Thursday 13 January 2011


Looks like I forgot to write anything today!
Will have to be a bed blog as I am now firmly tucked away in my futon like a little sausage wrapped in layers of pastry.

Ryochan and I had very heated discussion tonight that really got me thinking, but that will have to wait till tomorrow when I have a keyboard that wasn't made for midgets.

In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts floating around my head tonight...

•I fucking hate guns. There is no need for a normal person living in a city to have a gun. Yes, it comes down to the nutcase behind the gun in the end, but imagine if he had a baseball bat instead, he would be tackled to the ground immediately and have the shit kicked out of him as soon as he went mental.

•I'm still undecided if I like co-sleeping or not. At the moment ash is very warm, but also wrapped around me like I'm a tree trunk and he's a (drooling) koala... Making it quite hard to blog, or move for that matter.

•I picked our cat up today from being de-sexed, had to be done, but poor little thing looks kind of forlorn now we've taken her womanhood away.

•How DO japanese people fall asleep standing up??? I've been lying here for ages and am still awake!

•What happens to the fat that you lose?? 20kg of fat is a fair amount, has it evaporated into my body?? How does it work??

•I can't wait for sassymoo to get home, I'm dying for a conversation with someone who's on the same page as me, fuck I'll take someone who's in the same library as me at the moment.

•The floods in oz are shocking at the moment, I'm really glad all my family are in NSW.

•I feel like a bacon butty...

Right, told you they were random!

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  1. Hey Corinne, never commented before but I've been reading for a while. Love your blog, you're everything thats great about aussie gals and I fuckin love it.

    The fat is burnt and converted to energy/heat, so it just dissipates. At least how I understand it.

    P.S I promise I'm not a stalker because I commented 2 minutes after the blog went live, it just happened to come up as I was checking my RSS.

  2. Miss you too!!!! Fingers crossed we'll be winging our way home on Monday. Will mail you as soon as we get in. Coffee at my place on Tuesday if you have time. Don't you just hate it when you can't drop off to sleep? I am having the same problem. I actually started reading my own blog to fill in time but realized I'm a boring writer and stopped. I might go to bed and try to have some weird random thoughts of my own.

  3. Fat's converted to something or other in your blood and taken to your muscles, organs, brain etc to power them.

    I like co-sleeping because all my kids actually have their own bed. Sounds contradictory, but I can cuddle my sweet hot-water-bottles, or kick them back to their own 'bed' (a separate futon alongside mine for the little one, bunks for the older two) when they start doing stupid stuff like kicking MY blankets off! Tuesday night, they were ALL in bed with me, and I ended up dreaming of carrying Erica around in a backpack. So Wednesday night they were ALL back in their own beds!

  4. I like to think that the fat it transmitted by karma to all the idiots who have called me fat in the past. :)

  5. This post made me laugh! Specifically the bits about being a sausage wrapped in layers of pastry, and the last bullet point about bacon butties (had no idea what they were.. just googled it, but it just sounded funny nonetheless).
    Also, super cute picture. Pink elephant is kinda.. something, tho. i lost the word i wanted to use to describe it.

  6. Glad your family is safe. Parts of NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania are also flooded now. So glad I live in WA!! :)