Wednesday 29 September 2010


Away from it all! Ahhhhhh I wish!

No, actually running every morning for about a week now! Quite proud of my lazy self, I find running the best form of exercise for a few reasons: 1- You can't get out of it, once you've run somewhere you HAVE to run back, or at least walk to where you started from. 2- If you keep going and don't be lazy and stop (like I often do) you get a warm tingly glow and your pudgy bits go all red and glowy-like meaning blood is pumping to all sorts of cellulite ridden areas! and 3- runner's high. Best feeling in the world (after all illegal activities in a public place have been eliminated of course).

I usually go to my local pond and run around a few times like a big lumbering, sweaty gaijin giant from a story book, but in preparation for the 10km run in November I'm going to have to get my arse into gear and start running to the pond instead of cycling and then add in some runs up and down the hills that keep the lovely eye candy-ish army base boys in such fine shape. Am dreading the run a bit as just don't have that much time to run anymore and my mum and sister are coming to Japan next week which will mean my beer consumption will go up by about 400% and we'll be eating all sorts of goodies to the tune of yakiniku and kushi-katsu and lots of other bad crap that my family crave from Japan!

Not sure how the visit will go, I've never had them come stay and not had some kind of argument with them, but this time they're coming together, not sure how that will work... Although I think it will be a good thing, they can at least keep each other (and Ash) entertained so I don't feel so guilty about working. Plus I'm going to make my job a bit easier by putting them to work by chatting with my adult students over tea or some shit. Students will get natives that speak 0 Japanese and I can sit back, translate where neccessary and nurse my inevitable hang over from too much beer and yakiniku.

Ryota is being kicked out and will sleep at the in-laws place for the 2 weeks that they're here which is a big relief, my sister and mum are total night owls where as we're generally in bed by 9:30pm so this will eliminate the sleeping/noise issues, I hope. Although due to dirt path situation Ryota will probably still be able to hear them nattering from Grandma's house! And totally not kidding...
I've warned mum about the dog fucker fight, she told me to make up with her before she gets here as she wants her nails done. Thanks for your support there Ma!

Right, off to fill a small child's mind with English words, topic this week. Veggies! Really, how can I make a cucumber that exciting though...?


  1. That sounds like the sort of comment my mum would make!

  2. Enjoy your time with the family. I guess at least a one day truce with SIL would make your mom happy. Then you can resume hostilities, naturally. ;)

  3. print out pictures of all the vegetables and with the kids, glue big google-y eyes (who doesn't love google-y eyes?!) on all the veggies while naming them. then they can make the vegetable "people" dance! can't promise they'll actually remember the words, but at least they'll laugh!

  4. need to get back into running. Do love the feeling after a good run. Good luck with your training. And upcoming marathon yakiniku and beer fest. Getting your mum and sister to work with your adult students sounds like a great idea.

    not too sure on the making up with dog fucker for sake of nails but. She definitely needs to be in the dog box for longer.