Wednesday 16 September 2009

Stairs tumble and party pics

OK I know I promised death party piccies yesterday but I have a good excuse, I fell down the stairs!

Was upstairs trying to lower the cunting baby bed when MIL dropped Ash back home as he had fallen asleep and sleeps better at our quiet, clean, yapping dog-free house. When she put him down she asked if I could hear him from upstairs and I said I could, but somewhere in the back of my mind there was this image of him waking up silently and crawling into the kitchen and getting into some dangerous kind of trouble. He never wakes up silently but you know, the thought was still there...

So when he woke up 2 minutes later and started crying I flew out of our bedroom and literally flew down the stairs. Anyone who lives in a J-house knows that the stairs are fucking lethal, I mean they equip them with an old lady bar even when there are no old ladies present!

I often think how dangerous and steep they are and when I'm carrying Ash I'm always super careful, but yesterday was the combination of rushing, not concentrating and wearing socks due to my fear of dirty feet.

As my feet slipped out from under me I landed on my arse (lucky it's big and cushioney!) and then kept going right till the bottom, I tried to stop myself with my arms but that was my biggest mistake, stopping was impossible and I just ended up with burny, scratchy bruised arms and fucked up hands. My little finger and thumb were swollen and at funny angles so I went and got an x-ray and thank god nothing was broken. The doctor even said I had beautiful bones, whatever the fuck that means...

So that was that, the bruising is coming out more today so if there are any shockingly good bruises I'll post them, but mostly just annoying scratches.
Yesterday was a cursed day, had to take Ash to the clinic too as a mosquito bite blew up into this massive red bubble on his arm, then had the stairs, and MIL almost had to cancel her flight to Thailand as the lady covering her work schedule's mother died! I wouldn't have been getting on a plane yesterday but she did!

OK, here are some death party pics.....

Our cousin and Ash with goofy faces on the bus ride of death.

The crew...and the view...

Ash admiring the view while noshing.

MIL and Obaachan.

Fancy food.

Uncle and Auntie

Restaurant entrance.


  1. The food and the view looks fabulous!!!! What an entrance!

  2. I haven't fallen for at least three years. Hmmm. I'm sure I'll fall soon, there's been a brooding atmosphere hanging around me on stairs for the last month or so...

  3. The food really does look good, and it looks like you guys had fun, despite the very random and quite sad reason for the occasion. I do like the sentiment though and I think that if someone told me I only had a short time left to live, getting drunk with my friends and relatives would be a good way to kick off the start of my demise!

  4. I think I want to be BFF's with Obaachan. She just looks like a cool Nanna. We should hook her and Ruby up for some one on one bingo time.