Friday 15 April 2011

Damn it

I keep starting to write posts and then never finish them, or get distracted by something sparkly, (AKA online shopping)or never know how to write everything that's been happening lately. So yeah, I suck! I also have been totally busy at the school and with totally cleaning and re-organising our house. I finished today and have the wrinkly chemical hands to prove it. Once I started I couldn't stop. And you know what, I discovered after about an hour of scrubbing my cooker? It's actually all grey, not black!! Wow that's a horrible thing to admit but it's true, I was totally amazed!

Anyway, back to the actual point of this post... That car accident that Ryota was involved in? Yeah, turned in to a total shit storm! Basically, like I said, all accidents involving a car and a motorbike will always leave the car at fault but the lady who was driving got pretty stroppy and tried to get the insurance companies to make it 50/50 as she claimed Ryota was actually at fault. Now, I'm pretty damn sure that Ryota was in the wrong, but from what I can tell, I'm not sure if it was totally his fault. She was turning right into a driveway and he zipped around a car that was stopped and they collided in the middle. But in Oz (as far as I know) if someone's turning right they have to be watching for oncoming traffic no matter how fast it's going, or they're fucked. Anyway, it was her word against his but he had decided not to press charges against her because I told him to not be a cunt as kharma would surely come and knock me off my scooter or something. But after she started being a bitch I was all for it! And not one to back down from a fight, Ryota then assured them that he would happily make it a personal case which would mean the silly bitch forking out big yen and losing her licence and Ryota forking out the same as a speeding ticket and 1 point off his licence. Stupid cow.

Thhhheeeeennnnnn, she had the nerve to say that there was 6 kids in the car with her and they were having back pain!! What the fuck, I was there and I saw one kid hanging out the window shouting "Ehhh gaijin yaaaa!!!" but definitely not 6! Ryota then actually called her directly and told her that the city would be investigating the case (as he is a city worker) and that she should be careful to not end up being charged with fraud... Of course this was bullshit, but in Japan, when push comes to shove it's not name calling that works, it's name dropping. She then did a total turn around and started crying on the phone that she was so sorry and didn't know what to do. Stupid cow. Although well done Ryota for being smart about it as I would have just called her a stupid (OK maybe cunting...) cow and gotten really angry.

The next night, she comes to our house, with cake and cookies... And not like 100 yen roll cake either...

Guilt cake tastes better than normal cake...

I was gobsmacked though, she tries it on and then thinks that cake is going to make it all better?? And it did!! Ryota was well impressed that she came crawling back with her tail between her legs and decided to let the insurance company handle it. She also came to the house again the next night with a big bag of snacks for Ash.
So now not only is Ryota getting a brand new bike as she said they feel guilty about him riding a bike that has been in an accident even if it is fixed (huh!?), but all his medical bills, (went for x-rays and massage on his shoulder)the cost of a new watch, new pants, new shirt, pain and suffering money, and the cost of a rental bike he is using now (despite the fact that we have a car he could use)... I'm all for taking full advantage of the system but the poor cow's insurance company won't cover it all and she will have to fork out. Meh, it's sorted anyway, but it was quite a big drama at one point!

My advice?? Go have a bingle on your bike and you'll get shitloads of cake!


  1. Not fair - our cunting neighbour has been doing work on his building including jackhammering at 8am and where are my cakes?

  2. added a pic to the post which is thrilling for me because I got ADHD and pics keep my brain in the game.

    The word such a fucking no no where I'm from. I am a raging loonatic animal who has alienated almost everyone in my life but THAT word never comes out.

    I once kept yelling Hiroshima..weeeee..BOOM!! Nagasaki..weeeee BOOM!! until I got arrested and spent close to 20 days in Jail. The fighting I mighta got away with but that constant ignorant rant to J Cops cost me dearly and I STILL wouldn't say Cunt.

    Sometimes the differences in culture (I think Americans stay away from that? Mom would have killed me) or it's personal?

    I woulda tested the ugliest cake with an in-law to make sure it was safe myself :)

  3. Wow, what an ordeal! People like that lying bitch irk me like nothing else, i'm glad she got put in her place! And sounds like the insurance companies there are pretty decent as far as compensation goes.. My sister got T-boned by some old lady who wasn't looking where she was going. Shattered her windshield and totaled her car, but the lady's insurance company wasn't willing to fork over more than 2 grand because apparently that's all my sister's car was worth (no matter that the lady was 100% at fault), but that's hardly enough to find a working replacement car. Probably could've gotten more if we'd pressed charges but took pity on the old lady instead. Yeah, insurance companies piss me right off too!
    Done ranting now

  4. "It's actually all grey, not black!!" lol, omg spit out my food girl~

    anyhoo~ ha! those are the best types of threats! i once had a cousin claim that she was a doctor and say that 'this collision wouldn't cause any problems'

  5. Wow, you guys so go the sweet end of the deal - pun intended. The last time we got guilt cake was when bitey bitch 2 year old from kinder and her mum came round to apologize for all the teeth marks and blood loss Marina went through. Cakes and plasters.

    Hope life calms down about so you can post some more. Good luck for the easter party.

  6. I am going to see if I can get an oldie to knock me off my bike tomorrow and see how much cake I get...

  7. From how you described it, I'd say she's completely at fault. I hate the "oh my neck/back/finger hurts husband got plenty of that when he fell asleep at the wheel at a signal and caused a three car ramming DO work though. I'd say the same as you until she started with the bollocks stories. She pretty much deserves the consequences now.

  8. Japanese tend to act in the extremes with car accidents and the like. They're usually pretty chill and dismissive but a few of them go mental with greed and start demanding 25 man for a new door or something because the paint got a bit scratched. Good for calling her out.

    Also, I cleaned my cooker last week too. It was disgusting how bad I let it get.

  9. Excellent moral, if I learned nothing else today I'm glad I learned this. Free cakes, come to mama!

    Feel slightly bad for her for having to fork out herself because insurance companies are so wack but she *did* start it with her nonsense. What's the saying? If you can't take the heat, you're probably a snowman? No that's not it...