Thursday 31 March 2011

A good day

I best thought I should document it, just so you know it isn't all domestic violence and dog fuckers.

Although speaking of the dog fucker. She is such a twat, have to get it out before I go all sunshine and lollipops. A few examples in the past few days-

*Berating MIL that she was still fat after I had spent the last 10 minutes telling her how good she looks. MIL has lost 18kgs which is fucking amazing for a woman her age. We've gone on the fatty journey together, losing 41kgs between us and it's been a great bonding experience. Trust a 40 kilo whore bag such as dog fucker to come with the negativity. I felt like snapping her scrawny neck.

*I looked after Sassymoo's gorgeous little Princess P the other day and when dog fucker saw her, she came sniffing over. She not only tried to speak to P in horrible horrible English (to which P gave me a look like 'What the hell is this bitch on about!?) but then spoke to me about P. I hate it when people do this. Fair enough if it's a baby who can only decipher people by whether or not they smell of milk or not. But a 3 year old kid knows what is being said, and definitely when it's right in front of them. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, don't fucking talk about people when they're right there, it's just rude.

*The lazy little bitch rotates between sleeping, watching J-boy dramas and tending to the dog. That is pretty much all her life summed up. This just really annoys me, what a waste of space.

OK, on to happier things!

*The weather is finally warming up. This winter was long and since the great blubber shed I feel the cold much more. I am also extremly lazy so the effort of carrying a jacket is really just too much. I can't wait until it gets really warm and Sundays can be spent at the beach!

*I saw my first Sakura blossom today and I started crying. What a fucking lame arse I am! Cherry blossoms are such a representation of Japan and with all the recent shittiness going on it was so nice to see a new blossom of hope. Put that in your poetic pipe and smoke it! Of course I had to get over it pretty quickly as I was on a particularly vigorous 5km run at the time and every runner can relate to how bad it is to be snotty when you're running.

*The school is going really well, we've had more calls from the latest publicity whoring and I now have a busy schedule with a variety of students who I genuinely love. The one kid I didn't really like teaching because he was a lazy little bastard has had to quit because he'll be too busy being turned into a little Junior high school lemming. So all is good!

*Ryota and I have not come to physical blows in the last few days. I'm counting that as a good thing...


  1. Glad to hear about the School. Losing a bad student or one that just doesn't match you is addition by subtraction. Sometimes a minus is a plus ;)

    Not sure if I'm glad about the no beating comment. You MUST deserve one so he must be tired or something. Give a woman an inch and they'll take a mile....he needs to watch you. ;)

    You wanna bet someone took my last comment on the previous post seriously. Hope their panties didn't get too jammed up before realizing it was a joke.
    Very cool cake BTW Never had a surfing cake made for me. Your man is lucky.

  2. I feel mean that i laughed at the fact that you cried at the cherry blossoms.. sorry, it was just a funny image! I am envious of you though, i moved back to the fucking desert just days before the cherry blossoms on campus bloomed and am missing all the festivities.. Boo!

  3. Chris~ I'm sure many panties were bunched, maybe it's not just yakuza bosses you should be weary of, but an angry mob of foreign women with pitchforks...
    The surfing cake was pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself! Although Ryota claims he's allergic to blue icing. I told him he was a wanker and we moved on, wouldn't want to give him a reason to give me another black eye or anything...

    -phx- ~ Feel free to laugh. I would laugh if I saw some random girl crying like an idiot at a flower too!
    Ahhh yes, with the beauty of the flowers come the spoils of excessive amounts of alcohol consumed under them, have a chu-hai in their honor perhaps??

  4. Mmm, chu-hai. Sounds like a great plan!

  5. Nice work on the good stuff. Your SIL's life sounds pretty much like my sister's, except my sister goes to uni part time. She has chronic fatigue syndrome though so has an excuse.

  6. "Ryota claims he's allergic to blue icing."

    Ahh...I laughed! It's just blue coloring. Nothing besides that :)

    "you should be weary of, but an angry mob of foreign women with pitchforks... "

    Oh I would soooo kick their asses...but...I'm busy that day ;)

  7. >"Ryota claims he's allergic to blue icing."

    >Ahh...I laughed! It's just blue coloring. Nothing besides that :)

    It isn't "just" blue coloring. It's a chemical mixture. A mixture people can be allergic to.

  8. From the sound of it, your SIS is not just a waste of space, but also a waste of otherwise totally breathable oxygen.