Friday 21 December 2012


Ooooooo look who went on a blogging strike! I can't even say its because I was busy, because I've been in summery Australia since Monday. Although am only now settling into life away from my Japan routines. I'm here with the two kids too so single parenting is kinda funny to get used to as well!

I feel kind of weird leaving the school, C is taking over classes for me and I feel lost without going to the school every day!

I'm sure Ryota is enjoying the kid-free peace at home but I sure am enjoying being back home, reading shit and actually understanding all of it, eating Greek food for dinner when it was a toss up of Greek, Lebanese, Mexican or Thai and catching up with old friends.

Actually I just spent the whole day with my ex-boyfriend's family. I love them like my own and despite the break-up always felt they were still 'my' family. May be weird... Is it weird...? I think I'm more comfortable with them than I ever will be around Ryota's family which is a shame.

One thing I forgot about home in December is how NOT relaxing the Christmas season is! Christmas shopping in IN-SANE! I've done most of it now but I take the fact that shops never get too crazy around Chrissy time in Japan for granted. Also feeling the bad service, or the fact that the service is so good in Japan. People just can't be bothered to serve you here, shocking.

Ash is loving the fact that he can run around on actual grass with his shoes off, the nature, pool at home, being spoilt rotten... Good for him all round really. Looking forward to making Christmas an actual event for him and leaving stuff out for Santa and the reindeer, should be fun.

Right, I'm off to wrap some pressies, it will definitely be a new uear's resolution to blog more in 2013!!!!!

I will try to post again before Chrissy but if I don't, merry Christmas to all in Japan and around the world who are still bothering to check in here!

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  1. It's not even that they can't be bothered serving you here. They actually resent you being in their shop. They want you to piss off so they can go back to chatting to their mates (if they actually bother stopping in the first place... half the time they don't even get off the phone).

    Good to see you still around. Have a great Christmas. Christmas is much better in Aus, you get to have pav.

    1. Aus sounds lovely, but Christmas without snow... Cognitive dissonance for this Canadian.

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Corinne!
    So glad you finally I posted something!!

  3. Lovely to hear your voice again Corrinne!

    I don't think hanging with your ex-boyfriend's family sounds so weird if you're close to them. It's great that you have such a close, strong relationship with them! Having two awesome families in your homeland is better than one! ;)

    Have a Merry Christmas and best of luck with the Christmas present shopping!