Wednesday 5 January 2011

Sympathy please!

I think sympathy may be the main thing I miss from home, being the youngest child I always got lots of it, and also being the youngest child with a love for attention, well I lapped it up.

I have tonsillitis as I mentioned yesterday, and when I get tonsillitis it's not just a bit of a scratchy throat, it's like 'my glands are as big as golf balls and tonsils are covered in white crap' kind of tonsillitis. I can hardly swallow at the moment the bastards are so swollen. I'm contemplating looking in to getting them taken out, they cause me more trouble than they're worth. What fucking purpose do they serve anyway??

But back to my whinge, I get 0 sympathy here, OK, not quite true, Ryota tries his best, but honestly just doesn't think sometimes. To be fair he was awesome last night as I lay curled up in a pathetic ball under the kotatsu shivering, he looked after Ash and told me he'd get dinner himself as I physically couldn't eat. Of course I got sick of him putting off getting off his arse and ended up going and making him noodles at about 9pm. After he'd quite obviously seen/smelt/heard me making him dinner he did the whole "Ohhhh sweetie, did you make it for me!? You're so silly I was going to do that!!!" routine, but I actually didn't mind, when I'm sick if I just wallow all I think about is the vice-like grip that burns my throat every time I swallow.

A good example of his lack of sympathy would be what happened just now though, I'd sent him a picture of my tonsils covered in white shit (hey, I told you I like attention!) and my phone rang at 5pm while I was teaching, when I saw the missed call I thought he must have been concerned about my welfare, but when I called him back he said (while riding a motorbike mind you)


Me: Ok, wait! What fucking wetsuit!?


No, "You OK?" "How do you feel?" nothin' alllll about the freakin wetsuit. I better be getting some better sympathy attempts when I get home.

I was going to upload some recent photos but you'll have to wait until tomorrow as bastard camera has gone missing, bit of a worry really as it is worth more than my life. I'll leave you with an insight in to my throat though, this is bound to get worse overnight so expect more festering goodness!

Hmmmm yummy...


  1. You're taking camwhoring to a whole new level Corinne!

    Get well soon x

  2. oh you poor baby!

    i had my tonsils out when i was five but before that i remember the hell of having tonsillitis after tonsillitis. lots of sympathy from me!!

  3. OMG!!! That looks so frikin painful!!!!! Worse than last time by the looks. Good time to start thinking about getting those buggers taken out! If Ryota isn't giving you enough sympathy, go and stay at my place and I'll see to it that Nobu is at your beckon call with meds, hot drinks and sympathy! Feel better soon sweety. And let me know if you need anything. I"m getting a box ready to post over.

  4. woah that`s some seriously nasty tonsil action there! I get tonsilitis too but not to the point where they swell up as bad as yours do!! I found that throat spray seems to help numb it a bit..

  5. goodness me corinne... get to the doctor pronto.

    I was going to come here and say that I dont have sympathy for you because Im jealous of your weight loss (which I am) but yea ... pooor you :( That photo is pretty damn gross.

    If It helps I know that the reason they wont let you get your tonsils removed when you are under 21 is because it puts you at a higher risk of getting meningitis. But hell yea ... get them out. Ill come and visit you in hospital and bring you melted chocolate and ice cream to try and sabotage your diet efforts :D :D :D

  6. Being sick sucks. I hope you're feeling better soon, and get those things removed as well.

  7. I had mine removed when I was 19 after 19 years of being sick all the damn time. Tonsils, sinuses, bronchitis, just one illness after another. Now, I'm never sick. In an out of the hospital the same day, a week of not having to talk to anyone, it was awesome. I highly recommend having them removed.

  8. Random lurker here, but I just can't get over that picture. Your throat looks really bad. I hope you'll feel better soon!

    I had my first and so far last tonsillitis ever when I stayed in Japan for a year. It hurt like hell so I can totally feel your pain. And my tonsils weren't nearly as swollen as yours as far as I remember. I still blame the fact that most Japanese houses don't have proper isolation or any isolation at all. The rooms get so cold and humid as soon as you turn off the aircon / heater it's not even funny. I was shocked when I saw water dropping from the inner side of my windows every morning during winter. I always woke up with a sore throat and felt sick all the time until it got warmer. But there isn't much you can do about it, I guess, unless you get your tonsils removed.


  9. Corinne. That. is. disgusting.

    I hope it pisses off soon and you are able to post pic of healthy throat. I'm pretty sure bubbles will help, and if it doesn't get them taken out. Insurance system in Japan means you'll probably only have to pay about 300 yen.

  10. Euww and OUCH! I"m sure those would be better out than in.
    Cold ice-cream and sympathy from me. Take care!


  11. Ouch, that's gross. Now I've gone off my food...