Wednesday 9 September 2009

Weekend part two...

Little late, the next weekend is almost here!

We went and visited our friend Sayuri on Sunday and her little girl Sakura. Sakura is 1 year old and Sayuri is 8 months preggers with the next one!!! Super woman?? Mad woman?? I'm going to go with Fucking insane woman. To have two ankle biters that close together is beyond my imagination.

Sakura and Ash were very friendly with each other and I'm hoping they will get married one day and have lovely little half-half kiddies.

I feel bad for Sayuri, her hub is Australian and not the best hub from what I hear. Arrested for drug possession, lost his licence for drink driving, living with his alcoholic mother, smokes in front of the babies...Cock. Now I remember why I could never go back to Aussie brutes. Her mum is also battling breast cancer and is quite ill. I wish Sayuri would leave Australia and live in Japan, I have a funny feeling she might one day... Anywhooo, here are some pictures from Sunday.

Ryo-chan gearing up for the 2 kiddy hold.

Ash and his hair pulling tactics the big flirt.

They were sharing toys like pros.

Ash didn't appreciate the pink hat...


  1. Way cute. Love the pic of Ash pulling Sakura's hair. And the look on her face - priceless. Hope your friend sorts her twat hubby out. Ash looking very 'get this pink hat shit off me' in one photo and then very staunch 'don't mess with me and my green plastict bowl' in the last one. LOL.

  2. Oh the photo of Ryo-chan and the kids is great- he just looks SOOOO gleeful to have two.

    Hope your friend sorts out the issues with the deadbeat dad- would be so tough especially as it sounds as if she is in Australia normally, right? Must be hard to be away from her mum while she is sick. Also sending good thoughts to her mum- the stress probably not helping her if she is already 8 months pregnant.

    Loved all the photos- they definitely should get married!

  3. Cute cute cute. I have about 5 little girls I want Joey to get married to. It is going to be tough coming to terms with the fact that he may end up chosing his own bride rather than one I have picked out for him from birth! LOL! :-)

  4. sooo cute! Sakura and Ash look well made for each other :)
    I think Alex`s daddy has already decided that Alex isn`t allowed to bring boys home, let alone get married lol!!