Monday 16 May 2011

Stuff... and stuff

Wow, it’s been a week since I wrote anything, sorry I know you’re all just shaking in your panties in anticipation for the next installment of my terribly exciting life. But I’ll have to disappoint and give you a bullet point round-up instead…

*It’s quite handy having an annoying, old meddling woman in your life (Grandma) because sometimes you can blame your own bad parenting on them. Took Ash to kindy the other day and the little bleeder discovered a hidden treasure candy from god knows when on the floor in the car. As I knew taking it off him would involve a headache, snot and tears at 8am (and that would just be me) and because he asked me so nicely by saying “Please-Mummy-Dadda-Open-OK!!!!” (Smart lad covering his arse from all directions already) I caved and gave him the damn lolly. This resulted in a happy, quiet child but the thing was still in his gob when we got to kindy and his teacher said “Ashton!!! Why are you eating candy at this time of the morning!?” with a side glance at me and without a thought I peered in to his mouth and said “Ohhhh are you eating candy!? That grandma of ours!!! Tut tut tut!” I love that I can still do this, in no time Ash will be calling me out on that shit I’m sure. Still, for all of Grandma’s crap I put up with I feel this is only fair.

*The school has been open for one year coming up next month and I couldn't’t be happier at how it’s going. I not only have a solid income but I have students that I genuinely care about! I love that I know what they’re doing in their lives, it’s so much easier to teach something like English conversation (which can be mind-numbingly frustrating, see this post!) when you actually give a fuck.
However…I still feel under appreciated in the family bread-winner stakes. Without rent, I make about the same as Ryota now, not that it’s a competition or anything, but fuck, surely an equal salary should be grounds for a bit of respect. Take today, for example. Ash has a funky chesty thing going on and the poor little bugger is really wheezing, I instantly decided he wasn’t going to kindy, despite the fucked up Japanese fever rule where he can go if he’s struggling to breathe but not if he has a fucking fever. Twats. Anyway, I had lessons on and off all day and asked Grandma if she (or her 2 lazy cunts of grandchildren) could watch him in between my lessons. I can go home when I’m not teaching but especially on Mondays I don’t have time to do much else, the longest break I had was from 2pm-4pm which is exactly the time Doctors must be watching porn in their offices or something because they’re all shut for the “lunchtime” break, lunchtime my arse, doesn’t take 5 fucking hours to eat lunch! So I couldn't take him to the docs and of course nobody would even think to ask Ryota if he could take time off, all that guilt was piled on me. I could have blown off lessons, I know the students would understand, but when you’re running a small school where you’re the only teacher, it’s really best to avoid cancelling on people. It turned out in the end because MIL had the afternoon off and took him.

*Mother’s day disaster was made up for this weekend!! It was a really fucking good weekend actually! Ash was healthy for the whole 2 days, Ryota and I got in a very nice shag on Saturday night, I got to go to Top Shop to browse clothes and we went back to the same restaurant as last week and enjoyed fucking amazing Thai food. The staff remembered us and looked shocked at Ash and said “Ohh he’s so happy today!!” Read: “Wow who knew he wasn’t a demonic little fucker!” I’m so glad we did go back, it’s rare for Ash to scream uncontrollably as he did last week and I’m not prone to bawling at cash registers either, so good food and times were had by all.

*Blogger obviously shit itself quite badly this week and a comment from my last post was deleted. It was an anonymous unhelpful kind of comment so not too fussed but did actually want to respond to it... It went something like "What did you expect, you married a Japanese guy!?" But the fact is, a lot of Japanese guys, and certainly Ryota was totally more romantic when we were dating, so I didn't expect the romance to die when the inkan was still wet, I got fuckin ripped off! A student explained to me there's a saying in Japanese that I can't exactly remember that goes something like, "2 eyes wide open before marriage, 1 eye closed after marriage." Which I suspect is more in reference to wives letting their husbands cheat after they're married but the same principle applies for all aspects of marriage I feel.
I also wanted to respond about Aussie guys being just as fucked up romantically as Japanese guys and the bra question... OK, I really have to devote a separate post to those, will get on it!

*I have a student who I totally want to do. Let’s call him… “Mr Inspiration” He’s very in to motivational speaking and the power of positive thinking. I really shouldn’t fuck him, apart from the fact that we’re both married, he went to school with my MIL. Which makes him quite old but within my limits, which are from legal to my Dad’s age but he’s not even that good looking. Just, I don’t know, charming I guess. He also lived in Europe and the UK for ages so likes to take the piss out of Japanese people which is quite funny. What's your age limit for too young and too old??

Right, that’s all that comes to mind at the moment, have to go and do some work!


  1. It's nice to hear you had a great Mother's Day <3
    My middle little brother made Mum breakfast in bed and bought her some very beautiful chocolates <3
    & my Dad bought his Mum a vacation :)

    All that training's bound to pay off in the future (^_^)
    ...if it already didn't on your 2nd Mother's Day 2 (^-^)...which sounded really nice <3

    I didn't comment about Japanese boys not being romantic on here before, but like whoever it was that commented before, my Ex Japanese Boyfriend wasn't the most romantic person on Earth either...(^_^)``
    He had lots of other really wonderful qualities other than that, thought. We're both Uni students, and fairl young~ so, immaturity on both parts might've contributed to the break well as bed girl, but 残念‵‵(-_-)```

    I hope everything works out fabulously with you and romance and Ryota :)

  2. "Mr I" sounds perfect.
    Positive and he has something to lose so he won't be some love struck stalker (unless your REALLY a good fuck) ...if your really good you better watch out for those bad side effects. ;)

  3. LOL, its genius to use your grandma-in-law like that!
    anyhoo~ age limits...
    well, im 18 right now so,
    youngest age i will date right now: a mature 16 yr old (aha, well its illegal, so...) i bet when i'm older i will let the gap widen more
    oldest age i will date right now: 34. woah, yeah i know. well actually i dont know. i just find guys near that age so damn attractive.

    write back to this comment if you would please, what do you think about these age 'limits';...they okay or is 34 too crazy you think...?

  4. Lots of stuff, but I will dive straight in with the boy/men response. Youngest for me is also "legal", oldest, probably about mid-fifties ;)

  5. Glad Grandma is coming in useful for something. Also, if he's a good looking older man, then I wouldn't care about his age, although things might have started to sag and that's never appealing...

  6. My limit == older than my son. Otherwise it's a bit creepy.

  7. not really into boys. I think older for me. i also think bald men are sexy but they do need to be err firm...
    God my old aikido teacher he was rock hard. I would blush every time to got hold of me....

  8. Magenta~ Yeah I guess J-boys aren't famous for their romance, but they do have a lot of other great qualities that western guys lack, so I shouldn't complain too much! Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Chris~ I've never had anyone rate my fuck before, perhaps I should get some kind of appraisal done to see the chance of stalking?? ;)

    navjeet~ You're so young, I'm jealous!!! But I think 16-34 is reasonable. it all depends on the guy right, if he's 34 but he looks really young, or 16 and mature then it doesn't make a difference, just a number in my opinion!

    Japanmamma~ Yup, I'm with you, although I might push 60 if he's really buff... hehe

    Sarahf~ Sagginess is a very big factor, although I can't be too picky with my post-baby wobbles... :D

    Kathrynoh~ HAHA, oh that is such a good way! I think in the future it will be younger than my dad and older than my son!

    Lentil~ I don't mind a baldy either actually! And firmness, like sagginess is very important, more than age I agree!