Friday 29 April 2011


This post will contain no juicy stories, no profanity, (well, maybe a bit) no sex stories, and, something that I am always very hesitant to post- *gulps nervously* A BABY VIDEO!! And even worse, my baby!
Shock fucking horror! I hate posting shit about Ash, because we all know that the only people who think these sorts of videos are cute and funny and interesting are the parents of the child that happens to be blowing the raspberry or doing baby's first {insert milestone that nobody gives a fuck about here}.


This video shows possibly the only ways Ash is exactly like me... Grumpy as fuck in the morning.

Ash is not like me at all, he looks nothing like me, (well maybe the piggy nose and chubby thighs...) he actually chooses to eat fish and rice for breakfast, he sits on his knees when he's watching telly and is generally very very much like a little mini Ryota. But sometimes, there's this death stare he gets that reminds me so much of myself when I'm pissed off, and I love it. You'll see this death stare in the video where it's like he's saying JUST. FUCK. OFF. WOMAN. with his eyes.

As if this wasn't enough, he also farts at the end which is pretty damn awesome.

I'll set the scene- It's a dreary, rainy morning. Ryota has been up since half-past fuck-off-and-get-back-to-bed, and this is the 4th time I've tried to wake him up. I tried shaking, tickling, threatening to throw Buzz down the stairs but he just wasn't waking up. If only he knew I was just as keen to blow off work and snuggle in with him for the day... God help us all when he's old enough to negotiate and convince me we would both be better off with just 10 more minutes in bed...

Apologies, I tried about 50 times to upload the vid here but ended up wanting to throw my computer out of a very tall building window, so I uploaded it here!

It's times like these my ample gaijin bosom just swells with motherly pride.


  1. awww i love this kind of stuff

  2. okay... I must be getting old and sentimental because I just spent four minutes and thirtyseven seconds watching someone else's little bugger farting. Hope one day you'll repay me some love, Pretty. Gotta say that sexy Aussie accent of yours makes up for a lot though.

    Now get back enlightening your loyal Readership on those ample gaijin bosom, willya?

  3. LOL!!
    If my mother had a video cam when I was a kid she would saw that alot....come to think of it it was bad enough being woken up...finding a happy with herself mommy holding what looks like a death ray gun from t.v. woulda traumatized me ;)

    Cute BTW :)

  4. That's a quite impressive display of morning grumpiness. I've never really outgrown that "farting in the morning while waking up" thing though...

  5. OH! LOL!!!! How adorable was that?!

    He'll be doing that his whole life. :-)


  6. So so funny! Also was that a little fart at the end?
    So funny.!