Saturday 9 April 2011

Fights and near death experiences.

Well the fight was mine, near death experience was Ryo-chan...

Last night Ryota and I had a pretty big spat about something quite stupid. What the fuck was it... (OK about 3 minutes of sitting thinking later) I remember now! Ash didn't want to put his pants on and was taking great pleasure in rubbing his bum and naughty bits on every surface he could possibly reach. This is all fun and games until something important gets little boy piss all over it. I let it go on for about 10 minutes and then went to put his pyjamas on whether he liked it or not. Obviously he didn't and was carrying on like I'd just pulled the head of his Buzz doll or something and in the process bumped his head on the hard bit of the sofa. Now, the whole time he was screaming and wriggling Ryota was saying "Just leave him, put them on later!" I'm no strict parent but I'm not going to have my 2 year old dictate what does and doesn't get pissed all over just because he feels like free ballin.' Ryota is all about the easy way out when it comes to discipline but I feel this helps Ash in no way at all. Kiddies need boundaries, not suffocating, oh-my-god-I-fucking-hate-my-mum, therapy-inducing boundaries. But some indication that mum and dad are the boss until they're old enough to be stupid and take the consequences themselves. So I ignored the Japanese parent who was never told 'no' once in his life and put the damn pants on.

When Ash bashed his head Ryota said "See I told you just to leave it!!" It wasn't a serious bump, Ash didn't even cry, but you know, still felt guilty enough without fuck face rubbing it in. He ALWAYS does this! If I give Ash some food that is too hot, he gets all huffy and says "Why didn't you check how hot it was!?" And it pisses me off soooo fucking much. In the reverse situation I never say shit, even if I'm thinking it, because I know it was a fucking accident, I know he feels bad, I'm not going to make it worse. Anyway, this pissed me off enough for me to take the oppourtunity to go and close the school to blow off some steam. Ryota went surfing the last 2 days so was all tired and grumpy anyway and started bitching about the fact that he was going to have to watch Ash for you know, all of 20 minutes or so. I reminded him that I wasn't doing shots and dancing on tables at the school, I was in fact going to be doing work preparation for the next day's lessons but if he really wanted to go to bed I would take Ash with me and he could amuse himself with the various balls and plastic fruit at the school. We were both still pissed at each other so it was a very "FINE!" "FINE THEN!" tense kind of conversation.

So I started to get ready to take Ash to the school (in the pissing rain mind you) and as I was doing so Ryota starts getting a DVD out of it's case. Errrr what the fuck!? The only reason I was taking Ash with me was so he could sleep. I asked him if he was going to watch a movie and when I said Yes I did a big sigh and slammed the front door behind me. He then muttered some obscenity in Japanese as we started running in the rain for the school and I gave the finger to the house as I left, hehe hope nobody was watching me! After calming down a bit at the school I was still pretty angry but just dealt with it and went back home about half an hour later but the house was dark (a total fucking mess because god forbid he pick something up once in his life) and quiet. I took Ash up to bed and we did the whole 'silent treatment but just talking through your kid' routine until Ash and Ryota were both asleep when I went downstairs and totally reorganised the kitchen while downing a beer and hidden treasure umeshu I'd forgotten I had. I was hoping the booze would make me sleepy but the thrill (hehe fuck I'm lame!) of all the clean, spacious shelves and cupboards made me want to keep going on the kitchen until it was done. At about 3am I got in to bed and actually had a nice sleep in in the morning! This morning was still pretty tense between us but it wasn't really a big enough fight to be totally pissed with each other.

Anyway, at about 11am I decided to take Ash to the park and Ryota decided to go get a haircut. He goes off on his motorbike, us on my bicycle. As I was cycling down the road I suddenly see Ryota stopped talking to a lady and several people gawking at them too. I cycle over and find Ryota's bike pretty smashed up and the woman looking pretty damn pale. I just caught the end of the conversation to hear her saying "OK, I better go call the police then..." I made sure Ryota was OK and he told me best I pissed off as I'm a bit of a celebrity in our little semi-iinaka community and if I was spotted where the police were wouldn't be the best advertisement for the school. So I did and got the gossip later. Apparently Ryota was totally in the wrong as he was doing some ridiculous speed nowhere near the limit and was trying to go around a car that was turning right as he's a totally impatient driver. The poor woman had hit him and lucky for us no matter how much some punk on a motorbike may be in the wrong, the car is always at fault. Which means her insurance will cover whatever the bike costs (possibly a new one as the steering panel looks pretty fucked)and Ryota gets no penalty. Pretty damn unfair but that's the way it is I guess. The police even asked him if he wanted her to lose points off her licence and lucky he said no or I would have done him more damage than any bike accident could. He was incredibly lucky, just a skinned knee and a swollen shoulder but could have been much much worse. Despite being a fucker at times I'd be pretty damn messed up if he went and died on me! It also got us over our fight pretty quickly, so today has been a pretty lucky day! Hope your weekends are much more quieter than ours!


  1. Sometimes I think that I might have needed some more boundaries when I was a kids since I'm still into rubbing my bum and naughty bits on every surface I can possibly reach (mostly when noone's looking these days). Glad to hear Ryota's ok, but you should get into a fight about him driving too fast on the bike!

  2. Here's to a quiet weekend at yours next weekend then.

  3. I think a fully charged laptop computer tossed into a bathtub is enough shock to make him think he almost died....and you are not to be fucked with...the next time you wanna "near death" him into peace mode.

    You'd lose that laptop

    Maybe a ghetto rigged set of 9v batteries would be the cheaper way to go ;)

    Your a teacher so you KNOW the kids need boundries and dicipline.. less you like they run all the fuck over you.

  4. the more I hear, the more I like Ryota. I mean, being tired and grumpy from surfing two days.... that's kinda cool in my dictionary.

  5. wow, what a weekend! I'm glad to hear ryota was safe. It's nice how near-death experiences seem to clear up recent arguments in a pinch.
    Can't believe the lady was at fault though just because she had the car. How backwards these laws seem.

  6. He'd let the child go on and on rubbing his bits on furniture etc?????? child discipline in Japan is SO strange..I am so so glad I never had a kid with a Japanese man!!! Glad you are there with the big, firm NO!