Tuesday 1 September 2009

Gotta get us a lottery ticket

We got lucky yesterday, well, actually, Ryota got sneaky. Either way, we came out of it 20,000 yen richer! In normal circumstances my moral compass might have found their bearings but Ryota's boss is a major tight arse who cut his salary when he went back to work so I was happy to take the ill-gotten money.
Ryota came home last night and gave me 20,000 yen and told me I should buy a new dress for the wedding we're going to on Saturday night, I was worried I was going to have to whore myself out for a new outfit what with new car buying activities and all so was very happy. But then the thought occurred to me that he might have developed a secret pachinko habit and I got scared... I was very relieved to hear that while he was cleaning out an office on a job site where he was instructed to throw everything away he came across 4 platinum rings in their box. Resourceful boy my lad is, he took it upon himself to swing past the second-hand store on his way home and got the cash for them! If his boss wasn't such a fucker then he would have just given the rings to him and they would have shared the money or whatever, but I went and got myself a new dress, necklace and a mini buggy for Ash for when we go back to Australia. Sweet!

The dinner the other night went pretty good, didn't get any 'I want to shag your husband senseless' vibes from his friend, she was with her boyfriend after all. I hope she doesn't read this blog.... Anyway, she's desperate to marry her boyfriend, actually she's desperate to marry any Japanese guy, not quite sure why... Not that I'm knocking the J-guys, I don't think I could go back to brutish Aussie guys now, but I used to just possibly pick the wrong guys I don't know.
This girl, D, loves J-guys though and is determined to marry one, good luck to her just don't steal my man biatch.

Oh and for non living in JapanLand people (all 2 of you) I'm sorry, it must be so annoying when I use Japanese words here... here's a little guide of the words I just can't seem to go back into English with:

Obaachan- Grandma
Ryo-chan- Ryota (anyone with 'chan' on the end of their name is just an affectionate term)
Genki- Happy/healthy/lively.... It's a very convenient word...
Ganbaru- Do my best/Try... Sounds crap in English but again, very useful in Japanese...

There are lots more, I'll try and stop doing it though!

Had some annoying in-law activity this week but will save that for tomorrow as I can see Ash about to crack his head open on the coffee table while Ryota watches TV...


  1. Your DH is such a sweetie.Hope you find a fabulous dress for the wedding.

    And WTF is it with people who want to marry someone for their nationality??! I just don't get it.

  2. i don't get that, either. very strange woman...

  3. Maybe it`s part nationality part just getting married..theres so much pressure from families here for their daughters (and sons) to be married..the later it gets the bigger topic of conversation it seems to be..

    (glad she wasn`t a hubby stealer ;)

  4. oh and what is it with guys and tv??? total focus on it while their babies/kids wreak havoc in the background and they honestly don`t realise..

  5. the woman in question is american, though. i doubt she has much family pressure to marry a j-guy. does she just want to stay in japan? have 'cute' half japanese half american babies? have an anime addiction she needs to satisfy? inquiring minds need to know....

  6. huh? Someone is actively seeking out the difficult life that most people accept because they have fallen in love with someone?! That is very bizarre! Glad she wasn't a husband-stealing ho- will never understand people who only want to marry people from X/Y/Z country. I don't think they truly understand how tough international marriage can be. It is hard enough when you fall for someone/have a reason to be in the country but I have no idea why you would decide to marry/not marry someone simply because they are Japanese.

    People often ask me if I would marry another Japanese person. I always say that I wouldn't discount it if I fell in love with one but I just can't see that happening here in the UK. It would have to be a J-guy who wanted to live in the UK permanently though! ;-)