Monday 3 May 2010

Going for gold.

So it's golden week at the moment here in the land of the rising sun. It seems no matter who I ask about golden week and the reason why a string of public holidays is actually called 'golden week', I always get the same wishy washy answer that results in me being more confused about children having a day and emperors and the like. But there is always a common component: don't ask, just sit back and enjoy the holidays you daft cow!
Although I'm more inclined to call it 'gold-plated week,' all shiny and gold lookin' on the outside but actually a rusty clump of shite underneath. Let's examine this a little more closely....

Working husbands- holiday from work, good for them ,they work hard after all.
Kids- off school/kindy, and fair enough, poor little buggers deserve a rest.

We get more fucking work than usual because we have to babysit our incapable husbands and needy children! Bastard golden week indeed.

Although I shouldn't complain too much, I'm yet to really cook anything and have decided the cleaning is useless so will leave it all to Thursday anyway. I'm finding the best way to actually get a break myself is to escape the house. Of course escaping the country is the best option and I feel next year we will be joining the masses getting the fuck out of Japan with our ridiculously over-priced plane tickets in our hot little hands. So here's what we've been doing so far for golden week...

Saturday~ Was Sassy's housewarming and a lovely time was had by all, pity I didn't get to sleep over but I had a pain in my tooth travelling up in to my head (not helped by the beer/chuhai/cocktails), and a huge pain in my arse in the form of my whiney husband. Both were alleviated with some help of pain killers and telling Ryota to stop being a big twat.

Sunday~ Was a trip to ikea. I FUCKING LOVE IKEA. I know some people hate it, but between the cheap finds and the spicy meatballs, I'm a fan.
We've bitten the big scary bullet and will be opening our own English school this month, so after months of faffing about thinking about it, we've got a space and the renovations start on Thursday. Actually looking forward to getting into it, yes it's gaijin whoring in the form of a teaching English, but on the other hand at least I'm pouring my whoring skills and gaijinness into my own school, not some other rich bastards. So we managed to get a lot of the furniture and crap for the school for a really good price, watch this space for school updates and whether we're filing for bankruptcy or not!

Monday~ We went to Kids plaza in Osaka with our friends and their 2 cute little halfu kiddies. Ash had a blast playing with all the cool toys (as did I), but fuck me, there were soooo many kids there and the train ride was a bone crushing experience. Literally.
Ash pissed off at least 10 kids taking toys and kicking random children, trying to teach him to stop being such a little bastard is proving quite difficult, can't wait till he's old enough for bribes.

And that's it so far! Not so exciting, but not that boring either, got to teach a lesson tomorrow and then I plan to run 5 kms, but I'm highly doubtful that will happen as a trip to tsutaya and some kingston biscuits may also be on the cards too....

Hope you're all enjoying your golden week!


  1. Congrats on finding space and opening school! Sounds like a big step. My mom runs her own little business, it's tons of work, but I love how she is her own boss. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  2. Congrats on the starting of the new school! Exciting stuff!

  3. great news on your new school!!! hope it all goes well.

  4. Congratulations on the English school!! Very exciting!

    I love Ikea, too. Nothing like a super cheap Ikea find to make my day!

  5. Ikea is freaken awesome. When I was in Tokyo, I wanted to go to the Chiba Ikea and my sister was like it's exactly the same as the one at home ... but it's not. It's the biggest Ikea in the world, therefore much more tourist worthy than some boring temple.

    Good luck with the business.