Tuesday 4 January 2011

Dear Japanese lady,

I'm so sorry to bring this to your attention, but sweetheart, you're not 11. Wearing a skirt smaller than my hankie with fishnet stockings and knee-high boots may have seemed like a good idea this morning but it really puts me off my sushi and makes me want to cover my son's eyes with one hand and dress you in something appropriate with the other.

If you were a smokin' hot 20 year old I may be able to forgive you while having a lesbian fantasy, but you're about 40, and it's time to face the facts. You are not kawaii, you are, in fact, ridiculous.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Yours sincerely,
A concerned citizen put off their lunch.

No joke, some random obachan at sushi today was dressed so slutty it actually made Ryota drop his udon mid-slurp, and trust me, the noodle slurp isn't easily disrupted. I'm not a prude and I've been known to flash a bit of cleavage in my time, but really, some women just don't have a clue about how to cover their minge and leave a bit of mystery. The fact she was sucking on a cancer stick and picking her teeth may have disgusted me a bit too, it was an overall hideous package.

I have tonsilitis, which may be contributing to the venom I'm spitting towards slutty-chan. This blows so I will now go and suck down double the recommended dose of J-meds and retreat under the kotatsu, have to be genki for work tomorrow!

Diet update- Got on the scales this morning after a Chrissy/New Year/ visitors break in which I ate gross amounts of awesome food and drank a brewery worth of beer. No regrets, and the best part, still 1kg down, bringing it to a total of 16kgs, over half way to my goal of 25kgs down mark!


  1. At first, I was thinking perhaps a picture would have been nice to see, but then after you described the look I've changed my mind. ;)

  2. One of my friends went to her son's Xmas concert in Aus a few years ago and one of the mum's was wearing fishnets and thigh boots. Totes inapprops!

    I have been known to wear short skirts with fishnets and boots in my declining years though. Hopefully though I do keep my girlie bits well covered.

  3. You haven't seen Mexican mamas dropping off their brood at 7:30 in the morning in full makeup with barely covering their asses dresses in 5 inch spiked heels. Even the owner of the last school I worked at dressed in the sluttiest manner... at school.