Thursday 27 December 2012


Ok, now that the school has closed for the year I have actually started to relax a bit!

Christmas was nice this year, of course because I was with my family, but mainly because I was in a country that really embraces Christmas, not just KFC and overly sweet cake. Japan is different and in some ways good, but there's nothing like Chrissy at home for me.
I drank loads of booze, ate too much and stayed Christmas night at a nice hotel with my sister watching movies and doing nothing, it was lovely. I went shopping today and picked up some bargains; jeans, shoes, cosmetics, so nice to get everything I want whenever I want!

The boys and I are just settling into life here, and when we do it will be time to go back to Japan, it's not gunna be fun... I've also been running along the beach everyday and realizing how much I miss living near the beach. I really have to try and hatch a plan to move back here, the pubs alone are worth it!

I'm not really missing Ryota, I am not liking being a single parent however and can't wait to get back to work to get a break from the kids!

Ok, mum just called us for dinner ( LOVE not being the cook!!!) so I'll leave you with a few pics, the first one is of me right now, just home from a run and totally relaxed!


  1. Merry Christmas! That second pic is so cute.

    It's awesome coming back to Aus and going shopping. Not just the size range but that you can get stuff that's not all flouncy and frilly.

  2. Wish I looked like that after a run, clearly single motherhood does wonders for your skin! Glad you're having fun at home, the boys look like they are!

  3. Good. Enjoy it. Lord knows you've earned it.

    Happy New Year and I hope you have a better 2013.

  4. Happy New Year! What a great holiday. Don't work too hard in 2013 ;)

  5. looks like a lovely visit home!

  6. Hi, I've tagged you in a meme, if you'd like to play along.