Thursday 6 May 2010

Punch her in the face...

I believe I've bitched about Japanese TV before, but I feel it's been a while and I'm overdue to get it out of my system.

I have two problems, the first is on free to air J-TV... I avoid Japanese TV most of the time because a) It's just bizarre. b) the slapstick comedy just doesn't appeal to me. and c) If I don't hear English at some point in the day my ears start to bleed.
But the show I'm about to bitch about I actually like, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the program but I think it's only on once a year and is basically loads of amateurs who take their turn to do a little performance imitating something in real life... I don't know if that is a good explanation or not... for example, these little kids all had umbrellas with different colours on them and when they got together they made a sheep or a sakura tree... Or people walk on their hands and have puppets and shit. It sounds lame but a lot of it is really clever and actually looks real. They have a panel of celebrities and they give them points, if they get over 15 they get through to the finals and then I think the winners get money.
I watched it last year and really liked it, I liked it except for one thing.

Bunny girls.

Yes, these skinny J-chicks prancing around in panties and a bra, bunny ears and a fluffy little tail. Errr, what the fuck?! Why the hell do they need bunny girls?? It's not like there is anything remotely sexy about this show, it's stars are mainly kids, I just don't see this display of sex necessary and I'm embarrassed for those girls! When we were watching it the other night I got so darn worked up about it my face was all flushed with feminism fuelled anger, this was how our conversation went:

Me: What the fuck are those bunny girls there for!? (Throws nearest toy at TV)

Ryota: But they're sexy and cute!

Me: Errr, don't you mean degrading to women and unnecessary?? (Throwing the nearest toy at his head)

Ryota: Ohhh lighten up, you're just jealous you can't wiggle your tooshy and have a fluffy little tail attached to it!

Me: (Silent for a bit because that is actually true...) It makes me want to punch every Japanese woman in the face.

I don't know why that came out but it made me so angry at women everywhere in Japan, surely they feel something s wrong with the bunny girl picture!?

OK next bitch is about gaijin on TV, I think it's good for gaijin to try and learn Japanese when they live in Japan, they should try, but they shouldn't try too hard. I wach the foodies channel sometimes for a hit of Nigella and Jamie, but I came across a show where 2 gaijin travel around Japan trying food from famous areas and stuff. These 2 piss me off so so so much, although to be fair I'm sure it's a director in the background telling them to act like absolute twats or their gaijin arses will be on the list to be deported. It's a blond bird and a black dude I saw and they are just so over acting and make me ashamed to be gaijin in every possible way. I can't exactly explain what it is but I hate gaijin on TV who try so hard to be exactly like a Japanese person, it just annoys the shit out of me.

And I think that's all the TV bitching for today!

In school news they started construction today so we should be up and running by the end of this month! We also have our first set of posting leaflets done, our website designed and meeting with the logo geezer tomorrow night, busy busy!


  1. take heart my white husband said that in reality Japanese men loathe their skinny women...nothing but bags of bones...he said none of them even turn his head-he also said when we go to Japan he sees the men staring at my fleshy behind... ;) and he's proud to own it! HA! I'll just bet you would knock em dead in a bunny least you'd have something to wag around instead of a bag of bones! I'm 150 and loving it!

  2. Know just the exact program - the one with Shingo from SMAP doing the MC0-ing this year?? I think. Have been perplexed myself at need for program to employ bunny girls. Surely a clown and a bouncy castle would be more effective.

  3. I have to say as a sometimes visitor to Japan (my wife's from Sapporo and we often go back)- I get dismayed at the flagrant stereotyping of gaijin on Japanese TV... invariably the butt of jokes, or the "see-how-almost-Japanese-they-can-be". Ok - it's a generalisation, but I don't think that the Japanese can understand how degrading it can be. For them, it's adding colour to the shows.

    Having said that - there's an amazing amount of great and CRAP tv in Japan. I just hate the morning tv (like TBS) where they go over the same stories over and over and over again! (having said that - they do go into stories more thoroughly than here in Adelaide).