Saturday 12 February 2011

Why not?

Why not indeed...


  1. You need a diet?
    I asked all your readers and we voted 716-3 (you have 3 really strong feministas...go women power)
    That you oughta post some scantily clad "before" pictures for me..I mean we look over and use a a refferrence. Clothes will really just get in the way and make job harder.

    "Alright lets do this" That's what everyone said at the they really wanna see this dream come true!

    Did I miss the point completely? Can we not crush the readers hearts and do it anyway...the before pictures I mean :)

    If offended I blame others for my totally half serious proposal of support.

  2. well, i'll follow any blog you make seeing as i just follow for your sarcasm & wit, so...