Saturday 14 August 2010

Almost as good as a list!

So Ryota and I had our first surfing related big argument last night, wooo, not virgins any more! It really shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but it was, although all sorted now so no worries.

Basically, Ryota planned to go surfing today with his brother, BFF, (who I should clarify for Laura, is in fact a guy, I just call him 'the bitch' because he does resemble a whining little girl most of the time!)and his work mate. Which is cool, but if Ryota's going surfing, there is no way I'm staying home all day with a bored toddler, especially in summer when walking to, well, anywhere, is impossible. So if Ryota goes surfing, Ash and I go on a date. Coffee, toys 'r' us, park or somewhere kid-friendly. I mentioned this to Ryota and he went all mental on me saying "You're making me feel guilty like I'm going to scar Ash for life for not spending Saturday with him!!!" But this wasn't even what the fight was about, but the guilt he was feeling was definitely a contributing factor obviously.

So about 10pm last night I called MIL to see if she was working in the morning, she said she was, so I asked Ryota how he was getting to the beach and he replied, "by car.." Thanks for that smart arse, I actually meant WHO'S car. (That was the beginning of the end) Now our car barely fits my extended gaijin limbs so 4 surf boards, Ryota's ego, 4 boys and all that testosterone is literally impossible, so if he goes surfing he always takes MIL's biggish car and leaves our little one for her to use. On weekdays this isn't a problem, but on Saturdays I go on a date with Ash... Can you see where this is going? MIL was going to take our little car to work and Ryota was going to take her car to the beach, leaving me and Ash stuck at home with nothing but buzz lightyear and our one remaining live fishy (yup, they all died except one!!). So I was pretty pissed, but kept it inside in my true passive aggressive form, in the end though, I couldn't help it and basically told him I was pissed I'd be stuck at home while he was out surfing, but that I'd get over it so don't worry. He then went all hissy fit on me and threatened to cancel and break his surf board in two. Drama queen much!?

We went to bed pissed at each other but I woke up to this...

Damn it, I can't flip the fucker, but I'll point out the highlights...

"If you don't like I'm going to surfing tell me, "Let's thinking about for my surfing future." I'm not sick but I love surfig now."

Awww, it's so dramatic and Ryo-chan style. Let's hope no potential students read this though, VERY bad advertisement for an English teacher...

So I think I shall tell him that his 'surfing future' is safe, as long as I have a car and some place to go so I don't get beach jealousy. We've also solved our problems by agreeing we'll go to the beach together next weekend and I'm going to give long boarding a crack, who knows, even I may have a surfing future!


  1. I can see you with a surfing future. All three of you :D

    I was wondering about the BFF too!

    I like how he writes you little notes. Cute.

  2. God,my first reaction(sorry!) is the fact that I am fucking jealous that your DH can write notes...and in ENGLISH!!!!!

    And as for the surfing,you go girl.Make him feel baaad.And start Ash on getting his surfers legs;you could have quite a good thing in the near future if that works out;)

  3. Ah bless, his notes are like T's.

    I do think it is cool he apologized and realized his errors. You've trained him well :)

    I agree though, you should all get into surfing together or at least body boarding. I know a family who all surf together and it is excellent bonding time. Good luck!

  4. Gah! ごめん. I thought it was a girl. Lol. I took "bitch" literally, didn't I? lol.

    Aww his note. I love how he writes notes to you. :) And he has a friend named Takeshi! I thought that was funny. ;)

    Surfing together could be fun! He can help you practice and become an expert surfer, and then you'd guys would have that much more to talk about.

  5. My guess is that he was deep down feeling guilty about going surfing instead of spending the day with you and Ash, and he projected that onto you with his drama queen rant (My hubs can be a real DQ too! Ugh!)

    At least he apologized! :D

  6. We should start a cute blog of English notes written by our significant others. It would be the cutest. Haha.