he never comes out with it himself. The party sounds like a great idea. Good luck with it. Hope you raise lots of money.

  6. Good on you for sticking to your guns! It's discouraging that so many people are unwilling to reach out to help if they don't personally benefit, but so encouraging that there are people who believe they can make a difference and go out and do something about it!

  7. Hi, I think that the party is a great idea too, but I can't remember why I know this, but Japanese participants may have a hard time with the 'party is free, just make a donation' since they aren't used to this. You could charge 300 yen per person (or something,. something that the kids could maybe save themselves) and say that you are donating all the proceeds to the earthquake victims. Or maybe you could give the kids tickets to sell, so that you would have more than just your own students.

    My husband is exactly the same way with donations. We had a major fight once when I made a donation to a very worthy family. He feels that he was poor growing up, and just can't make the step to sharing the wealth. Every year when the community organizer comes around asking for donations (community chest type of red feather), he asks what everyone is giving.. the answer is 500 yen. and this is all he would consider donating. At the school where I work also, they will have a charity performance, and charge a small admission (which goes to the designated charity) and or have a basket available if someone wants to donate more. I saw on the news that Lady Gaga is selling the plastic bracelets for the Japanese earthquake. Nancy in tokyo

  8. Agreed with sarafh. Isn't it?

  9. Party idea sounds great and all, but sorry, cock jockey? I gotta know is that usual Aussie potty mouth vernacular or is that yours special. Cause man, I gotta tell you, that's some funny shit.

  10. AKB48 management is donating 500 million yen..from the news

  11. Yeah, J. Mendelsohn asked what we wanted to know, 'cause that would be kinda Ozzy upsidedown if yer hubs rides cocks.