Thursday 13 May 2010

Mother's day take 2

So you may remember the disaster that was Mother's day last year, I spent the day blubbering because Ryota had gone to no effort at all and was therefore labelling me a horrible mother...
So naturally, he was a little more prepared this year, a little. It wasn't perfect but I think he might get it right by the time Ash is at University.

We basically have been crazy busy with all the school preparations, making the website, getting the renos organised and stuff so I knew there would be no big surprises in store, I was a little pissed when I got nothing in the morning, I informed him he'd failed the first test (harsh!) by not wishing me happy mother's day when we woke up, to which he replied オーストラリア人はほんまにめんどくさいいい!!(I can't be arsed with you damn Australian women!!) I also informed him that if we were in Australia breakfast in bed would be the norm to which he replied that he doesn't like that, it's like I'm on my death bed or something, and also made me refer back to futon rules and exclaimed that it would be very. very. dirty. What if grandma were to find out!?

Anyway, after a few hurdles, he eventually thrust a present at me and grunted something that resembled a happy mother's day. I got choccies- good and... a mirror?- kinda weird.
He explained that he always sees me doing my make-up with my tiny powder mirror while Ash is always climbing on me to see so he got me a big fold out mirror to make my life easier. Now, in theory this was good thinking (it's very true!) but I had to explain to him that sometimes us girls are funny creatures, we don't want something we need, we want something we want, something puuuuurrrrty. There was much more muttering about western women being way too hard to understand but all in all he didn't do too badly. We also had an awesome Indian dinner on Sunday night where Ash managed to behave and I had curry so hot I was watering from the nose, eyes and sweating like a mother fucker, lovely.

Ash is very sick at the moment, he's had a fever for 3 days and is generally miserable and chesty, I got so pissed the other day at the in-law camp as they implied me dressing Ash in not enough clothes was causing him to get sick all the time. Bite me bitches! I also had a whinge about Japanese clinics and their total lack of effectiveness in curing my child. Every. Fucking. Time. Grrrrr. And then last night we had the old bath-fever debate which went something like this-

Me: OK, let's get a bath Ash!!

MIL: He has a fever!! You can't give him a bath!!!

Me: Hmmmmm. (ignoring and rolling my eyes sooooo hard on the inside)

MIL: Hang on, I'll go get an extra 50 million fucking layers for him to put on!!

Me: (Stripping off and hopping in the bath)

MIL: Ehhh??!! She's already in the bath!? (Thinking, 'damn foreigner is going to kill my grandson!!!')

Just for the record, Ash has perked up considerably every night after his bath, and why wouldn't he, he's drowning in his own snot and eye gunk for the rest of the day, poor little bugger must feel so much better after!

Right, better go clean something while I can, having Ash home and not at kindy is making for a very messy house!


  1. YEs, yes , yes on the meddy from Japanese doctors thing. Bloody useless -which is why Ryu was back at the doctors today after going last thursday, getting meddy for his cough, and it obviously not having any effect.

    Good luck with school - sounds busy.

    Hope Ash is feeling better soon.

  2. i don't understand why anyone would say that a bath would be a bad thing when one is sick.. that's like, the only time i feel half-way descent when i'm sick, is when i'm in the bath/shower. Nice, numbingly hot water, ahhh!
    Anyway, hope the bub feels better soon.

  3. aimlesswanderer14 May 2010 at 23:05

    Japanese customs and superstitions are usually funny and harmless, but are sometimes alarming and plain bizarre...

    Poor kid, and he can't even tell you what's wrong, or understand what you tell him. Hope he is sleeping ok. Nothing worse than a sick, miserable kid and sleep deprived parents.