Friday 11 June 2010

Calmed down...

So I should probably point out that all this bad shit that happens to me is actually the only stuff I blog about these days, if I blogged about the everyday warm and fuzzy boring crap my life would appear quite normal, but let’s be honest, would you rather read about a mental guy wanking at my door? Or the peaceful family dinner I had? (Actually peaceful family dinners never happen, but uneventful ones definitely do!)
I have an update on the wanking guy as well!

So the first incident was on Friday night, then again on Saturday, (toilet hiding day) Sunday we were off praying for Grandma’s soul, so the next day was Monday. Ryota came straight to the school after he finished work, along with dog fucker, Grandma and little Ash. Dog fucker pissed off to give the dog a blow job or something early in the piece but the rest of us hung around until about 6:30 when mental wanky boy was due to arrive. And sure enough, 6:20 on the dot, he comes up to the window with the horny grin going on, he was about to say something when he saw Ryota. Now one of the reasons I liked Ryota in the beginning of our relationship was the fact that he was pretty muscly, not like kinnikuman or anything, but he’s got muscly arms going on (mainly from his job) and he’s also pretty tall, a must when you’re with a giant like me. So wanky boy saw Ryota and instantly fled, which had Ryota charging out the door after him. Now, I’m all for a bit of a telling off, but when I went outside, Ryota had the poor mental bloke by the collar up against the wall and was yelling something to the effect of, “You fucking little arsehole, you show my wife your cock!?” I was honestly shocked, I mean, he’s mental, you can’t go full arse whippings on the bloke!? Ryota then kicked the wall really really fucking hard to scare him even more and had the guttural, low scary voice that J-dudes get when they’re really pissed (as in angry, not drunk, but I guess the two usually go together…).

Now from afar, this would have looked so bad, a big dude in construction greens, ciggie in one hand, poor little mental dude up against the wall in the other, so it was no wonder when the old dude from across the street started to yell at Ryota. I was out on the street in a big panic at this time, imaging the police coming and causing all kinds of bad publicity for the school. I pulled Ryota off the mental guy (I felt so sorry for him!!) The minute he was released he just started saying “Onechan gomennasai!!!” over and over while piss bolting down the street, past Grandma, who I might add was laughing and saying “oooooo omoshiroi ne!” the whole time! I started yelling at Ryota to not be so stupid, beating a dude with the mental capacity of a 4 year old really wasn’t going to help more than a good telling off would and that we soooo didn’t need the police here when we are trying to get students in. The old dude from across the street was still harping on, and he said to Ryota “He’s speaking Japanese, you don’t understand him!” Old dude obviously thought Ryota was a gaijin too, which made Ryota even angrier at him and he was like, “You stupid old twat I am Japanese!” I was also giving him huge polite apologies in Japanese and once we went and talked to him and he knew what was going on he was like, “Ohhh sorry mates, I thought you were both ignorant gaijin bashing up the lil dude because you misunderstood him!” And actually said he’d look out for me if I was at the school alone and call the police if wanky boy happened to come back.

Honestly, it’s unlikely he will, Ryota scared the shit out of me, god knows what it would have been like for Wanky-chan. I really feel there’s some sort of lack of… can’t find the word…. Understanding?? Consideration…? Meh, I don’t know what word I’m looking for but I really had to explain to Ryota that as bad as wanky dude is, he’s really not all there, and there is an extreme lack of support for people with mental disabilities in Japan. All the responsibility falls on the parents, which must be hard for them, surely. I tried to break it down like this: That guy probably has the brain of about a 4 year old kid, if a 4 year old kid flashed his cock, you wouldn’t beat him down, a telling off and firm “it’s not OK”, yes. Beatings, no. But Ryota found it hard to understand, and I was glad he scared him away, just felt kinda bad thinking about how scared he looked.

Had a pretty big meltdown yesterday after the stress, lessons went fine, though I really do hate doing the explaining in Japanese. Got two more trial lessons tonight, one with 1st grade twins which will be interesting. The work load is getting pretty tough but I guess it will just take time to get used to, I really hope Ryota can quit his job, or at least get something part-time, his job is so hard compared to mine but our hours are so different that it means we never get to see each other anymore! Maybe a good thing… Have decided Sunday definitely has to be family day though, I may go crazy otherwise!


  1. Hey! I'm a new reader. Pleaseeee, don't write about the happy stuff. You and gaijinwife crack me the fuck up. Haha.

    I think you should play matchmaker and set dog-fucker up with a cutie. I read your earlier entries, and she's actually cute! So why is she obsessed with the dog?

  2. Adam - you found her. I thought you might like Corinne too. She has such a way with words :)

    You defiantly need a family day with no lessons at all or you will go insane. Sounds like things are really getting busy.

    Good on Ryota for doing the manly thing. At least he didn't punch the guy and by the sounds of it he wont be coming back. I think he needed to be scared off, you can't have him hanging around when you are teaching children. nice that the old dude across the street is going to keep an eye out too.

  3. I'm a bit in love with Ryota right now. No swashbucklng in my house, puh!

  4. Yeah, basically awesome. He just scared 'im good, which is just what he needed. And congratulations on the school going so well!

  5. sorry,but lmao off yet again.It's the way you tell it;)

    Ryota is a star.Just think what you would have done if a crazed bird back home had started masturbating in front of your DH when he was sitting innocently at work;excaaatly,you would beat the carp out of her:)

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  7. It does seems like Japan doesn't have as good as a system with caring for/dealing with the mentally handicapped as other nations might. Takeshi's friend from work in Suzuka has a young son who is mentally handicapped, and sometimes I wonder what his future will be... :/

    But having that said - I can't help it, but that were me I would feel just a little giddy that my hub was acting so protective. Hehe. As long as he didn't beat the wanking-guy senseless or anything. I wish we still lived in Japan (for many reasons) because then Takeshi would get to speak Japanese again on a daily basis. I might be a total ditz but I think he's 100% more attractive when he speaks it. lol.

    But yeah, go Ryota! ^_^ And that made me laugh that the old man that Ryota was a gaijin!

  8. OMG. Ryota sounds so hot. LUCKY GIRL. And yes, wanking please.

  9. Ah don't you love it when your normally piss-weak man, steps up and acts all macho! I pissed myself laughing through this post! I've been seku-hara by a brain-damaged guy before and it is scary, so the only thing you can do is look at the funny side! Hope things settle down for you soon. Hey, maybe you should set dog-fucker up with the mental guy? ha ha Brisbane no Katie yori

  10. aimlesswanderer13 June 2010 at 13:48

    Speaking as a guy, I guess Ryo really does like you - this is the kind of thing we guys do for special people. I'd do something similar if someone was messing with my wife.

  11. WOW! Go Ryota!! That kind of chivalry is unheard of over here in Namba! :D