Monday 28 February 2011

Wait... Which fight was it...?

Sorry, I realised the last words on my previous post were "Will keep you updated..." That was a big lie, I didn't update at all! But as a few wise commenters said, it did just seem to fizzle out without really coming to a head. dangerous as will be used as future ammo. But for now, his chonanitis seems dormant and we're all happy with his new computer and my new job.

Like I wasn't busy enough already this month with a flood of phone calls and trial lessons booked in from the magazine ad. (Not complaining, I promise!) I got a drunken phone call from one of my old mates who I used to go and watch football (soccer) with who said they knew someone looking for a female announcer for the AFC Champions League games that are about to start with quite a few being played in Osaka. Now, some gaijin ladies are totally in to the whole modelling/announcing/being a random gaijin in the background on TV, and actually make a go of it I'm sure, but I'm really not one of them. I wouldn't say I'm shy, but not really an extrovert either. Anyway, I was about to tell him 'thanks but no thanks' but he told me the price they were willing to pay for me to read a script and I was seriously gobsmacked, cleared my whole schedule and said "Fuck yes!" I won't tell you the exact figure because one of you Internet crazies may hunt me down and jump me, but it's basically 3 days work for almost the same as Ryota makes in a month. It was perfect timing though, what with the ad and the new computer, plus it will get rid of a chunk of Ryota's motorbike loan so I was very keen to at least audition.

I met my mate yesterday and he came along to the audition with me as he knows the organisers quite well. When we got to the audition room, there were 2 other girls auditioning, one Chinese girl who had amazing English and was studying in Japan, and another girl I didn't really talk to but had come with her manager so was apparently a professional announcer/model. I thought the professional girl would get it for sure, but it was worth trying anyway. After I went in to audition, I started shitting myself pretty quickly, it was basically 5 old-ish, powerful-looking guys in suits, one was the head of the football club, another was the director of the stadium events and the other 3 were probably equally important people I had to impress. I fucked up one question he asked me in Japanese, but apart from that pretty much understood what he was saying and then had to read a few announcements and then the player's names and numbers. The Japanese players are no problem, how the hell I'm going to get through the Brazilian players and the other team I have no fucking clue, but I have rehearsals tomorrow and all day Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be coached on how to say them before we're actually live!!

Am looking forward to it though, not only because I'm a football fan, but it will be interesting to go behind the scenes and see how it all works! The organiser called me today to arrange rehearsal times and asked me if I'd like to do the Japanese announcements too, this freaked me out a bit, I can read Japanese, but there's just that increased chance that I'll fuck it up if it's not in English! He said we could discuss it tomorrow anyway, so if they up the price I may just suck it up and put my best Japanese elevator lady voice on and go for it! I don't know if the game will be on TV, definitely on cable I think, so if you get a chance, watch and tell me that my voice isn't too annoying, I need the confidence boost!!!


  1. Oh wow, that is so cool!! There is no way I could do something like that - even if there was a hell of a lot of money. I just freeze up and panic and it would be a complete disaster.

    Good on you though!! I bet the extra money will come in handy :)

    Btw, when you say football do you mean football or soccer? If it's soccer than I am so envious that you get to go behind the scenes. If it's football you can keep it to yourself, lol!

  2. Soccer! :)
    I probably wouldn't be keen on doing football either, at least I can enjoy the game too!

  3. "There is a tide in the affairs of (wo)men which if"...etc, etc...get on that surfboard girl and riiiide! (apologies to the bard)

  4. cool!! Congratulations!!!

    Sounds like a sweet gig, give me shout If they need another gaijin girl for such things :D I have got the perfect face for the radio :D

  5. Awesome!! Bet it will be great. Good luck!

  6. Sounds awesome! i guess sometimes it really does pay to stick out like a sore thumb eh?
    Best of luck to you!

  7. was wonderin' what happened? Thought the hubby and his mom's buried your ass in the backyard? Thought you might send out a coded message like

    "A dingo stole my baby"
    "Let's throw a shrimp on the barbie"

    Glad it didn't come to that ;)

    Your a superstar.

    I woulda fucked it up if I had pretended to be your handler.

    Me: I speak for her. Anything you have to say to her you say to me.

    Your wig is tilting my on that.

    I'm a pimp, she's a hoe...and you'll are a bucha john's tryin to run a train...that's cool...that's cool...but you gotta pay.

    What are we talkin bout?

    Does anyone speak ENGLISH?

    It woulda went bad. I'm not good with people. except my students. Cuz they pay me. ;)


  8. Wow! Congratulations on the new job. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.

  9. That's cool! I'm really jealous. And good timing, too, but the sounds of it.

  10. You go girl! Just have one of those 12% chu-hai's that you can get at the local conbini before you start;-)

    One of my best one shot jobs ever was doing a voice commercial .30 minutes for a couple of takes and I was laughing all the way to the bank.

    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

  11. You'll do a great job I'm sure, and the extra money is always nice. Remember us little people as you garner fame and fortune here, and stuff. ;)

  12. cool~ i think you'll do great, just don't be so nervous

  13. Wow, congratulations! Is that Gamba or Cerezo? If it's Gamba, we go to games quite often, so I'm looking forward to hearing your voice over the loudspeakers. I'm sure you'll be fantastic.