Tuesday 18 January 2011


Work is so busy right now, as a business owner, this makes me happy.
As the sole fucker who runs everything, teaches the lessons, does the paperwork and is at the place at 9am and still there at 8pm on freezing cold nights, yeah not so much.

I really shouldn't complain. But I will, because I'm so good at it.

MIL is really good, if I need help with anything I know she'll do her best, but she is quite busy with her job and I hardly see her anymore. Ryota, on the other hand, has pretty much washed his hands of the school. Not because he doesn't care, but I think he just thinks it's 'my school' and doesn't know what he can do to help. It's true too, he can't really do anything but, you know, the offer would be nice. He's always going on about how he wants to start a side business for extra money, and it really gets me down. Help me with OUR business you big fucking tit!!! It's a lot of pressure doing it all by myself. Not necessarily the teaching part, that's stressful but I like doing it. It's the phone calls and the customer Japanese that is so essential to doing business here that gives me panic attacks.

Some of the students kind of piss me off too, although most of them are incredibly nice, sometimes it's like they think I like making conversation with them, like it's my hobby. Errr no, actually I'd rather be tucked under the kotatsu watching a movie rather than chatting to you about Japan's 4 seasons love! Although this really is just 1 or 2 students, the vast majority are awesome people who really try hard to learn and don't just rely on me to make chit-chat.

Let's see, what else can I bitch about...

Oh yeah, the in-laws have no idea about what goes on at the school, but sometimes they'll just feel the need to put their 2 yen in, like I'm a fucking moron. Like the other day, Grandma was like "Where's the New year wreath!? We have to burn it at the shrine, you can't leave it at the school any longer people will think it's weird!" For a start, I didn't really want a freaking new year wreath at the school, I have no clue what the fucker means or why it is burnt. I also didn't really need the mochi and mikan display but Grandma assured me I needed to display this stuff so people didn't think I wasn't down with the new year culture.
Then, another example, WELL into winter mind you, MIL goes "Corinne, are you making sure the classroom is warm before the students get there!?" No, I'm leaving it in icy darkness until they've been there for 5 minutes... What kind of idiot does she think I am, really!?

OK, enough bitching for now. I have to go and teach an army dude and then stumble home to serve dinner, wash up, give Ash a bath, clean the house, do the washing and then fall in to bed myself. Woe is me!!!! OK, tomorrow's post will be (slightly) less bitching and a dog-fucker story, it's been a while.


  1. yea the inlaws can say the stupidist things ...

    a few days ago mil summoned up the courage to "talk" to me (via hubby) about the fact that "if you send you kid to kindy in odd socks everyone will think your a bad mother." (I send her to grandma EVERY day in odd socks, just because I cant be arsed and im saving the good pairs for kindy.)

    Its a bit eye rolling really ... cant wait to meet all these people at a certain someones birthday coming soon!! :D

  2. Grandma would have a breakdown at ours, the wreath is still on the door because when I asked what to do with it, Roomie just muttered something about taking it down soon. Useless!

  3. We all need a good bitching session to make us feel better! Sounds like all MILs are the same, I think they are put on this planet just to test us.