Wednesday 15 September 2010


Aren't I just a boring blogger lately! No racist rants to report, no annoying little control-freak antics from Grandma (although she had a minor futon freak-out at me this morning), no MIL being a general nut. Why...? Because this weekend will mark 2 weeks of total cut-off styles from the in-laws, well, SIL really, but seeing as though she's a big weirdo that never leaves the house this pretty much equals no in-law house contact either. I can't quite believe it's still going on, although it's been kinda nice to just spend the nights with Ash and Ryo-chan, more tiring as well, but most nights we'll eat dinner and all chill out in front of the wiggles until bedtime.

We did go to the in-laws for dinner on Sunday night for sushi. We got home about 20 minutes later than we thought and I felt so guilty that everyone had waited for us to eat dinner but when we all sat down and SIL was absent, I saw that a few pieces of sushi were missing and knew that she'd eaten without us first and then scurried upstairs with the dog for a session. I was going to keep my big foreign mouth shut but Ryota was quite blatant when he said to Grandma:

"Oh did the douchebag upstairs eat earlier to avoid us!?" Grandma and MIL were very quick to give diplomatic answers like "Errrr no, she was just hungry and we didn't know how long you'd be..." and "Don't be silly!" But that is soooo bullshit, she's never done that before so I guess her Kimutaku pride is still bruised. Meh, makes my life a lot easier to not have to deal with her anyway.

Easier in all aspects except one, my fucking nails. A few weeks ago when we went out clubbing SIL did my nails for me and now they're all chipped and ratty looking, this annoys me for 2 reasons, 1) I'm a bit OCD with things like that, and if it's one little chip I will just take the whole lot off and do them again. and 2) It's not the best look for an English teacher to have homeless-like nails. If they were random and sparkly it wouldn't be so noticeable but they're flat black so very easy to see the rattiness! They're gel so you need special stuff to get them off and then file them, if I have to go to a salon I'll be pissed, Ryota assured me he can get it off with paint thinner but who knows if I'll have any skin left on my hands after he's finished. Any suggestions??? I think I'll ask SIL's boss to take them off for me when she comes for her lesson next, she'll wonder what's up but I'll just have to tell her the truth, that her employee is a cunt, noooo other way to say it!

I had a meltdown of sorts yesterday, the tyre on my bike blew out at the most inconvenient time, Ryota and I had a fight over disciplining Ash the night before, (whole other story there!) I was dying from asthma and MIL and Grandma were team-tagging nagging (team- nagging?) me to go get the puncture fixed when all I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball and have a "fuuuuuuccckkkkk itttt!" big sob-filled cry. They literally pushed me out the door and down the dirt path in the direction of the bike shop but I turned around half way there as I felt tears welling up in my eyes. (hehe what a whimp!) I then locked the front door just in time before MIL tried to open the door inquiring why I'd come back. I soooo didn't want to deal with a MIL lecture so I just called out "Shindooooiiii!" (I feel like crap!!) and cried in the toilet. What a fucking baby I am! 10 minutes and an apology call from Ryota later and I toddled off to the bike shop to get the puncture fixed. So all good!

Ash is going to the in-law house tonight while I teach so we may have a SIL encounter. If other people are there it won't be so bad but what do I do if I see her one-on-one?? What would you do?? Like if she's on her way to take the dog for a post shag walk and I'm on my way in the door what do I do? Advice please, I haven't had a family fighting stand-off in ages! Not one in this close of a proximity anyway!

I'll leave you with a picture of little Ash, he got his first shiner the other day, was giggling his arse off as he was patting FIL's big bald head (we all get a kick out of taking the piss out of his baldness) and giggled his face right into the corner of the coffee table, silly little twat, when do kids realise that banging objects with their heads hurts like a mother fucker!? Anyway, I wish it was a bit more impressive, it just looks like I've put make-up on one of his eyes. Although the kindy teachers all exchanged suspicious glances before asking me what happened to him. I should have told them that in Australia we punch our kids in the face if they talk back, at least their suspicious glances wouldn't have been wasted then!


  1. I reckon the best way is to be coldly polite. That way she gets the point but you don't look like a bitch.

  2. it does look like eyeshadow. What a cleverly placed shiner ash. Hope it's getting better. Ryu has a bit egg on his forehead from face planting the floor when trying to crawl too fast. I get questions but probably not as bad as a black eye.

    Just ignore the SIL. Wonder how long the stand off will last.

    Hope you can get your nails sorted without having to go about talking to her again :D

  3. You can get some gel-nail remover from Tomods or HAC or random places selling nail stuff. Just soak the cottonwool in the remover and wrap in tinfoil for a while. Basically ready to be removed by the time the 10th finger is wrapped though. Then the most satifying part is scraping off the nail with a woodel nail stik/rounded cuticle stick :) Easy as pie. I can't believe I used to get the salon to do it for me!

    O yes and bruiser Ash is mighty cute looking! Xx

  4. In-laws, what can you do? I married into a family of holy rollers, not the wife though, just the rest of them. While they're nice most of the time I still sense disapproval at times. Really doesn't bother me any more.

  5. The other night I went out with my boyfriend and on the way out of the restaurant knocked over a woman`s drink. Okay... I was a little tipsy but it just made me mad and proceed to start crying about how the spaces in Japan were too small... I think it was probably a embarrassed, drunken and space related accident but in normal circumstances I wouldn`t have cried over it. The post of this comment is that sometimes we girls just need a good cry, ne!

  6. I think black nail polish looks best when chipped.

  7. If she says something to you, I'd say something like, "Nihongo hanashimasen."

    That'd probably really piss her off. Haha

  8. She sounds like a very strange one. Just ignore her, or yeah, if you come across her just coldly polite.(she prob wouldn`t get that tho eh..KY girl?, most definately).