Tuesday 1 February 2011

And so...

Was the party a success?

Of course it was! But we all knew it would be in the end.

Do I still want to leave Japan?

Kind of, but not before getting a big arse cake and throwing at random staff members, and well, just anyone really, at Costco...

Speaking of the cake, it actually turned out really well, which kind of pissed me off because you know when you get a huge arse bee in your bonnet but then it all works out fine and you have to eat your words along with your cake...? Yeah, bit like that. I also had to get some severe ribbing from Ryota, but I'm glad we can laugh about it now at least.

So here is the famous fucking cake!!!

When we got to costco they didn't have any dinosaurs on display but when Ryochan asked, this super nice lady went and rummaged around in the freezer for us. Wish she'd been there the day before, bet she would have slipped our order in. And so, I wrote his name on and the toy story characters fit perfectly, and the candle matched the dinosaur colour EXACTLY and it all worked out. Of course the writing was still in Japanese, but he is a halfie after all. I'll deal.
Even though there is still a bad taste in my mouth about living in Japan for the rest of my life, I guess in this instance I kinda forgot what it was all about... Because really, all that mattered was this...

And getting to do this...

But most of all, this...

Happy Birthday little man, we may escape this mother-fucking country one of these days!!!
*Pictures (and party therefore my child's happiness) made possible by the wonderful Sassymoo, thank you!!!


  1. YEAHHHHH!!! Blue monsters...love it!

  2. Like that cake but LOVE the photos of Ash,especially the last one as you can see more of the little boy than the toddler for the first time.

    PS Happy 2nd;-)

  3. So cute and I'm glad the cake worked out in the end.

  4. Aw, cute pictures. And the cake looks great, gotta love a dinosaur cake. Glad to hear it all worked out.

  5. aww, he's so cute! and i'm glad it went good ><

  6. I have been lurking around this blog for a couple of months now, giggling all by myself. I hope you don't mind me saying this totally random thing, but a close friend of mine just had a baby a year ago and, remembering how she reacted when i said the same thing about her son, i figured you'd appreciate being told to. So, here it goes: Wow, Corinne, your son is gonna grow up to be one handsome guy!

  7. Random reader advice - do what you need to do to be happy. My parents got divorced when I was a kid and it ended up being such a better environment for me than having them simmering in hatred all the time. If you'll be happier in Australia (and I'm sure Ryota will get used to it - especially if he can be near the waves) then your son will be happier, too. Plus, the Japanese education system can be stifling (unless you want to send him to an international school in Japan.) In any case, you look amazing, and you have a beautiful family.

  8. Glad the party went all right after all! After reading the previous post I thought a disaster of a day might roll in, but everything looks like it turned out peachy and fun. Ash is turning into such a cute toddler too!